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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Are these signatures the same person
« on: Wednesday 03 January 18 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
These signatures are both of James Minton. He married Martha Sutton 1802 in Derby he was a widower.The 2nd James Minton married Mary Adamson 1794 St James, Westminster.

London and Middlesex / Minton family
« on: Tuesday 02 January 18 20:56 GMT (UK)  »
Lucy Minton was christened in Newark Nottinghamshire,in 1798 the daughter Of James (1773-1817) and Mary Minton.At some time she moved to London and married Robert Crooks 6 Aug 1827 at St Peter le Poer. Robert was a widower and a likely first marriage was to Frances Minton on 20 May 1806 at St. Georges Hanover Square, there is a death for Frances Crooks Mar 1827 at St Peter le Poer. If this was the correct marriage and death I feel sure there must be some family connection, but I can't find it.I don't know where James and Mary were born,or how old Mary was when she died. Frances was 47 at her death so born about 1780.
Lucy also had an older sister Catherine Mary born about 1795 but I only know about her marriage and death.
Any help in connecting Frances and James would be appreciated.

The Common Room / William Goodall, where did he go?Had he displeased his father?
« on: Saturday 30 December 17 21:07 GMT (UK)  »
William Goodall was born 15 May 1847 in St Peter's Derby, the son of William & Mary.The last time I can find him is on the 1871 census when he was with his parents in Litchurch, Derbyshire.
He is mentioned in his father's will written 27 February 1896, he is to receive 5pounds, his wife Eliza is to receive 30 pounds for her own use.The other two surviving children receive personal bequests, and following the death of his 2nd wife the estate is to be divided between them.
I can find no marriage for him to an Eliza, the one in 1877 in Derby is not them.

The Common Room / Family Search
« on: Thursday 23 November 17 21:54 GMT (UK)  »
I was looking for the death of Elizabeth Targus in lincolnshire around 1800 give or take 15 years born around1730.I found Elizabeth Hargest Dec 1810 born 1723 buried Whaplode.The name Targus is the most common spelling, the name usually starts with a T and there is an r, a g, and an s in there, but I have also found it starting with a variety of letters.
With this information I went to Lincs to the past but no Elizabeth Hargest and no name that could have been transcribed as this.
I went to Family Search just looking up Whaplode and 1809-1811 and tried lokking up some of the other names on Lincs to the Past no luck, in fact if it had not stated Whaplode I would have thought I was looking at a Welsh town, a lot of Prices Williams Jones and Davies.
Where do I go from here, somewhere there must be a mistake.

Wiltshire / Luke Phillips builder Farley
« on: Friday 17 November 17 21:05 GMT (UK)  »
Luke Phillips was a builder who in 1868 was involved in building a new school, and Master's  house. I am wondering if they are still in existence.
Also the names Long Mead, Church Furlong and Field Gate, seem to be in connection as to where he lived.
Any information would be welcome.

Nottinghamshire / Pennels Yard
« on: Thursday 16 November 17 21:09 GMT (UK)  »
I have just found a map of old Nottingham, which shows Pennels Yard,which is where my 3Ggrandfather lived during his married life.It is one of those numerous passageways I remember, which ran between Long Row and Parliament St. I am wondering if it is still in existence. Also he worked for George Stretton who owned the Nottingham Journal, which at that time was on Long Row, with a warehouse on Parliament St.Is there any trace left of this?

The Common Room / Mystery Solved
« on: Monday 13 November 17 20:50 GMT (UK)  »
I had been reading the post "What is your greatest mystery?" I have a few but one of them was what happened to my 2Ggrandfather Henry Tanser? The last sighting I could find was the death of his father in 1887.No death certificate, no census, his wife was married in 1891 and widowed in 1901.I decided to try again in the newspapers and there he was. He had died accidently in Chili, he was an engine driver and the accident occurred on the Tocopilla Railway.
So don't give up hope, go over sources again you may get lucky like I did.

England / Robert Goodall
« on: Wednesday 08 November 17 18:38 GMT (UK)  »
Robert Goodall was my 3Ggrandfather,he was baptized 1774 at Longford, Derbyshire.He married Hannah,( I think Hannah Worton 1802 at Stapenhill, Derbyshire).They had children Ann,1803, Sarah 1805, and Hannah Maria 1808.all baptized Edlaston Derbyshire, William 1810 baptized Shirley Derbyshire.I have managed to follow all the children except Hannah Maria, and know their marriages deaths etc.
There is a Robert Goodall, wife Hannah living in Hinckley, Leicestershire on the 1851 census, they are both from Derbyshire, about the right age and their birth places are in the right vicinity, i.e. Hollington and Linton not Longford and Stapenhill.They have a daughter Hannah Maria born 1823 Shirley Derbyshire.
After Robert's dies in 1859. Hannah and Hannah Maria remain in Hinckley for the 1861 census but by 1865 they are in Shirley, where Hannah dies. In 1869 Hannah Maria marries Frederick Gregory.
I can't find any of the Hinckley Goodalls on the 1841 census, nor can I find any records for Hannah Maria.
I think they may be my family but I need more to go on and so far my efforts have been unsuccessful, so any advice, help,suggestions are welcome.

Lanarkshire / Chapel of Ease
« on: Tuesday 31 October 17 00:09 GMT (UK)  »
I have found my ancestor's marriage at the Chapel of Ease, Glasgow. The chapel was on North Albion Street but I am not sure which parish it was in. Can anyone help, it might give me a clue as ro which part of Glasgow she was from.

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