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Warwickshire / What happened to Mary Elizabeth Vickress?
« on: Tuesday 15 January 19 20:53 GMT (UK)  »
I thought I'd start a thread with the full story (as far as I am able to tell) of Mary Elizabeth Vickress, my longest-standing brick wall. She has been briefly mentioned on other threads which discuss her extended family, but I'd like to focus specifically on her and I'd be massively grateful to anyone who can shed any light on her story!

According to her birth certificate, Mary Elizabeth Vickress was born on 16 March 1860 in Pensnett, Kingswinford (registration district of Stourbridge), today a part of the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley. Her unusual surname, which often tends to get mangled into very different variations, was spelt "Vickeriss" on the birth certificate.

Mary Elizabeth's mother was Sarah Vickress (née Foizey), 31, while her father Henry Vickress was a carpenter from the village of Hope-under-Dinmore, Herefordshire. He was about 30 years old at the time of his daughter's birth, and had been married previously. From his first marriage Henry had a daughter, Caroline Ann (1855-1891); from his second marriage with Sarah, Henry had the following children: Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Jane (1861-1861), Mercy (1863-1886), Jane (1867-1872), William Henry (1869-1872), Susannah (1871-1871) and Drusilla (1873-1873).

Mary Elizabeth appears on the 1861 census (aged 1) as "Mary Elizabeth Vickers" living with her parents and elder half-sister, residing in Kingswinford. On the 1871 census, aged 11 and under the name "Mary Vickers", she appears to be living in Wolverhampton with her parents and her three younger siblings Mercy, Jane and William (the latter two would die within a few days of each other the following year).

By 1875 Mary Elizabeth's father and most of her siblings had died, leaving her, her mother, her elder half-sister and her younger sister Mercy as the sole surviving members of her immediate family.

I am unable to find Mary Elizabeth in the 1881 census; she is not in Dudley with her sister Mercy and their mother (who died later that year), nor with her elder half-sister Caroline Ann, who is a servant in Kings Norton.

Mary Elizabeth only makes one more appearance in the records, and that is in 1886 when her sister Mercy dies aged 22. On 11 November "Administration of the Personal Estate of Mercy Vickress late of 263 Great Lister street Birmingham in the County of Warwick Spinster who died 7 February 1886 at Erdington in the said County was granted at Birmingham to Mary Elizabeth Vickress of 263 Great Lister street Spinster the Sister and one of the Next of Kin."

It is unclear if Mary Elizabeth lived to be recorded on the 1891 census; I haven't been able to track her down. Her elder half-sister Caroline Ann died in King's Norton that year, but due to the circumstances, her death was not registered by a relative present at the death, but by the coroner.

Mary Elizabeth outlived her parents her siblings and quite possibly her half-sister, and yet I have not been able to find her in the census, nor a death, nor a marriage. It is possible she emigrated, though I can see no clues in her life as to where she may have gone. I would like to know if the last survivor of this branch of the family left any descendants, and generally what became of her.

A massive thank you to anyone who can offer any help!

Herefordshire / Henry Hodges' 1840s baptism in Woolhope
« on: Sunday 04 March 18 21:12 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to find out the origins of Henry Hodges, who married Catherine Morris in Linton in 1872. Their marriage certificate, which I have, states that he was the son of Thomas Hodges. Both men were described as labourers, and Henry appears to have been 30 at the time (so b. 1842), while his bride was 23 (as she was born in 1849, I'm assuming Henry's age is also accurate).

Catherine and Henry's descendants are covered in other threads in Rootschat, but I can find nothing conclusive about his father or mother. There as a family called Hodges in Woolhope (where Henry was born, according to the census in 1881 onward) but the Henry Hodges born there (somewhere around late 1830s/early 1840s) was the son of Michael and Rebecca Hodges, and in any case he married Louisa Mailes in 1865 (they were still married in 1881).

Coincidentally (or perhaps not!) the widowed Louisa Hodges appears living in Woolhope, literally next door to my Henry Hodges and his wife Catherine. This could suggest the two Henry Hodges were perhaps cousins of some sort? I had toiled with the idea they may have been one and the same man who married bigamously, but given the difference in parentage, this seems unlikely.

Grateful to anyone who might be able to dig out anything about their family link or baptism.


I was hoping if anyone with access to either microfilms for Wellington (Herefordshire) or the original records in Hereford Records Office could look up the marriage of William Vickress and Mary Williams, who were wed in Wellington on 12 July 1784. I am interested to know if there are any references to the groom's status (I suspect he was widowed) and/or parentage. Witness names might also be helpful.
The index I have states he was Hope-under-Dinmore, but nothing is specified as to his marital status.  I know marriage records from the period are not particularly detailed but I'd like to be sure what the original record says.

London and Middlesex / Sarah Vickress, servant, insane in the Greenwich Workhouse
« on: Monday 25 September 17 21:02 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

I wasn't quite sure where to post this but as the last place I was able to trace the below is in London, here it goes:

I'm trying to find out what became of Sarah Vickress, born 1842 in Croft (Herefordshire), daughter of John and Mary Vickress (often mistranscribed as Vickrey or Vickeres). Thanks to records available on Ancestry, I have managed to track her down on the 1851 census (living at home with her family) and on the 1861 census (working as an 18 year-old servant in the house of a Mrs Annie Elliott in Paddington, Bayswater.

The trail goes cold in 1871, but she pops up again in November 1880, when as a 37 year-old servant she is admitted into the Woolwich Road Workhouse, Greenwich ("no house, no friends"). I'm not sure who is the person under whose order she was admitted, but the column under reason looks like "Suposed Insane".

I had originally thought that the reason I couldn't trace her further was because she may have married or emigrated, but under the circumstances I find this possibility increasingly unlikely.

Could anyone with a deeper knowledge of London research be able to find her on the 1871 census or what became of her after 1880?

Many thanks!  :)

Herefordshire / Looking for Sarah, from Whitbourne
« on: Saturday 03 December 16 18:20 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to confirm whether my ancestor Sarah (married name Allen, maiden name possibly Jones) was baptised in Whitbourne, Heref and who her parents were. According to a fellow Rootschat user's post some years back, there is a marriage index reference for Thomas Allen marrying Sarah Jones in Colwall on 29 May 1801. This is consistent with my family tree, as the couple had several children over the next 21 years, all born in Colwall: Thomas, Edward, William, Mary Ann, Joseph, Anne Maria, Sarah, Margaret, Henry and Robert.

Thomas Allen died in 1843, so only made it to the 1841 census, but Sarah died in 1861 and is mentioned in three consecutive censuses:
1841: living in Evendine, Colwall, age given: 60. Born in county: no.
1851: living in The Knell, Colwall, age given 71. Born in Whitbourne, ditto. The ditto refers to Worcestershire, as the people listed above her were born in Hanley, Worcestershire. Living with son Joseph and family.
1861: living in The Knell, Colwall, age given 83. Born in Colwall. Living with son Joseph and family.

Sarah died in Colwall and was buried beside her husband and two children opposite the door of Colwall church. Her age is given as 83 years.

Although not always consistent, it seems Sara's place of birth may have been Whitbourne, which I understand is a small place right on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border (hence why she was born "outside" the county in the 1841 census).

I have tried to locate the marriage of Thomas and Sarah in 1801 but the Colwall marriages transcripts available online do not include the year 1801. FreeREG proved to be equally useless, and FamilySearch does not offer any clues. Before going on the hunt for a Sarah born in Whitbourne in or around 1780 I need to know if she was indeed Sarah Jones married in 1801. The fact she is mentioned as being born in Colwall in the 1861 census may well be a mistake, but I cannot rule it out either. No Sarah Jones appears to have been born in Colwall in or around 1780, so that appears to be wrong.

Can anyone shed any light or advise me further?

Herefordshire / Elusive Baptism for William Vickress Sr (Hope? Wellington? Bodenham?)
« on: Saturday 29 October 16 08:28 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the baptism of my ancestor, William Vickress (Sr), probably between 1755 and 1761 (but possibly within a wider range (c. 1750-1770)). The spelling of the surname changes  greatly from source to source, ranging from Vicarage to Vickridge and other wonderful variations which makes the search even tougher. The place of birth is equally puzzling, as explained below.

What is certain is that William married in 1784 in Wellington, Heref, which is where his wife had been born.

Through a process of elimination, I believe (and this is still a long shot) that William's parents were probably Thomas Vickress and Mary Harris, a couple whose marriage was recorded in 1755 in Bodenham, four miles away from Wellington. That same Thomas appears to have married Susannah Cox, as his second wife, in 1761 in Hope-under-Dinmore, where four children (none called William) were born between 1763 and 1768).

The link with Hope-under-Dinmore may be significant, as it was there that William Sr's son William Jr and the latter's two siblings were born between 1787 and 1795.

William Sr may have been born in Wellington (where he married), in Bodenham (where his alleged parents married), or in Hope-under-Dinmore (where his descendants and possible half-siblings were born).

If anyone has access to baptism records or transcripts from the area (I don't live in the UK) could they take a look for me?  :) Thank you!  ;D

Herefordshire / William Vickress, born mid-1700's Hope-under-Dinmore
« on: Wednesday 04 May 16 23:15 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find a possible link between my ancestor William Vickress and a couple in Herefordshire who married in 1755.

William Vickress (alternate spellings are listed on my blog - see link on my profile) I know married in Wellington in 1784. A side note on the marriage certificate says he was from Hope-under-Dinmore, which is where is children were later born.

I would imagine William was born some 20/30 years before his marriage (to put it very broadly), therefore possibly placing his parents' marriage around the same time. There is a couple married in 1755 in nearby Bodenham called Thomas Vickress and Mary Harris (Thomas later remarries in 1761 to Susannah Cox). I think William may have been born during the first marriage.

I live outside the UK so cannot access the Hereford Records Office - could anyone going there anytime (soon or otherwise) check the baptism records for a William Vickress in Hope-under-Dinmore or alternatively Bodenham?

Thanks to whoever is reading!

Herefordshire / William Vickress (b.1787 Hope-unde-Dinmore) origins
« on: Sunday 27 September 15 00:31 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to link my ancestor, William Vickress (bp. 12 april 1787 Hope-under-Dinmore) to a larger Vickress family from Hope-under-Dinmore whose tree I have drawn up with the help of FamilySearch records and a public tree on Ancestry.

My William was the son of William Sr. and Mary, and the only candidates I found married in nearby Wellington, William Vickress and Mary Williams, married on 12 Jul 1784, which fits with a birth of a Mary Williams in Wellington in 1763.

William Sr.'s birth and parentage is where the mystery begins. An old contact suggested William Vickress (bp. 29 Apr 1764 Wellington) was my William's father, but I haven't found the entry on FamilySearch. Furthermore, this William is supposed to be the son of Thomas Vickress and Mary Harris (marriage recorded Bodenham 1755).

There are two possible Thomas Vickress I can find who could have "done the job":
Nr 1. The son of Edward and Susanna Vickress, b. Bodenham 1740.
Nr 2. The son of William and Ann Vickress, b. Hope 1729.

(I know one of the above married Susannah Cox in 1761 in Hope - Nr 2?- so the other was probably my William's grandfather...)

This is a stab in the dark and a quite long-winded, but after several hours of going round in circles I wondered if anyone could help?

Note the surname is often spelt Vicarage, Viccarage, Vicaradge, Viccaridge, Vicarridge, Vickars, Vicarige...

Herefordshire Lookup Requests / John & Anne Godsall (pre 1654 marriage & deaths)
« on: Monday 21 September 15 08:28 BST (UK)  »
My ancestor, Comfort Godsall (b. Colwall 25 Jan 1654, bapt. Colwall 22 Feb 1654) was the daughter of John Godsall and wife Anne.

I was wondering if anyone could help me trace the couple's marriage - I have nothing other than the above as a lead...

Colwall marriage transcriptions are available online only as of 1723.

Cimbrio :)

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