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May I ask if anyone might be able to add a bit of (subdued?) colour to the photograph, please?  I am hoping that with colour the family might stand out a bit more.  Apologies for the poor quality of the photo.  Thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer.  Lisa

Hello.  If possible, could the photo be cleaned up a bit, please?  The mark under his eye is on the photo, not on his face.  ;)  Thank you in advance for any assistance.  Kind regards, Lisa

When checking a DNA result tonight, I noticed that I share a 4th-6th cousin connection with some and my mum shares a 5th-8th cousin connection (she has always had the closer match with someone).

I know very little about DNA, but if I understand it correctly, siblings can inherit different amounts.  Since I've never come across a match that shows me supposedly having a closer connection with the shared match (than my mum has with this person), how would that be possible, please?
Update:  Is it because we all inherit different amounts?  :-\

Thank you for any guidance.  Lisa

Canada / Sarah Stewart, died 1878, Ontario - What is her age, please?
« on: Friday 24 August 18 00:58 BST (UK)  »
While I've posted a number of threads about my Stuart ancestors, I cannot find one discussing the following - apologies if this has already been discussed.   :-\

What is the age of the deceased, please?  60 or 68?
  Note:  looking at the image and prior pages (comparing the writing), it appears that it could be 60
Were mistakes "common" when recording the late spouse's name?

Death Record
Sarah Stewart, died 9 May 1878
Age: 60 or 68 years
Widow of John Stewart, Labourer
Informant: Thomas Beatty, M.D., Etobicoke

"My" Sarah Stuart was born in Ireland c1819. I believe my Sarah Stuart died prior to 1881 and after 1871.  In 1871, she lived in Etobicoke.  However, her husband's name was James (not John), whom we believe died between 1861 and 1871.  We cannot find James' death.  Could the death record be for my Sarah?  :-\

While Stuart/Stewart was a common surname in the Toronto area at that time, the lady who died in 1878 is buried in the same cemetery as my other Stuart/Stewart family members.  Out of the 5 Stuart/Stewart burials, 2 are my family members and I believe 2 others are this lady's young children.  Her 3 married daughters were also buried in the cemetery.

Chances that her late husband's name was incorrectly recorded?  Best guesses at this lady's age, please?  (Hopefully, the link works)   ;)

Thank you in advance for any guidance.  Lisa

PS  Is it ok to post the link (worried about any copyright issues)?

If possible, could the attached photo be cleaned up, please?  It would be nice to have the tear "repaired" and if possible, the black tabs removed. The photo is slightly curled so I added coins to the edges to try to get it flattened out.

Annie is the lady who is sitting in the chair.  She was quite ill at the time and passed away six months later.  Annie's husband, two daughters and son-in-law are in the photo.

If someone would like a challenge to add colour to the photo, that would be wonderful but I am mostly hopeful of having a clean photo of the family.  :)  The groom and bride had brown hair.  The lady sitting on the grass had "fiery" red hair.  Annie's husband had sandy-coloured hair.  We don't know Annie's hair colour.

Thank you in advance for any assistance with this wedding photo.  Lisa


I received my DNA results late last year and I check the matches a couple of times a week; I am determined to find distant relatives from my brickwall ancestors.  ;)

When I check the matches that are 5th - 8th cousins, understandably, our "shared matches" almost always result in 0 matches.  However, a few minutes ago, as I was checking shared matches with another 5th - 8th cousin match, there are 7 results.

Apologies for what could be a silly question but what would be the reason for almost all of my 5th - 8th cousin matches to not share any matches and then have one that has so many matches?  (All of these results are 4th - 6th cousins and closer.)  One reason could be that more descendants of this line took DNA tests than my other lines, but are there other reasons, please?  Thank you for any guidance.  Lisa

PS  I used an Ancestry DNA kit; I am Canadian with English and Irish ancestors, in case it makes any difference.

When my mother-in-law passed away several years ago we inherited several small boxes of treasured family mementos; we placed the contents of the boxes into two "totes" to try to keep out the moisture as our house can get very damp.  Unfortunately, it appears that when we merged the contents of the boxes into the totes, we merged the family mementos from my mother-in-law's side as well as possibly from two branches of my father-in-law's side.  Very few of the older items are identified (no names).

While looking through the totes again today, I found the photograph shown below.  It appears to be in a wooden frame.  My in-laws' ancestors lived in Pennsylvania and Tennessee and after 1875, in California.

I would like to find out, please, the approximate date of the photograph, the child's age and possible gender (male?) as well as if the frame was a common frame.  While I've seen very few old photographs and frames (compared to most of you)  ;) I've not seen a similar frame before.  Any guidance about the photograph would be wonderful.  Thank you for reading my lengthy summary.  Lisa

We inherited an old photo album.  There are about 35 photos in the album, only one has a (first) name written on it.  Some of the photographs were trimmed so that they would fit into the slotted pages of the album; the one below was trimmed at the bottom.  Most of the photographs were taken in Pennsylvania, where some of my husband's ancestors lived.

According to the internet, Flaglor Studios was operating at Market & Ninth Streets (San Francisco, California) from 1884 to 1893.

While my husband's grandfather and great uncle were living in California around that time, I don't believe they were married at the time that the photography studio was operating.  Perhaps this is a photograph of another relative?  Approximate date of the photo and suggested ages of the individuals could help identify the family.  Thank you for any suggestions you are able to offer.  Lisa

My husband has ancestors who lived in Pennsylvania.  The attached photograph is in an old family album. I don't known if there are any names or dates on the photographs; I cannot get most of the photographs out of the album without tearing the paper.  (The photos were slid into slots on the thick cardboard(?) pages.)

I know the photo is very difficult to see but I am wondering if there might be any guesses of her age and when the photograph could have been taken, please?  If anyone is up for a challenge to tidy up the photo, that would be amazing.

According to one online source, the photographer was born in 1846, learned photography at age 22, and moved to Littlestown in 1875.  Thank you very much, Lisa

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