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This may well be of help!  National Death Registers! 

Click on the link to read more!  I just came across this purely by accident and hope it's helpful!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!  👍😄


Canada / "Secret" Codes on Death Certificates!
« on: Wednesday 09 August 17 00:46 BST (UK)  »
I was notified of this today - From Quebec FH Society Facebook page. I thought it might be useful for some!

"The “Secret” Codes on Death Certificates That Can Tell You How Your Ancestors Died". I'm not sure if this coding is used outside Canada though, as I've never seen it on any of my certificates, but it would certainly be useful world wide!


I've been trying to access the deaths referred to below, but neither are turning up for me. The first one looks more likely, as she was living with her husband, John Gibbons Mathews and their son Henry Maxwell David Mathews, and his family in Lambeth in the 1871 census! Her estimated birth year of 1818 corresponds with all those shown on earlier census entries.  In 1872 her husband John Gibbons Mathews died at sea en route to visit his sister in Australia, and his death certificate states he was a Widower.  Mary Jane's maiden name was Fleming, born Ireland, mother's name Unknown, father's name David Fleming,

It's is hopefully my 3x great grandmother, (although our name usually has only one T. ). I emailed Camberwell Registry some time ago regarding this, which I found on Family Search,  and they replied saying they didn't have any record of it.  I've tried the GRO and Free BDM but not coming up with anything on there either!  I'm probably not filling in the search forms correctly somewhere! 

The second one, in Ireland, was given to me by another Rootschatter, again, some time ago, but I haven't been able to find that one either???

I haven't been able to find a burial record for her either!

Thank you, any help with this is truly appreciated.

1st one.
OCT NOV DEC Reg. 1872
Regn. District - Camberwell, London
Vol. D
Page 369
Line 229

Estimated birth year:   1818
Date of Registration:   1872
Death Age:   

2nd one.
Name:   Mary Mathews
Estimated birth year:   abt 1818
Date of Registration:   1872
Death Age:   54
Registration district:   Newry
Volume:   16
Page:   533
FHL Film Number:   101586

New Zealand / Remittance Men!
« on: Thursday 02 February 17 06:31 GMT (UK)  »
I just came across a really interesting article (including names and details) about Remittance Men who came to NZ!

Still looking for the arrival into NZ of my Early Settler William McAughtrie - but nope, he's not on their list, but hopefully it will be of help and/or interest to someone! 

Jeanne 😄

New Zealand Completed Requests / Earthquake near Hanmer Springs!
« on: Sunday 13 November 16 11:47 GMT (UK)  »
Just had a 6.6 Earthquake - in the South Island, but felt it here in the Wairarapa. A big swaying one, lampshades going to town and everything creaking. It went on for about 5-6 minutes - from Geonet copied below - Severe! Scary stuff. I was just heading off to bed, don't think I want to now LOL! Going to be a long night!!

Map showing earthquake location.
Intensity severe
NZDT Mon, Nov 14 2016, 12:02:56 am
Depth 16 km
Magnitude 6.6
Location 20 km south-east of Hanmer Springs.

Haven't found any reports of damage yet, hope everyone's all right down there in the South!

New Zealand / Early Hutt Valley Marriages
« on: Wednesday 05 October 16 09:02 BST (UK)  »
Just came across this handy record of some early Hutt Marriages!  Hope it's useful for someone!

Jeanne 😄

Technical Help / Using Wifi during a residential power outage?
« on: Friday 16 September 16 00:18 BST (UK)  »
My Mum always taught me that there is no such thing as a silly question.  So here goes with my "non" silly question. ???

I had a letter from my power supplier stating that there would be two planned power outages on Wed. 5th October, while work is being done on local roading and cabling. One outage is from 6.30am until 8.30am, and the other is 8.30pm until 11.30pm!

Stupid times for power cuts, don't know why they're not doing them very much earlier in the morning - (thinking of people getting to work and school etc)).

Obviously, my PC won't be working, but I have an iPad, and wondered, if I have my battery on that fully charged, will I still be able to connect to Wifi and the Internet from the iPad. The thought of sitting in the dark for three hours without TV or Internet is driving me crackers, morning not so bad, as I don't usually get up before 8.30 anyway 😜

I've tried googling, not had any joy there, the results seem to all relate to iPad power problems, not local total power outages.  Anyone got any answers to my non-silly question for me?


New Zealand Completed Requests / International Space Station to Fly Over NZ Tonight!
« on: Wednesday 14 September 16 23:28 BST (UK)  »
If we're lucky enough to have a clear night tonight, we should be able to catch it - if we look in the right place.  It's going to be appearing early enough to warrant getting the kids out for a bit of Space Station spotting.  Where and which way to look is the problem, it's a big sky out there! 

I've never seen it before so don't know how big or bright it will be, nor if it flashes, but I'll be out there looking.

Today on Stuff, there is an article about the digitisation of many old photos of families, all originally done by a professional photographer.
These have been digitised by people on behalf of a local Taranaki Museum, Puki Ariki Museum, and can be viewed online.  If you have family from Taranaki, they're certainly well worth a look! 

I thought they were named, but it appears that the majority are not. But you may recognise someone!

Here's a link to the article

Faces of our own history

You might need to chop that "cid=app-iPad" off from the end of the link, but give it a go first, it may be because I am doing this from my iPad.

Hope this might be a little treasure chest for some people!  Unfortunately, I don't have any family interests from the area  :( :(

Cheers and good luck
Jeanne 😄

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