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Armed Forces / Reasons for disappearing after army desertion
« on: Monday 05 February 18 15:52 GMT (UK)  »

I have an interesting one here.  A friend asked me to do a bit of research into one of her ancestors who deserted the British Army in 1905.  He resurfaces a year later with a different name and for the rest of his life, he died in 1962, he is known by a different name.  The family have evidence to show it is the same person.

The question she asked me was could I find the reason for his change of name and as far as I can see there is no other reason but for the desertion.  A quick google, brings up other instances of the same thing happening and that is what my instinct is telling me, to avoid court martial and whatever punishment might come, he changed his name.

My question is has anyone seen a book or any other written record about deserters changing their name that I can send her to?

Thank you


Technical Help / Weird problem with laptop since latest Windows 10 update
« on: Friday 12 January 18 16:32 GMT (UK)  »

Just wondering if anybody else has come across problems since the latest Windows 10 update.  I have two laptops and both now have different issues since the update which took the best part of a day to update.

My 10 year old Dell studio now has large fuzzy fonts and no way to change the screen resolution back to what it was, googling brought up something about graphics card being obsolete, I've given up on it, I was replacing it with a MacBook Pro that I bought last year anyway.  Time to transfer and put it away.

The issue that I am a little concerned about is my work laptop.  An Acer AspireV.  It doesn't have a great problem except that a minute or two after logging on, most days, I can be sending my first email of the day or looking at a website, and it suddenly closes down and restarts.  For no apparent reason at all.  Googling brought up stuff about overheating, but I have cleaned the fan, and its not overheating anyway, it has only been on for a minute or two. 

I'm not very worried yet, but it's a bit annoying, and just wondering if anyone has come across similar.


Australia / Did Michael and Sarah Madigan go to Australia?
« on: Thursday 26 October 17 15:51 BST (UK)  »

It's a while since I have researched any ancestors in Australia, and I have forgotten all the best websites to use but I have the following problem I need some help with.

I have been researching my great x3 great aunt Sarah Baldwin.

In 1843 she married Michael Madigan in St Giles in Middlesex.  The couple had 5 children, that I have found, 4 of whom all died very young, leaving one, Mary born 1846. 

I have found them on the 1851 census in St Giles and then apart from babies being born and then buried, nothing after 1854. 

Despite searching and searching I cannot find deaths or census records for them.

According to a number of trees on Ancestry, Mary emigrated to Australia but not sure when.  She apparently married Francis Robert Fowler in Queensland in 1872. 

If they emigrated before the 1861 census which I cannot find them on in England, Mary would have been very young to have gone unaccompanied and I am just wondering if her parents went too. 

Is anyone able to find them or point me in the right direction to see if I can find them??

Thank you

Kerryb  :)

Technical Help / Confused by an array of PC adaptors!
« on: Thursday 02 March 17 15:54 GMT (UK)  »

The community organisation that I work for has been donated a couple of LG PC monitors and we need an adaptor to link it with our laptops.

I wonder if someone can link me to a website where I can buy one cheaply, I spent hours looking and got completely confused.

I have basically worked out what I need is as follows:

the monitor lead plug (sorry not sure if that is the technical term!) is a DVI-D single link and I need one with a female fitting? (the holes that the plug will go into) and the other end to go into a laptop.  One of the usual flat plugs, I think it is a usb?

Sorry, hopefully someone out there will know instantly what I am on about and be able to lead me to the right place.  I would be really grateful.


The Common Room / "Closes or parcels of land" - not sure of the meaning
« on: Friday 05 August 16 10:03 BST (UK)  »

I have been transcribing a number of wills this week and they are all mentioning various "closes or parcels of land".  I take that to mean a measurement of land but despite googling I can't find the meaning of Close anywhere.

Just wondering if anyone has seen an explanation or knows the meaning of the word close used in this context?


Europe / France - baptism of Louis MICHEL, Rouen c1781
« on: Monday 03 August 15 15:19 BST (UK)  »

According to a number of Ancestry trees Louis Michel was born about 1780/1781 in Rouen, Seine Maritime, France.  As I don't currently have worldwide membership I wonder if someone is able to check records to find this man's baptism and parents?

I would be really grateful.


Australia / Louis John Michel married 1844 Victoria and died 1904 Melbourne
« on: Wednesday 15 July 15 15:40 BST (UK)  »

Another Michel details to check from Ancestry trees please.

Louis John married Alicia Bell on 21 October 1844 at St James Old Cathedral, Victoria, Australia

and he died 24 September 1904 at Carlton North, Melbourne, Australia.  He seems to appear in the Australian Dictionary of Biography as a gold discover.  I bet he felt pleased with himself, a number of his brothers back home were Tin workers!

I really appreciate this.


Kerryb :)


I have found the following details on a number of Ancestry trees and wonder if anyone is able to see if these details are correct?

Alfred Michel died 5 June 1866 at Hokitika, Westland, New Zealand.

Thank you, much appreciated for your help.

Kerryb :)

Australia / John Michel death in 1895 in Victoria
« on: Wednesday 15 July 15 15:30 BST (UK)  »

wonder if someone would be able to look up the following death I found on a number of Ancestry trees to see if it correct please?

John Michel 5 January 1895, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia
buried on 8 January 1895, Williamstown cemetery

I would be most grateful for any details

Kerryb :)

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