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« on: Saturday 11 July 15 17:54 BST (UK)  »
Hello to everyone and it's lovely to hear from you all. 8)

Sorry, I haven't been on here for a while and even to get on today I had to log in via facebook.

Hi Shelia, you are my cousin x

Hi Pruby, I remember your grandmother very well! She was my lovely aunt, and she wanted to look after me when my father died. x

My dear brother Michael, was trying to find out as much as he could about our families, but he died suddenly 4 years, so I am continuing. I hope we can keep in touch now and get to know more about each other. In the meantime, friend me on facebook: Jayne Clifford-Greening. Even though I am married, I have kept my own name. I want to pass on as much to my children as I can about the Cliffords. My husband's surname is Greening, but it is a name adopted by his family so they can't find nor trace their real surname.

I always talk to them about their famous Uncle Edward  x

 8) ;D 8)
Hi There, Im doing a bit of research into the Relation between Sigerson Clifford and Dan Courtney of Maulin, Dromid ,South Kerry 8 miles or so south of Cahirciveen. I am not related to Dan but am related to his family, who have on many occasion said to me that Dan originally wrote the Boys of Barr na Sraide , he sent the song to Sigerson for his opinion but never got a reply back, As it turned out the song was sung on a radio program in the early 1950s called "The Ballad Makers Saturday night by Sean O Siochain (who was a friend of Sigersons) and the rest is history. Dan was born in 1888 and died in 1963. A surprising fact is that this song was not published in the 1st edition of Ballad of a Bogman in 1955?. My research shows that Dans Mother Ellen Connell( Grand niece of the Liberator) was a Sister of Sigersons G Grandfather Michael O Connell. One of Dans surviving daughters recalled how it was composed stating that the main change from the original version is in the last verse , she states that her father wrote ; And when I take my long last sleep, and death shall come to me, then lay me down in that old town between the hills and see, Ill take my sleep in those green fields, where first my life began, Where the Boys of Barr na Sraide went hunting for the wran.I would be interested what in your thoughts on this matter, and would make available a number of songs that Dan composed thru out his lifetime, so comparisons can be made with the Boys and his other songs. Kindest regards.

That's interesting and I would like to hear more. x

« on: Wednesday 26 May 10 19:46 BST (UK)  »
Dear Wilifried Voss,

Thank you for your message. I would be happy to chat with you some more.  I think my email address is on here?  I will check.  I am not aware of Sigerson's granddaughter's whereabouts.  I would be delighted to get in touch with her, so  would you be prepared to pass on my details to her? Or she could pass her details onto you?

It would be good to be in contact again soon.


« on: Monday 08 February 10 20:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Annclare,

Thanks again.  I have looked at that site and even emailed the author to get more info. Hopefully he will reply!   I was only 15 when my uncle 'eddie' died and at that age you don't have the appreciation that comes with maturity!!  My mum and dad are also dead now so obviously I am limited as to who I can ask in my family.  But I am so proud of my family history and hope one day to visit my 'homestead'!  Strange, because me and siblings are the first generation born in England; everyone else has been born in Ireland.  So although I was born here I have a pull to go there!

Anyway thanks you have been great!

« on: Sunday 07 February 10 20:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Annclare,

Thanks for your message. It has been really helpful; I will look at that link.  Edward Bernard Clifford was indeed my uncle and I did find his parents, although I didn't have any luck finding the Sigerson family although thanks to your link, I believe I may be more successful.

I know his mother Mary Anne was about 24 in 1911, so at least I can work backwards. Last night, I did locate my maternal grandfather's family so that has made be quite happy!

Just out of curiosity, are you related to any of my family?  I have lost contact with cousins on my father's side.  Anyway thank you again. If I can help you in any way, I would be happy to!

« on: Saturday 06 February 10 21:29 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks ever so much. Will do.   :)

« on: Saturday 06 February 10 21:05 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to trace anyone who knows anyone who may be related to or know of the Dinan family in Cork.  My maternal grandfather was called Michael Dinan, I think he was born c.1890s. He did have brothers, ?how many,?sisters.  He married my grandmother, not sure of correct spelling, Hanora Devane(?spelling) in around the 1920s. There moved to Amercia, New Jersey to be exact around that time and had 8 children. My mother Lucy Elizabeth, was the oldest. Although my mother and some of her siblings were born in New Jersey, her father and mother returned with the family to Cork and/or Carcihveen (Kerry) around the late 1930s. 


« on: Saturday 06 February 10 20:51 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to trace anyone who knew or knows anyone who was/is related or just knows, any Clifford from Kerry, especially Carchiveen, or Cork.  I am related to the late Edward (Sigerson) Clifford.  He was a well-known writer in Ireland and was the author of the well respected, 'Boys of Barr Na Strade/Srade'.    He was my uncle.  My father Gerald Clifford was one of his younger brothers.  He was also known by the name of Sigerson Clifford; Sigerson was the surname of my paternal grandmother.  I would also like to make contact with anyone who may  know any of my paternal grandmother's family, as I said they were called Sigerson. My paternal grandmother was called Mary Ann. I believe they came from Cork or even Kerry.


Cork / Re: DINAN John born @1806 CORK IRELAND
« on: Saturday 06 February 10 20:30 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Lyndylooking,

I am not entirely sure I can help, but I am interesed in telling you something which may or may not be relevant.  My mother's (deceased) surname was Dinan.  She was the oldest of 8 children.  She was born in NEW JERSEY c1927/28.  Her father, Michael Dinan ( I think he came from the Cork area), was a businessman in New Jersey, but returned to that part of Ireland to talk his brother (I don't know his name but I can try and find out) into returning to Amercia to join him in business. Unfortunately, Michael (my grandfather) died suddenly of an infected appendics. So my grandmother and her children (my mother) were left in Ireland. This would be around 1936/37?  I know they stayed in Cork, as my mother than met my father, Gerald Clifford either in Cork or Kerry.  My father came from Carchiveen (Ring of Kerry). 

At this stage, I have only traced my father's family back to the 3rd generation, but only vaguely and only on the Clifford side; this is because a lot of information was left by my uncle Edward Clifford (well-known Irish writer also known as Sigerson Clifford).
Now I am sure my maternal grandfather's family did come from Cork.
I am searching this side too, so may have some more information.
Please feel free to reply to me or email me.

« on: Saturday 06 February 10 20:09 GMT (UK)  »

I am new to the forum and I hope I have posted in the correct forum?   I am trying to find out or contact anyone who knew of, or even related to the Clifford family in Cork/Kerry. Also the Sigerson family from the same county.  I will post this in more detail in the Irish forum. I just didn't want to add too much in this thread in case it was the wrong one.


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