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The Common Room / Re: Can anyone read this occupation please, from the 1939
« on: Thursday 23 November 17 22:32 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to find out why an apparently healthy uncle wasn't called up to fight in WW2.    He'd have been 28 ...

This is what it gives as his occupation ....Food Can ......... Layout supervisor and enquiry clerk

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Re: Banstead Lunatic Asylum
« on: Wednesday 03 December 14 09:08 GMT (UK)  »
Tried to PM you, but your message box is full. We have many records to share of William Rolley and Co.

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Re: Banstead Lunatic Asylum
« on: Wednesday 03 December 14 09:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Neil,
Please contact me at (*)

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Surrey Completed Look up Requests / Re: Banstead Lunatic Asylum
« on: Saturday 21 June 14 06:49 BST (UK)  »
I've just learned that a relative died in the Banstead Asylum. Are there any lists anywhere, of inmates names and dates etc. Does anyone know? Thanks flownthenest

Ayrshire / Re: Whitletts Ayr
« on: Thursday 28 November 13 23:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Trixie,
The Welsh family lived at 21 Main Road before coming to Australia in the late twenties. I don't know if the street has been renumbered since then. Is this address near the cottage you mention? flownthenest

Australia / Re: Thomas William Welsh
« on: Saturday 23 November 13 02:27 GMT (UK)  »
Got that certificate and you are right, Alexander Rowley (sic) and Helen MS Best are William Rolley's parents.
Details of the marriage of William and Margaret:
7th December, 1866 Kirkland Row(s?) Parish of Dreghorn
After Bann's etc...
William Rolley, Ploughman, Bachelor 24, Drybridge, Dundonald. Parents: Alexander Rollo, Labourer. Helen Rollo, MS Best (Deceased)
Margaret Allan, Farm Servant, Spinster 24, Kirkland Row, Dreghorn. Parents: James Allan, Coal-Miner, Isabella Allan MS Watson
10th December at Dreghorn (Signed) James Milray, Minister. Signed John Borland, Witness. John McWhirter, Witness. James Manson, Registrar

There is a wordy, additional note at the bottom of the page dated 1st March 1867, Dreghorn, relating to errors in previous entries to this one, and mentioning duplicates, endorsed by James Manson, Registrar. Perhaps this was the final entry in the book.

We note that both Alexander and Helen appear as 'Rollo.'
When John's parents married in Coburg, Victoria, Australia (1941) Isabella's name also appears as 'Rollo.' We don't think she attended the wedding as she does not appear in the one, unposed group shot that we have.
Are there any valid connections to the Rollo family that you know of?
Also can we please ask if/where you fit into this family tree?
William Rolley and Margaret Allan are John's great grandparents.
Unfortunately, John has never met or had any contact with any of his other paternal relatives. He last saw his father (John Moore Welsh) at the age of five and was told of his death when he was 13 (in 1955).
We would love, of course, to have some photographs of the family if possible.

Australia / Re: Thomas William Welsh
« on: Friday 22 November 13 14:37 GMT (UK)  »
We do have the 1871 census from Ancestry Library Scotland Census:
Dreghorn Address: 2 Overton
William Rolley 31
Margaret Rolley 29
James Rolley 3
Isabella Rolley 8 months
Isabella Allan 50
James Allan 14
Robert Lamond 17
James Lamond 15

Australia / Re: Thomas William Welsh
« on: Friday 22 November 13 14:31 GMT (UK)  »
Oh, and we did have that census, but thanks for the transcription and advice. We have the 1851 census for James Allan and Isabella, with daughters Margaret and Ann. Do you already have this?

Australia / Re: Thomas William Welsh
« on: Friday 22 November 13 14:29 GMT (UK)  »
No, we don't have their marriage certificate as yet.


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