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Just to add; I did find my father's entry in the London GAzette for his 'mentioned in despatches', but all it gave was a very,very long list of just the names of those who had been so mentioned - nothing else - no  reason for the award etc.
I also got his war record (Air force). Again, it states he was mentioned in despatches, but again no reason given.
I still have to track that down, wherever that may be!

Good luck

Thanks for putting up the clips to put it into context HD.
How fascinating!

It's aways much more helpful to post more than just the one word venelow, as Bookbox and HD have said.

The Common Room / Re: 1798 land tax
« on: Yesterday at 21:59 »
As Skoosh says, hard to say without seeing the actual image.
Can you post it on here?

It may just be an ink splodge, but I would love it if Elizabeth had dotted her 'i' with a heart way back in 1805!

 ;D ;D

Yep that's better MArgaret. Looks like 'Lint Spinner' now.

Wow! Great job on the restoration of the gentleman DrDude.  :)

(I was looking at this - I have, untraceable, Polish people to find................)

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Help with occupation please
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 07:53 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for putting up the image Kay.
I gave up trying to get into the site Glinny put the link to after 3 pages of 'capachas' and personal details you had to fill in to prove you weren't a robot!
Always better just to see the image rather than have to navigate to another site.

Still none the wiser though!  :(
Though it does look like the first word might be 'Window'.

I think 'lynary' would possibly be their 'linen' - ie, new underclothes!
Or perhaps livary, like lyverye in #32 above, meaning 'uniform'.

The last line of #34 could be ... werr lately recoverid by a form(er) title ... ?

Sounds good.
I haven't read all the previous posts, so didn't know 'livery' had come up before. (Getting to be many pages now).
Though wouldn't put it past him to itemise new underclothes!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Rules & regulations
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 05:02 BST (UK)  »
ring and hurting of the said horses fur be the distym(?) and
ane oyir brother of the said craft undir the paym* of
ane pundes of wax to the waill of your *al and craft
cal it 40 s xxxxxxx
Item nor no man tak ane oyir

It looks as if the first word is a continuation of the word in the line before.
*al? looks like a contraction of a word. 
paym* I’d think is a contraction for ‘payment’
'ane'  = any?

The three words at the side have been chopped off a little in your clipping. I don't think they are part of the text.
The first one looks like ‘his’, but there may have been a letter before the ‘h’.
The second one looks like ‘oath;
The third one looiks like ‘missione’, but again, there could be other letters before the word.

Where is the guild? Not Scottish by any chance is it?! In which case 'be' would be 'by', 'ane' would be 'one' etc.

A bigger clip would be useful, to look at how the writer makes his letters, and also to get a gist of the context.

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