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Thanks GR2.
Is that a particularly Scottish term?

Sounds good Bookbox.
Many thanks.
I was trying to make that that 'Billbeing' as all one word!  :-\
Never thought of it being two.

I think there's only one 'Bill' involved in the document.

This is the last bit I can’t make out in this Court of Session document from 1791.
It is written on the front of the document - along with various other bits and pieces.

“I clerk to the Doer
for the charger consent
to this Be ??ing
passed on ??

“Clerk to the Doer” seems to occur later in the document too.
Anyone know if this is correct? and what it means?

Any help with the other words gratefully received!

Many thanks Gadget and GR2.
What knowledgeable people!  :)

I think the ‘squiggle’ after ‘Pain of Rebellion’ must be ‘etc’
I have looked this up, and found the full phrase is usually ‘Under Pain of rebellion and putting (him) to the horn’.

Can anyone tell me what it means!
I think a ‘pain’ was a fine, but ‘putting to the horn’?

Sounds nasty!

Many thanks

Many thanks everybody for your replies.  :)
I thought it must have been a Latin term I didn't recognise - thanks for the explanation GR 2. Add it to the list!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Couple of words in a Court of Session document
« on: Tuesday 20 February 18 08:45 GMT (UK)  »
This is from a document in the Court of Session at National Records of Scotland.

Just a couple of words here .They are underlined in the document - not by me.

The case concerns a weaver who impersonated another weaver to get his work. This is an appeal by the manufacturers to not have to pay him.

...Letters in Russels name which
are ready to be produced 3tio
In all Contracts betwixt
Master and Servant there
is a De?    ?  We
accordingly chose and
engaged Russel for our
workman so that if another ..

The ‘3tio’ I take as '3rd’ - it is the third point the manufacturers have made for their case against him.

Any ideas?

No, you have to be at an LDS centre to view - tried it :(

No this is not so.
I looked at it today for you.
At a friend's, logged into familysearch with my user name and password, and was able to view the film.
You don't need to go to a FS library. Anyone can view it at home as long as you are registered with an account. Very easy, and FREE!

Well I am logged in and can't view it...

To view these images you must do one of the following:

Access the site at a family history center.
Access the site at a FamilySearch affiliate library.

Debra  :)

Well how very very odd!  :-\
I definitely could see the whole film. No little lock next to it, but the usual magnifying glass and camera icon.
A real mystery!

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