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Thanks Rosie - do you know if there is a way of searching for someone in two different locations at the same time.

For example, David Thomas Miles moved from Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire to Shafton, Yorkshire; is it possible to do a search that covers both locations or do I have to do them separately?

Thank you again for your wisdom!


So easy when you know how!

I had always searched the census under census, land and survey rather than directly through the record sets (silly me!   ???).

Thank you for the help!


It looks to me like Bracknoend.  In 1861 it is Backnoend

Hi Rosie, as I am always trying to learn, could you tell me how you searched the 1861 census by address please?

Thank you,


Thank you both.

Interestingly by 1881 the family had moved 120 miles north to work in the mines near Shafton (a long way to go and quite a change from the agricultural landscape of Bolnhurst!)


Thank you Jen B - I had been using nls maps but hadn't scrolled far enough left!

Thank you so much Rosie - I wonder if the cottage was closer to Bracknoe End than it was to Bolnhurst?

Good afternoon and thank you for any help that can be given.

I have the 1871 census (RG10/1537/58/11) which has my wife's 3x Great grandfather (Thomas Miles) as the Head and also her 2x Great grandfather (David Thomas Miles) as a son.

I would be grateful if someone could decipher the address please (attached).  On Findmypast it is down as "Bracknoend Cottage".  In the census, the addresses before are Greensberry Cottages and the addresses after are for Eaton Road.

Is the Findmypast transciption correct and if so, where in Bolnhurst would this be?  Should I also post this in the Bedfordshire Forum?

Many thanks,


Thank you, Dawn.

Thank you, Jen B - much appreciated!

Delving a little deeper. Senectus is "old age" and Gastritis is possibly a "stomach ulcer"?


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