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Perthshire / Re: Some Perthshire Cemeteries
« on: Saturday 15 September 18 11:29 BST (UK)  »
There are only these two for Longforgan.
One is an Adam and the other is an Adams.

80: 1860: George Clark 9.11.1832 77: wife Elspit Stewart 25.10.1819 67, by son John (wife Janet Adam 30.6.1845, 49, son William 26.8.1854, 2 months) also by son William

99: 1850: William Constable 1809, wife Jean Adams 1831…

Perthshire / Re: Some Perthshire Cemeteries
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 14:29 BST (UK)  »
there is only one MI for that name in Abernethy.
13: Peter Mill 10.5.1842, 73, wife Isabella Millar 16.8.1865, 83

Perthshire / Re: Some Perthshire Cemeteries
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 11:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi nsharp, there are 23 maclaren/mclaren and 14 sharp MIs in Greyfriars.
Give me a clue as to who you are looking for.
Spouses names would help

Perthshire / Re: Some Perthshire Cemeteries
« on: Saturday 23 June 18 08:26 BST (UK)  »
There are 8 Dow, 6 Garvie and 6 Scott in the MIs for Auchtergaven but none of them connect with each other.
There are no kids of William Scott & Ann Dow and no female Garvie married to a Dow.

Perthshire / Re: Some Perthshire Cemeteries
« on: Monday 09 April 18 17:14 BST (UK)  »
I've been trying the Edinburgh newspapers for her death in January, 1900 but having no luck.
I still think she would be buried in Edinburgh as she has family there.

Perthshire / Re: Some Perthshire Cemeteries
« on: Sunday 08 April 18 22:15 BST (UK)  »
If she died 50+ years after her husband and she is living in Edinburgh then my guess is that she is buried there.
Does her death certificate give any clues?
Who was the informant?
Also my help is with pre-1855 deaths in certain named cemeteries but this is 50 years later.

Perthshire / Re: Perth 1825 - does 'floor' mean house?
« on: Saturday 31 March 18 15:31 BST (UK)  »
Newcastle Journal 21st March, 1835
At Alnwick on the 19th inst., Mr Charles Rose, of the firm of Hoptons, Penneston, and Rose, Manufacturers, Leeds, to Sarah, daughter of J.H. Hindmarsh, teacher of elocution, Perth and formerly of Alnwick

Aberdeen Press and Journal 19th February, 1879
Hindmarsh, Marshall Kirkland, supervisor of inland revenue, Bank, New Maud, as trustee for his children Mary Florence Gordon Hindmarsh, Sarah Kate Hindmarsh, Donald Stuart Hindmarsh, and Annie Mabel Hindmarsh, and the survivors or survivor of them

Aberdeen Press and Journal 18 June 1880
All persons having claims against the late Marshall Kirkland Hindmarsh esquire, Supervisor of Inland Revenue, residing at Maud, are requested to lodge the same with Mr. R. Robertson, Solicitor, Peterhead, agent for his Testamentary Trustees within ten days from this date. Peterhead, 15th June, 1880

Dundee Courier 15 February 1881
At St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Dundee, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. Henry Macnamara, incumbent, assisted by the Rev. George Grub, Robert Fleming, to Kate, second daughter of the late Marshall Kirkland Hindmarsh

Fife / Re: 1851 Census - Thomas Lindsay
« on: Friday 30 March 18 20:47 BST (UK)  »
1851 census: High Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Thomas   Lindsay   Head   48   1803      House Carpenter   Forfarshire
Jean   Lindsay           Wife   48   1803   -   Forfarshire (Angus), Scotland   
William  Lindsay   Son U/m   21   1830           Cart Wright          Dundee
Thomas Lindsay   Son U/m   19   1832            Tobacco Spinner   Dundee
Elizabeth   Lindsay Daughter U/m 16   1835       Domestic Duties   Dundee
David   Lindsay   Son   1           1850    -   Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland   

According to the 1851 census details he was born in Birth town as transcribed    Kingoldrum

Perthshire / Re: Perth 1825 - does 'floor' mean house?
« on: Friday 30 March 18 10:02 BST (UK)  »
A relative?
Perthshire Courier 14th February, 1823
Died at Edinburgh on the 18th ult., Mr James Hindmarsh, teacher of music.

Perthshire Courier 8th June, 1826
Mr Hindmarsh, teacher of English and Elocution in our Public Seminaries, was on Friday last, presented, by the pupils attending his classes, with an elegant silver Snuff-box, and a beautiful massive salver – each bearing an appropriate inscription.

Perthshire Courier 10th August, 1826
His letter was published and signed John H Hindmarsh, Ferryport-on-Craig, 4th August, 1826
Note: Tayport, also known as Ferry-Port on Craig, is a town and burgh, and parish, in the county of Fife

In the same newspaper, (perhaps he was in the middle of moving house)
Perthshire Courier 10th August, 1826
His advert for his classes in the Perth Academy.
Signed 4, Rose Terrace, 4th August, 1826

Another new address
Perthshire Courier 20th July, 1837
School work 1…ships, in India ink, from a copy, Marshall Hindmarsh, King Street

Perthshire Advertiser 19th July, 1838
Senior Private Class of Young Ladies – Jane Anne S. Hindmarsh, King Street

Perthshire Advertiser 18th July, 1839
School work Heads in pencil from copy, Marshall Hindmarsh, King Street

another relative?
Perthshire Courier 30th April, 1840
Sequestration: April 25th William Hindmarsh music-seller and music-teacher, Glasgow

Perthshire Advertiser 16th July, 1840
In consequence of the illness of Mr Hindmarsh, the usual treat by his pupils did not take place

Perthshire Courier 6th August, 1840
Retiring pension to Mr Hindmarsh.
…his other letters, generally, complained of ill health, through which he was unable to fulfil the duties of the situation.

Dundee Courier 30th July, 1856
Died at St Andrews on the 24th inst., John Hall Hindmarsh, late teacher of elocution in the Perth Academy

His son Marshall Kirkland Hindmarsh

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