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The Common Room / Re: PORT OF ADEN 1939
« on: Sunday 11 November 18 17:01 GMT (UK)  »
This link may be of help as Aden became a crown colony in 1937 LINK

Cork / Re: Looking for Birth/Baptism
« on: Tuesday 30 October 18 11:48 GMT (UK)  »
great amount found out - well done!

Just to say sometimes its not that the name was interchangeable as much as misheard, miswritten or mistranscribed.

I have ancestors whose last name was CALDAY for a few years in the mid 1850s which coincides with a change of priest/handwriting. They were illiterate and oblivious to how their names were being spelt. Before and after this period they were GILDEAs with alternatives of GILDAY, KILDAY, KILDEA......

Cork / Re: Looking for Birth/Baptism
« on: Monday 29 October 18 12:00 GMT (UK)  »
If you are looking for more children or details Ann(e)'s name is mistranscribed a few times as HARTNETT / HARNETT

Ireland / Re: looking for missing people on the 1901 census
« on: Wednesday 24 October 18 13:46 BST (UK)  »
where was Maggie by 1911 (not seeing a death/marriage), or is she the 'Mary' listed?

The family seems to be
parents: Michael FINAN and Ann JO(U)RDAN who married on Nov 10 1867

Births/Baptisms to match
1868 Mary - died Nov 26 1950 informant James P McGOWAN
1870 Margaret - died Aug 24 1921 informant her father Michael FINAN
1872 Ellen ?
1874 Cecilia - died Jan 16 1953 informant James P McGOWAN
1876 Anne - possibly died in 1876
1879 Patrick ?

There are census returns for servants named Mary and Ellen which may match these missing siblings in 1901

Francis (Frank) FINAN d Aug 24 1918 Reg#72254 Pte; Sherwood Forresters former Irish Guards

Suffolk / Re: George Brown, Mellis
« on: Tuesday 23 October 18 12:02 BST (UK)  »
There is a record of a George BROWN who died on May 15 1915
He was born in Worplesdon, Surrey but his residence was Mellis Eye, Suffolk.
His Reg# was 2004 as a Lance Corporal in the Rifle Brigade

There is a field hospital record for him on Feb 11 1915 as aged 28 and being 8 years in the army

His army record shows he enlisted at Winchester on March 11 1907
His father was Charles Brown of Mill Lane, Mellis Eye, Suffolk
Also as next of kin he has listed a brother William and a sister Ethel

There is a good chance that this is him - he was originally a Private, made a/cpl Oct 28 1914

edited to add
On an official army document dated 1919
Charles Brown is shown as living in Mellis Eye aged 64
There was a Step-mother Jane aged 70
William and Ethel are shown as aged 34 and 36 respectfully

There is a lovely letter written by George Brown's father thanking the army for the box received with his son's belongings with quote "his name written in big white painted letters as big as hen's eggs"!

Charles Brown in on the 1911 census with his wife "Mrs Brown" and his daughter Priscilla Ethel in Mellis


The Michael Morrisroe born 1841 death 1901 could have been the brother of my great grandmother Sarah Morrisroe, she married Michael McDonagh but I can't understand why someone would be known as Padden if their surname was Crofton.  I saw some records before and wondered if two Morrisroe brothers had married two Crofton sisters but you said that Michael Morrisroe and Elizabeth (Bessie) Padden both had a mother surname Crofton. 

Why would she be known as Padden if her surname was Crofton?

From what I can see - a Michael MORRISROE married a Bessie CROFTON in 1866
I cannot make any connection to the name PADDEN
However it was not unusual that word of mouth changed, mixed-up and/or misused names
Also some people added a second name, either first or last, to clarify which family was being talked about if a last name was common in an area

The marriage record I found made no reference to the mother's name (first or last) for Michael or Bessie, only their father's names

No problem Liz
I always check what in other family trees as some people are wrong "in good faith"!

Just to add in the marraige record of 1866 Michael MORRISROWE (as spelt) was shown as a minot which would imply born after 1846 i.e. not yet 21 and would tie in better with the death record.

Civil record of marraige is available but not online LINK

Heywood - I noticed the discrepancy there for the date of death as well
It could be that there were two families with very similar names or that fibs were told when registereing!

Michael MORRISROWE (F) Harry MORRISROWE of Templevanny
married Apr 30 1866 in Coolavin (Keash RC Church, Boyle)
Bessie CRAFTON (F) Edmund CROFTON of Carrickrowee
Witnesses - Michael WELSH & Charles MORRISROWE

This is a transcription on roots ireland and I cannot see a match on the NLI site
These years are missing for Keash parish

This marraige is also on ancestry

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