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One of the problems you face is that many RC parishes in Ireland don’t have any records  for the years you need.  A lot only start in the 1820s. Taking Ballyscullion for example, where the surname Scullion is very common, it has no records earlier than 1844.

Most Irish RC records are ion Ancestry. If you have access to that site you can search for them there.

Tyrone / Re: No First MInister for Ireland at the moment
« on: Tuesday 15 January 19 19:06 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone carried out a poll to see what proportion of the population of NI would be in favour of a united Ireland?  It could be a small price to pay to escape from Mrs Maybe's mayhem.
Heretical suggestion, I know!

The BBC did one a couple of years back, interviewing something like 10,000 people (so hopefully a meaningful sample) and the outcome there was around 62% in favour of staying part of the UK. I can’t find a link to that poll but no doubt someone more adept than me may find it.

The curious thing about there being no Government is that, apart from issues like this PRONI problem, the province has run fairly well for 2 years without any government at all. Obviously the Civil Servants are paying the bills etc in the Government’s absence but it makes you wonder what the MLAs achieve when they are there. But at least they are still getting their salaries. That’s the important thing.

There are no Scullions in Derrykeighan in the 1827 tithe applotment records. That surname is much more common around the eponymous parish of Ballyscullion in Co. Londonderry/Derry. But as has been said we’d need dates to try and tell you what records exist.

Derry (Londonderry) / Re: Robert Wylie b 1805 Northen Ireland
« on: Saturday 12 January 19 22:15 GMT (UK)  »
Coolshinney is a townland in Magherafelt parish. Griffiths Valuation for 1859 list an Alexander Wylie farming there. He had plot 2 which was a 15 acre farm.

There’s a death for Robert Wylie aged 74 on 1.9.1879. He was a cottier (small farmer) and a widower. That fits with the age and year of death you have given.

A Robert Wylie in Coolshinney in the 1831 census. Family were Presbyterian:

Alexander next door (so possibly related):

Another Alexander also nearby:

And a George:

1 Wylie family there in 1901:

All those fmailies were Presbyterian. Magherafelt Presbyterian baptism and marriage records are copied in PRONI’s records as follows:

1st Magherafelt Baptisms, 1771-81(with index), and 1813-1964;
marriages, 1769-82 (with index), 1819-28 and 1845- 1963; marriage notice books for Magherafelt Presbytery, 1845-1946; session minutes, 1703-82 and 1818-56; committee minutes, 1848, 1852-3 and1911- 45; list of elders in 1828; ministers’ visitation books, 1823-32 and 1841; ministers’ diaries, 1833-54; ministers’ account book, 1889-1904; history of the congregation prepared in 1853.

You may find the visitation books very helpful. The Minister went around every family in the parish, townland by townland, and noted who was living there (plus some who were absent, eg emigrated to America). These records are not on-line and a personal visit to PRONI is required to view them.

Ireland / Re: Where is Derryvoland church?
« on: Saturday 12 January 19 18:24 GMT (UK)  »
A small part of the 1821 census of Derryvullan has survived. It's on the same site as the 1901/1911 census given above.

Armagh / Re: McCormicks of Lisadian Townland ?
« on: Thursday 10 January 19 18:51 GMT (UK)  »
The records are not on-line anywhere so far as I know.  The copy in PRONI is on microfilm, so you either need to go yourself, or get a researcher to go for you (I can give you a link to Belfast based researchers, if you want) or you can ask PRONI to do the search. They will only do simple searches (eg one marriage with a known date). They won’t do trawling searches. E-mail them and ask if they’ll do a search and a price. They usually require payment in advance.

Armagh / Re: McCormicks of Lisadian Townland ?
« on: Thursday 10 January 19 16:57 GMT (UK)  »
Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church, so if she was Presbyterian then the 2 churches in Donaghmore are Donaghmore itself, and Fourtowns. Donaghmore has baptisms from 1804 – 1837 and then 1845 onwards but no marriages before 1845. Fourtowns has baptisms from 1820 to 1897, no marriages before 1845. So might be worth checking Donaghmore Presbyterian in the hope that it was her church. If she was born c 1811 her baptism may be there. (But the marriage won’t be).  Copy of the church records is held in PRONI, Belfast.

Armagh / Re: McCormicks of Lisadian Townland ?
« on: Thursday 10 January 19 11:24 GMT (UK)  »
The person in the 1841 & 1851 census extracts also appears to still have been single in 1917 (no mention of any married name anyway).  I would say it is not the same lady as appears in the 1855 birth registration.

There are 2 townlands called Lisadian in Co. Armagh. One is in Loughgilly parish, the other in Eglish. No McCormicks in either townland in the tithes c 1832 or Griffiths Valuation 1864.

John & Rachel married in Donaghmore in 1833. Do you know what denomination the marriage was? The Church of Ireland has records from 1783 onwards (indexed up to 1844); the RC church from 1825. There are a couple of Presbyterian churches in the parish but neither has any surviving marriage records prior to 1845. The Church of Ireland records are in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. A personal visit is required to view them. The RC records are on-line free on the nli website.

Louth / Re: Elliott-Help with Valuation House Book Entry
« on: Wednesday 09 January 19 00:31 GMT (UK)  »
The 1 might be a T. The text after “not measured by” might be 2nd rather than 2d. But am not 100% certain. Others viewing this might have a different interpretation. If so, please chip in.

But the overall sense of the notes seem to me to imply a minor change to the valuation of the property.

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