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Silly me - didn't read the topic title properly  :P  :P :P
Not sure if the Merchant Navy had Petty Officers ???

Hopefully Seaweed will be along to throw light on the subject   :P  :P

Dawn M

Was he RN or merchant navy?   Might have a bearing on what things mean?

re the alpo - could it have been for Acting Leading Petty Officer?

Dawn M

Agree - auricular

Dawn M

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Baptism - Roman Catholic
« on: Saturday 23 June 18 07:27 BST (UK)  »
and signed J H Law, M.A.  (officiating cleric)

Dawn M

Australia / Re: Rookwood
« on: Saturday 23 June 18 07:21 BST (UK)  »
Back in the 1980s when I bought a plot in Mt Gravatt Lawn Cemetery [Brisbane] for my parents, the sexton marked the entry for the first grave (neither of them at that stage deceased) to be dug '3 deep' so they and I could all be in there together.   ::)
When I looked shocked, he said "You could walk out the gate today and get run over by a bus and be first in"   :P :P  :P

Dawn M

The Common Room / Re: Henry Jefferd Young - why did he wait 25 years?
« on: Thursday 21 June 18 08:30 BST (UK)  »
You say he was in the Royal Navy during WW One.
Could it be they married late so that she could get a War Widow pension when he died?
Don't know if it applies in UK, but it has been known in Oz.

Dawn M

Australia / Re: Queensland BDM's
« on: Sunday 17 June 18 01:18 BST (UK)  »
What am I missing?

Did a birth search for Emma Jeffs and Jeffs Emma - Found 17855 results in the Queensland historical record, searching just Jeffs gave 87 results.
Death search same name - Found 21894 results in the Queensland historical records, using just Jeffs gave 157 results.
Trying with a father or mother name made no difference.

I searched Jeffs because many of them in QLD are my lot.
Mick, you got the disparity because in your first search it gave you Emma as well as Jeffs, and there would be a lot more Emma xxxx than xxx Jeffs people  :)  :)

The old 'less is sometimes more' principle.

Dawn M

Queensland Day on 6th June 2018 saw the launch of a new service for FH research, from Qld BDM Registry.
This new service gives instant information on historical records - as long as it is in their parameters for years available - with exact dates, name of spouse [for marriages], names of parents [births & deaths] even where names are changed by Deed Poll or common usage [gives both names].

Go to and in the middle of the screen you'll see
‘Try the new Family History Service here’ – click on here and away you go.

I put in surname first then forename but it may not matter which way.  No punctuation.
Only problem is that with common surnames you get a list that's thousands long, and it's not alphabetical.  But the name you requested is at least at the top of the list.

Dawn M

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: Were They Huguenots?
« on: Thursday 14 June 18 13:58 BST (UK)  »
You could always contact the Huguenot Society in UK, for advice.

Google them (sorry can't remember full name etc and I'm nearly asleep!)

Dawn M

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