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could be a really mangled spelling of Stationer.

Lancashire / Re: Researching my great grandmother Catherine Ryan 1879
« on: Tuesday 06 February 18 12:07 GMT (UK)  »
She seems to be known as Kate.....have you considered that as she was 8 years older than John, she may have been a widow when she married?  There is a marriage registered in Tipperary March Q 1908 volume 3 page 527 between a John O'BRIEN and a Kate REGAN.


London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: 1859 Lewisham marriage look up please
« on: Sunday 28 January 18 13:50 GMT (UK)  »
avm should have gone to Specsavers :-)  the marriage was registered Sept Qtr (3rd) 1859.  No details seem to be online so best to order marriage certificate for full details.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: James Young born Liverpool 1812-1814
« on: Sunday 14 January 18 19:02 GMT (UK)  »
this looks like Jane Mary's baptism although church not named.....can't read street name but father is a Mariner.

   Jane Mary Young
Baptism Date:   5 Feb 1839
Parish:   Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Search Photos:   Search for 'Liverpool' in the UK City, Town and Village Photos collection
Father:   James Young
Mother:   Margaret Young
Register Type:   Bishop's Transcripts
Reference Number:   Drl/2/299

You probably have this, just remembered it's James's baptism you are looking for.

London and Middlesex / Re: Catherine Power
« on: Tuesday 21 November 17 14:17 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry to throw another spanner in the works, but from an experience I had, I would not assume that the 1881 census shows Catherine as the mother of Thomas and Mary.  They are recorded as children of the head of house, Jeremiah, and there is a bit of a gap between Mary's birth and the 1878 birth of Jeremiah which could mean she got together with Jeremiah snr and his 2 children then started having her own children with him.


Antrim / Re: Ballymena marriage RAINEY.
« on: Tuesday 03 October 17 22:46 BST (UK)  »
Wouldn't be at all surprised if they didn't marry as the 'family mystery' may be a close blood relationship.  Thank you very much for looking.


Antrim / Re: Ballymena marriage RAINEY.
« on: Tuesday 03 October 17 18:04 BST (UK)  »
This is great Sinann....Mary was a Rainey too but born in Derry not Antrim....will need to find out how they may be related.


Antrim / Re: Ballymena marriage RAINEY.
« on: Tuesday 03 October 17 16:13 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Sinann, I was hoping the bride's name would be Mary.

On the 1911 census James RAINEY is 21 and we think his birth date is 19 Jan 1890.  His siblings are Rebecca b1886 and Joseph b1888

The family are living in Lilliput St Duncairn.  Father William John 71 born Antrim, wife Mary 48 born Co Derry and married 27 years. 

William J's first marriage was to Jane McKeen in 1860.

Any help with this much appreciated.


Antrim / Ballymena marriage RAINEY.
« on: Tuesday 03 October 17 14:52 BST (UK)  »
This is my first step into Northern Irish records and I need some help please.  Helping a friend to find out the surname of her greatgrandmother who was the second wife and there may be a whiff of scandal.  I suggested a copy of her grandfather's birth certificate and not only are is there more than one registered in the same quarter and year but the GRONI requires the mother's maiden name, which is what we don't know!

It's possible that the above marriage of a William John Rainey is the second marriage and I'm hoping someone has access to this marriage registered in the Dec quarter 1883.

thank you

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