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Armed Forces / Re: A Colour Sergeant deserter?
« on: Yesterday at 22:28 »
Thank you Mark .....more details to this sad and sordid story.

Armed Forces / Re: A Colour Sergeant deserter?
« on: Friday 19 October 18 16:16 BST (UK)  »
MaxD, that's terrific!  That's my man. 

many,many thanks


Armed Forces / A Colour Sergeant deserter?
« on: Friday 19 October 18 08:54 BST (UK)  »
Thanks to your help I now know Ernest Hayes was a colour sergeant and there is a family story that he deserted but no proof of this.
However, I think I found him on a campaign medal list with a faint note next to his name about desertion but canít make out the date. 
How can I find out more?

Thank you

Armed Forces Resources / Re: What is this rank?
« on: Thursday 18 October 18 15:56 BST (UK)  »
Thank you so much....with my very limited knowledge,  Colour and Company sergeant popped into my head.  What is the difference?


Armed Forces Resources / What is this rank?
« on: Thursday 18 October 18 14:20 BST (UK)  »
No military connections so apologies if I don't explain this well.  I've found a Sergeant listed on Form H for the 1901 census, Royal Barracks in Arran Quay Dublin.  There are 3 other sergeants listed after his name but the entry for my man says Co Sgt.....what does this mean?

thank you

Baptisms of children at St Peter's Priory also available to view on Ancestry

Peter born 29/8/1869,  James 10/1/1871,  Mary 16/7/1873,  Frances Ann 20/8/1875, 
Emilia 30/7/1879,  Joseph 5/11/1881 and Thomas 16/12/1883.

Mary married Roderick JAMIESON in 1895 but can't see marriage details online.

Michael CONBOY son of Peter, of Crooked Lane to Mary Whitehead GILSON daughter of James Whitehead GILSON.  St Peter's Priory RC 29/12/1868.

This looks like Michael and family in 1861 census living at Crooked Lane
Liverpool , England.
Peter Conboy 50
Bridget Conboy 42
Catherine Conboy 20
John Conboy 18
Michael Conboy 15 born Ireland
James Conboy   11
Thomas Conboy   10
Joseph Conboy   4
Lucy Conboy      1

Copy & paste removed , please transcribe the information.

Lancashire / Re: George Ellis & Charlotte Mary
« on: Saturday 21 July 18 11:53 BST (UK)  »
June qtr 1875 registered Chester volume 8a page 593 George ELLIS and Charlotte WHITLEY

could be a really mangled spelling of Stationer.

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