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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Cause of death
« on: Monday 17 September 18 14:19 BST (UK)  »
Looks like "Carcinoma" of brain to me.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Painting signature
« on: Sunday 16 September 18 18:16 BST (UK)  »
Compare the signature on "Study of a person with a mask" and Robert is your mother's brother!

Some carts didn't have a seat for the "driver" and he/(she?) walked alongside the horse. Could this be the difference? I'm sure the carter/driver wasn't particularly bothered what they were enumerated as on the census.

Cheshire / Re: Stockport Sunday School Register Entry
« on: Saturday 08 September 18 08:51 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again Elzabels. I'm aware of JWO operating as a herbalist in Hyde but not of the two MEN adverts.

"Cale Green Heaton Norris" is a bit of a misnomer as Cale Green and Heaton Norris are totally separate places. Cale Green is a small area to the South of Stockport centre whereas Heaton Norris is/was a large ill-defined area North of the River Mersey. The county boundary between Lancashire and Cheshire runs along the river. St Thomas always causes confusion. St Thomas Heaton Norris (nowadays Heaton Chapel) is the older of two churches. There is also a St Thomas south of Stockport Centre - almost adjoining Cale Green.

If you have an Ancetry Sub. I'd recommend that you have a look at my James Williamson Owen tree which contains most of the info I have on him. It appears that his career started as a hatter - a common occupation in these parts - he then became a herbalist and, a few years later, emigrated to the US and started practising as a doctor - amazing what you could do in those days without apparent recourse to formal education!

Cheshire / Re: Stockport Sunday School Register Entry
« on: Monday 03 September 18 18:18 BST (UK)  »
Finished varnishing for the day so couldn't resist having a look. Unfortunately, I don't think it's him.
James "williamson" Owen married Elizabeth Ann Hamlet at Heaton Reddish Parish Church (admittedly not that far from Manchester Road) in July 1871 and he described himself as a "Hatter". Whereas the one on Manchester Road was a "Cotton Piecer". Subsequent baptisms confirm the hatting occupation and the Manchester Road one, on the 1861, appears to be Joseph Thomas Owen's brother.

The one I have in Macclesfield was a hatter and is therefore a better bet.

Cheshire / Re: Stockport Sunday School Register Entry
« on: Monday 03 September 18 15:50 BST (UK)  »
Now that is interesting!

Unfortunately, I'm varnishing doors at the moment (just stopped for a brew) so I can't dash off to my tree and check things.

From memory, I don't think I have him in 1871 - although there is someone in Macclesfield who might be him. It's the James W Owen of Mass. I'm interested in though - he married my, recently, emigrated G Aunt.

I've come across the Mark Whitehead connection before but not had much success in connecting him to the Owens. James Owen had what people might call and "interesting" life and best if I leave it at that unless people would like to hear more - if so, look up my public James Williamson Owen tree on Ancestry. I'll be more that happy for anyone to criticise my findings so don't hold back.

Cheshire / Re: Stockport Sunday School Register Entry
« on: Sunday 02 September 18 16:49 BST (UK)  »
Sorry for the delay - been away, just back.

I suppose it's a possibility but my first thought is that, if he was orphaned, he wouldn't have had a home to be visited.

The Common Room / Re: Oddity on electoral roll is puzzling me
« on: Friday 17 August 18 16:11 BST (UK)  »
Back in the days when I used to run a polling station I always found the number takers a real pain in the backside. They're legally not allowed in the polling station itself so I used to pray for either a freezing cold day or one where it was tipping with rain.

I doubt whether they perform any useful purpose and I'm convinced that they're simply there to give the party faithful the feeling that they're doing something worthwhile.

After the event, the complaints about the atitude of presiding officers to them would come in to which the answer inevitably was that these complaints were far outweighed by complaints by members of the public about the number takers.

They're nothing whatsoever to do with the actual voting process and my advice would be to either ignore them completely or treat them with the same contempt you would treat cold callers.

The Common Room / Re: Oddity on electoral roll is puzzling me
« on: Friday 17 August 18 14:05 BST (UK)  »
It's not unknown for dogs and cats to appear on the electoral register and it often gave the popular press copy to say how stupid the local council was to send them a voting card when the only stupid person was the one who put them on the register form in the first place.

Things are a little different now that the public has proved that their word can't be taken on trust.

Intestingly, you don't actually need a poll card to go and vote and waving it at the polling staff should not, in itself, get you a ballot paper to fill in. You are required to simply state your name and address.

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