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Shetland / Re: Shetlanders with "dark hair and swarthy skin"?!
« on: Saturday 12 August 17 09:42 BST (UK)  »

This post made me laugh! it  could read  as though the women had beards-which the  men  liked   ::)
Not often you see a Roman statue with a  beard , was it usual for the Roman army to have facial hair?I can imagine the romans banning it.
I`ll leave the women out of it!!!!!

Lol! You never know...  ;D
You're right the Roman's did indeed prefer to be clean shaven (I think in the army even then it was a requirement) which is, I suppose, why a few of them commented on the 'Briton's' propensity for having them.


RG10 is the Class reference for 1871 ;D
Other Class references are RG09 (1861), RG11 (1881), RG12 (1891), RG13 (1901) and RG14 (1911). RG is short for Registrar General.
The 1841 and 1851 censuses were overseen by the Home Office, and both are classed as HO107.

There then follows a Piece No, a Folio No and a Page No.

Yup, although page no. confuses my ancestry search sometimes- I find what I detailed above works, have found many a missing person for people at least anyway.

Shetland / Re: Shetlanders with "dark hair and swarthy skin"?!
« on: Thursday 10 August 17 23:28 BST (UK)  »
Something that people often forget is that the Romans often commented on the 'Britons' being 'dark' in hair eyes and skin (also that the women were attractive and the men liked beards) - and the Spanish roots for the 'black Irish' thing has been shown, genetically, to be a myth, I think about 4 out of 500 survived one armada wreck so those 4 men would have had to have been rather prolific...  ;D

Please enlighten us poor novices  Thanks. I have relatives in Fulham Chelsea etc'

If you are not using findmypast but ancestry instead, or the street searches are throwing up rubbish results as sometimes happens the following may be useful - I haven't done it for a while, but down the page here are blue links to the different years

HEre is the 1871 Chelsea street index page

say they lived in Lawrence street no.31 in 1861 but you can't find them in 1871, sometimes it's because they've moved of course, but sometimes it's because you have names that get 'fun' transcriptions - so you could look under Lawrence street and find the following
Lawrence Street   Cheyne Walk      30-31   RG 10/74   57-58

The you can go on ancestry, search, instead of entering names and places choose 1871 census collection on the right, then scroll to the bottom and choose England 1871 census, leave the name blank, lived in chelsea, london, england, then  you'll see 'Piece', that's for the two numbers after RG. in this case 10/74. The last numbers, in this case 57-58, goes in Folio.

Sometimes ancestry still wants to muddy the waters with results it thinks you want to see, but in this case the second one down was no. 31 Lawrence street so not too bad.

It sounds complicated dissected like that but once you've done it a couple of times it really isn't at all :)

Census and Resource Discussion / Re: Theory about Philip Reeves plausible?
« on: Monday 28 September 15 22:18 BST (UK)  »
Here it is - from an ancestry tree.
I've heard bits and pieces that suggest my Grandfather thought there may have been Jewish ancestry somewhere, the only way this could probably be confirmed is through a DNA analysis, but looking at Ethel it doesn't seem to far fetched, what do you think? Her and therefore presumably her siblings/parents looks seem to have been passed down to my mum and her brothers and sisters, does your friend/my cousin's family look similar? :)

Census and Resource Discussion / Re: Theory about Philip Reeves plausible?
« on: Monday 28 September 15 22:12 BST (UK)  »
No, no photos at all unfortunately, there is one of Ethel with her two sons somewhere on ancestry I believe, have you seen that one?
What had your friend been told about her great grandfather (if anything)? As most grandchildren seem to have all been told something different :p
Please do ask if she'd like my email/postal address, I believe we'd be second or third cousins :)

Nottinghamshire / Re: Book 1930s Nottingham Goose Fair.
« on: Saturday 05 September 15 22:19 BST (UK)  »
The only mention of him writing about the fairs I could find was in his own memoirs?

However I did find this photo - from 1959 :)

they were apparently in Stratford-upn-avon the year before too

You may enjoy this as well :p

And here 4 minutes 20 seconds in - looks very similar to the photo of the three ladies above in 1959 (video is from that year)

Nottinghamshire / Re: Book 1930s Nottingham Goose Fair.
« on: Friday 04 September 15 20:16 BST (UK)  »
Oh dear - I didn't read the whole thread and it seems one of those links had been posted already, sorry!  :-[

Nottinghamshire / Re: Book 1930s Nottingham Goose Fair.
« on: Friday 04 September 15 20:15 BST (UK)  »
I came across this post a bit randomly, but a quick search came up with this list, something here may jog your memory if you didn't have any luck :)
(down the bottom are some sources).
Incidentally, I also have Macpherson ancestry, I don't suppose yours are the ones from around Shielfoot/Acharacle, with Thomas who went missing at sea on the Laurestina? :)

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