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Lancashire / Re: manchester local photo collection
« on: Today at 14:57 »
You can see the cemetery lodge on this map


Lancashire / Re: manchester local photo collection
« on: Today at 13:38 »
According to this map 59.Rusholme Road was the Lodge to Rusholme Road Cemetery Chorlton-on-Medlock.
This map shows 192 Upper Brook Street cholton on Medlock

This map shows "Tavern etc." parallel to Barking Road


In the 1851 census
Street Name      Nearby street
Tavern Court      Quay Lane                                 HO 107/1555   258-260
Tavern Row       Quay Lane or Ann Street         HO 107/1555   277-278
Tavern Terrace       Quay Lane                                         HO 107/1555   254-256

There is no Tavern Street

The description of the Enumeration District is;
All that part of the Parish of Bromley which lies North and South from the Iron Bridge to the East India Dock Gate including Gloucester Terrace, Johns Place, Tavern Court, Quay Lane and the Marshes.

You can see the Iron Bridge and the East India Dock Gate on the map at
You posted a similar query  before

From the OED Smoke; A spell of smoking tobacco, etc. to have (or take) a smoke, to smoke a pipe, cigarette, or cigar.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Woolley Sanatorium
« on: Wednesday 20 February 19 13:24 GMT (UK)  »
It seems to have been used by the military. From the The Berwick Advertiser - Thursday 30 August 1945

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