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Caithness / Andrew robson b1807 Halkirk
« on: Tuesday 27 September 16 08:18 BST (UK)  »
Iím looking into an Andrew Robson. Son of John Robson and who married Eliza Hedley in Northumberland in 1835 and in later census returns he gives his place of birth as Scotland. There is an Andrew Robson who was born to John Robson and Agnis Smith in 1807 in Halkirk Caithness and in 1817 there is a baptism that shows a George Robson born to John Robson and Agnes Smith in Kirkton Caithness. It is maybe a bit strange that if it is the same couple then there is a legal wedding in Oxnam in 1805 but is not shown as such in the baptism records. Could it be that it may be common practice there looking at the other entries in that parish?

In 1841 a John Robson and spouse Agnes do not show up in the Scotland records but a John Robson and Agnes Robson do show up in Comb, Thorneyburn in Northumberland again (roughly the right age range) and they appear to have another son Robert aged about 25 born out of County. I can see a baptism record for Reay Caithness in 1812 showing a birth of a Robert Robson to John Robson and Ann Smith, so it wouldn't be a leap of typographical errors to think this was this Agnes or Agnis.

My question is given the large distance between the Borders and Caithness areas, was it common for shepherds to spend time in Caithness, were perhaps they recruited from the Borders area to pass on experience with the Cheviot sheep which I think were introduced to the North of Scotland in the late 1790s?

Northumberland / Re: Elizabeth Noble/Middlemiss died bef 1865
« on: Sunday 26 July 15 18:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi Alan
The death entry for Margaret Noble dying in 1856 gives her a son-in law of Andrew Middlemiss and given that she appeared to be staying with Andrew and his wife Elizabeth Noble in 1851 tends to support that.

I'm awaiting the certificates now so this trail  may go cold for a few weeks.

But i have seen that the 1841 and 1851 census show a Margaret Noble living with this family as Mother in Law and in 1841 there is an Agnes Shortreed.  It looks like the mother is 40 at the time of Elizabeth's birth so i am wondering if maybe there was another younger mother of Elizabeth and Margaret raised her as mother.

Northumberland / Re: Elizabeth Noble/Middlemiss died bef 1865
« on: Sunday 26 July 15 01:48 BST (UK)  »
Thanks that death listing suggests that Elizabeth's mother never married and even her Grandmother lived to a grand old age as Agnes Shortreed is then seen in the 1841 census with this family age 97. Leaves me still trying to determine birth and the death near Carham between 1861 and 1865 of Elizabeth. hopefully the certificate i ordered will confirm death,

Roxburghshire / middlemiss noble yetholm
« on: Saturday 25 July 15 10:13 BST (UK)  »
I have an Andrew Middlemiss and his wife Elizabeth Noble who had a number of children baptised at Yetholm from 1839. They show up in the 1841 census at Lochtoner Yetholm with a Margaret Notle (perhaps transcribe error of Noble) and possibly Elizabeth's mother.

I can not find a marriage record for Andrew and Elizabeth, but as they are both 20 at the time of the 1841 census and their first child Margaret was born in 1839 we should only have a small window to review. any help in finding this marriage, much appreciated.

Northumberland / Re: Elizabeth Noble/Middlemiss died bef 1865
« on: Saturday 25 July 15 10:02 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Heywood i've requested those certificates and now let's see.

I've hit an absolute brick wall at the moment with respect to the marriage of Andrew and Elizabeth or even their births.

Northumberland / Re: Elizabeth Noble/Middlemiss died bef 1865
« on: Saturday 25 July 15 08:53 BST (UK)  »
It's possible he was Helen's son and if he was, then he was illegitimate as they, Andrew and Helen were married 1865 May 5 at Wideopen in Yetholm and had their first legitimate child in 1867.

Illegitimacy may have been a trait of Andrew as although i see Elizabeth mentioned as spouse in the Yetholm baptisms of his children I have to find a marriage reference.

Northumberland / Elizabeth Noble/Middlemiss died bef 1865
« on: Saturday 25 July 15 08:14 BST (UK)  »
I have a family Andrew Middlemiss and Elizabeth Noble who were living in Yetholm before appearing in the 1861 census in Shidlaw in Carham.

I believe they may have had a son George T Middlemiss around 1863 and Elizabeth must have died very shortly afterwards because by 1865 Andrew had returned to get married in Yetholm to a Helen Trotter, (18 years his younger).

While checking the BMD registers I have struggled to find a George T Middlemiss born in Glendale.  between 1861 and 1865. I use these as reference dates based on the 1871 census and the fact that if he was a child of Andrew and Helen then he would have been born in Scotland. I'm working on the assumption that perhaps she died in childbirth or had a very difficult birth and died fairly soon after. Any assistance on where to look for her death would be appreciated. my searches on ancestry have so far come up blank.

Canada / Re: john sandilands
« on: Monday 03 December 07 19:03 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for picking up this old posting of mine. Am currently traveling but had some downtime so can look at some of the answers.

According to Scotland's people website John was definitely born in 1885 in Channelkirk to Alexander Sandilands and Margaret Keppie.

I've previously been in contact with the submitter and share a blank wall on John from before.

The trip found by JJ would certainly tie in with the watch. It may not have been his first trip to Canada, but all the old family members who would know, are sadly no longer with us.

Is there anyway to search death records for Canada to see if he died there?

I can not see a  death pre 1956 back in scotland, or a relevant marriage in scotland pre 1920

Northumberland / thomas robson born abt 1862
« on: Monday 15 October 07 20:32 BST (UK)  »
Hoping someone can help me with a brick wall i've reached.

My Great grandfather George Robson was born to Thomas Robson and Hannah Oliver in 1902

In the 1901 census RG13/4831/40/14/14 they are listed at Thornton Moor, his occupation is  listed as Shepherd.
in the 1891 census (RG12/4252/p.21) they are listed at 5 The Square Bellingham.

In 1901 his occupation was given as Shepherd and in 1891 as furnace man plate.

in 1901 his birth place is given as Elsdon Northumberland
In 1891 his birth place is given as Highfield Dodd

According to IGI FHL Film 1342234     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 5111    Folio 99    Page 5  he may have been an 18 year old shepherd in the house of Robert Murray at Troughend.

IN 1871 i think he appears in the family of a widowed John Robson at Spithopehead {R10/5158/p.28} aged 8 with a place of birth of Thoringburn

I haven;t been able to find his death reference yet, but wondered if anyone would have any local knoweldge that could link Elsdon, Highfield Dodd and Thoringburn? Also seems strange an 18 year old shepherd would become a furnaceman and then revert to shepherding. I know when my great grandfather was married in 1925 Thomas was a caretaker at Dunsdale wherever that was.

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