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Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Monday 03 December 18 10:10 GMT (UK)  »
Checking back to Ron Coleman's Rootsweb site he does have Isabella McBride, b c 1824 daughter of John McBride and Hannah Douglass, noted as married to Andrew McKeown of Ballutoag. This fits with the John McBride of Craigarogan's will.

But he has a different husband for Jane McBride, daughter of John McBride and Agnes Wiley. So again there is room for error.

Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Monday 03 December 18 06:55 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jason

Yes that is possible. There are two possible places of mis-identity. One is matching JOhn McBride of Kilgreel with the John McBride of Craigarogan who died 1869.

Ron Coleman records that Nancy, daughter of Hugh of Ballycushion,  married John McBride of Kilgreel on 12 Oct 1829.
John had previously been married to Hannah Douglas who had presumably died in childbirth in 1829, when daughter Margaret McBride was born.

One of Ron Colemans sources was the “Agnes Cross Douglas Temple” records of 1892. Agnes Cross Douglas being one of the early LDS members, who went to Utah.  Agnes nee Cross born 1816 in Carnmoney, returned to Ireland several times, including 1891, to visit family and collect names for the Utah temple records.

Family of John McBride and Agnes Wiley
   John McBride
   Martha McBride
   Jane McBride         b c1831   married Joseph McGlatthery
   Daniel McBride      b c 1825   married Agnes Rea      d 1912
   Letitia McBride      b c 1839   married Daniel McBride   d 1884
   Mary McBride      b c 1839   married Arthur Ritchie   d 1922
   James Alexander McBride   b c 1841   married  1868 Catherine Richey  d 1915
Francis McBride       b c 1848   married Margaret Mclaughlin

John McBride of Craigarogan died 9 Apr 1869 and left a will.

The Will of John M'Bride late of Craigarogan County Antrim Farmer deceased who died 9 April 1869 at same place was proven at Belfast by the oaths of Daniel M'Bride of Malusk and James M'Bride of Craigarogan both in (Templepatrick) said County.Farmers the Executors.

John left  money to his two oldest daughters (I beleive from his first marriage): Isabella McBride otherwise McKeown and Elizabeth McBride otherwise Agnew, but his son from his first marriage, David Douglas McBride  b1813 was not named in John’s will. David was already living in Australia by 1844.

John then went on to name his daughters Jane McBride otherwise McGladdery, Letitia Mcbride, Mary McBride otherwise Ritchie, and Martha McBride.

He also listed his sons, John , James, Daniel and Francis.

I think the twooldest daughters corresponded

I will need to look in my Ancestry tree to see why I have this Daniel married to Agnes Rea and father of Catherine b 20 Sep 1867.



Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Sunday 02 December 18 12:48 GMT (UK)  »
If you remember I mentioned that my Barron connections are from the Wiley family of Ballycushiom.

Well; Catherine McBride b 20 Sep 1867, mother of Thomas Carruth McMurray, was the daughter of Daniel McBride b c 1833, whose mother was Agnes Wiley. Yet another of my Wiley siblings, daughter of Hugh Wiley of Ballycushion. Agnes is a relatively recent addition to my Wiley family and the source for this is Ron Coleman's research.

 I have not as yet followed through on any of Catherine's family, most of whom have green hints by their names in my Graham tree.

Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Sunday 02 December 18 12:23 GMT (UK)  »
The Kell family in the census are:

 Joseph Kell son of Joseph Kell and Jane Kelso, daughter of William Kelso the weaver.

Jospeh Kell's wife Jane (in census) is the daughter of Joseph Gourley and Susan Kelso previously mentioned, sister of Jane kelso.

By the way Joseph Gourley's father was Alexander Gourley.

Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Sunday 02 December 18 01:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jason

No I had not looked at the 1851 census, so thank you for reminding me. Looks like this family could relate to the Andrew Kelso originally from Scotland but that is pure quess work.

I can tell you that a Joseph Gourley married Susan Kelso in 1848, daughter of the William Kelso who was a weaver.

I was about to email one of my fellow Templepatrick Barron researchers to tell him I had added yet another Ezekiel Graham to my Templepatrick Grahams.  In his Ancestry tree I note that he has a potential father for Joseph Gourley only recorded as still alive so I wall ask him to look at this post to see what he can add.

There were two Barron families in Templepatrick and the other one is centred around Ballynalough. My Wiley family of Ballycushion married into both families. William Kelso's wife Margaret Thoburn b c 1780 was the daughter of Jane Barron of the Craigarogan side.

I am interested that there is also an Ezekiel Kelso and Ephraim (probably) Kelso in the 1851 census, both aged 15.



Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Tuesday 27 November 18 22:51 GMT (UK)  »
Just to complete the list of Tithe holders:
#4    George Kelso of Ballynabarnish/Kilgreel b c1775   d1841 m ? 1 unknown, m 2 Catherine Ruids
         Children’s names:   James, Alexander, George, David, Ephraim, Margaret, Agnes.

This may be the same George who appears below"
Book 808 / Page 448 / Number 545183
Memorial of indented deed of release dated 28th Nov 1825 between Joseph Barron of Ballynabarnish and David Biggar [Bigger] of the Trench, farmers, executors named in the last will and testament of Ephrahim [Ephraim] Kelso late of Craigarogan deceased on the one part, and George Kelso of Craigarogan, farmer, of the other part.  Barron and Biggar as executors confirmed unto George Kelso that parcel of land in Craigarogan containing 14a 2r Scotch Cunningham measure, bounded on the east by the piece of land therein [hereafter] mentioned, on the south by land in the possession of John Fulton, on the west by part of the lands of said Joseph Barron, etc.

So there was another Ephraim Kelso who died pre 28 Nov 1825, whose widow was Mary nee McNiece .

I mention this because I think the #5 John Kelso of Craigarogan may have been the father of Ephraim Kelso of Ballysillan b c1837.
Ephraim Kelso   Ballysillan    b c1837 (son of John)   m 1858 Letitia Magee 
         Children’s names:   John, Joseph, Sarah, James, Agnes

Not of any help in your search for Robert/Edward Kelso combination though. As I said initially, I do not have any info on Robert Kelso of Kilgreel.



Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Tuesday 27 November 18 20:09 GMT (UK)  »
I should say there are actually two candidates for the #1 Alexander Kelso in the Tithes. I have him as the Alexander born 1806 son of Ephraim but there is another Alexander born 1803, son of George.

George Kelso of Kilgreel was the father of David Kelso (b1808)  of Kilgreel who married Elizabeth Kelso, daughter of William Kelso and Margaret Thoburn who married 1819. William Kelso was a weaver and does not appear on the Tithe lists. William and Margaret also had a son named David Kelso b1819 who died at Windy Hill in 1897. This David Kelso married Jane Barnett.

I do not have any concrete evidence but I think the Mary E Kelso of Kilgreel, #6 in the Tithes, may have been the widow of a Henry Kelso. The Belfast Newsletter has an 1833 marriage notice for a Mary Elizabeth Kelso, daughter of the late Henry Kelso from near Roughfort. Mary married a William Barnett

William Barnett who married Mary Eliza Kelso in 1833, dau of Henry Kelso, died in 1873. Names sons Henry Kelso Barnett and William Barnett in his will which was actually written in 1854. William Barnett was described as a gentleman of Windy Hill and Greencastle. His assets included a farm in Kilgreel.



Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Tuesday 27 November 18 19:41 GMT (UK)  »
The location of Kilgreel was not my take on Kilgreel, but part of the information from the Templepatrick researcher, who by the way did not have Kelso interests.

My 3x gt grandfather Wiliam Lynn who died 1907 aged 93, was from Kilgreel If you look at the list of householders in Griffiths you will find both David Kelso and George Kelso in Kilgreel. Many of the names on the list are connected to my families. Joseph B Wiley was a grandson of my 4x gt grandfather Hugh Wiley of Ballycushion. His grandson John Graham (originally from Ballycusion) married Jane Lynn of Kilgreel (my 2x gt grandparents). Hugh's son Ezekiel Wiley married Jane Barron daughter of Joseph Barron of Ballnabarnish/Craigarogan/Roughfort. The Kelso's link to this Barron family and is why I have an interest in them.

Kilgreel lies between Ballynabarnish and Craigarogan.

Yes I know about Edward Kelso of Craigarogan in the Tithes. This is my list of Templepatrick Kelsos in the Tithes. 


1   Kelso, Alexr. Townland: Ballynabarnish Year: 1833      
2   Kelso, Edward Townland: Craigarogan Year: 1833
3   Kelso, Ephraim Townland: Ballynabarnish Year: 1833
4   Kelso, Geo. Townland: Ballynabarnish Year: 1833
5   Kelso, John Townland: Craigarogan Year: 1833
6   Kelso, Mary E. Townland: Killgreel Year: 1833
7   Kelso, Robt. Townland: Killgreel Year: 1833

1   Alexander Kelso   Ballynabarnish   b  1806    d <1859    son of Ephraim
3    Ephraim Kelso   Ballynabarnish   b c 1780   m ?Jane
         Children’s names:   Alexander, Margaret, Agnes.

2   Edward Kelso    Roughfort      b <1813 (Tithes) brother of Hugh (Matthew suggests the Edward Kelso in Tithes was son of Edward as the latter died 1832?)
Hugh Kelso      Craigarogan      d <18 Mar 1786
Sister Kelso      Roughfort      b < 1760   m Barron, son  =Andrew Barron

The info on Edward is based on the following:

Number 251209
Memorial of deed of conveyance dated 18th March 1786.  Between Andrew Barron and Edward Kelso both of Roughfort, Parish of Templepatrick, farmers - the said Andrew is the nephew and devisee and the said Edward Kelso is the bro. and heir at law of Hugh Kelso late of Craigarogan in the said parish of Templepatrick – of the one part.  John Walker of Malone, parish of Belfast, farmer, of the other part.  Andrew Barron and Edward Kelso give over to John Walker land in Kilgreel formerly in the possession of the said Hugh Kelso consisting of 29a 1r 35p Scotch Cunningham measure.  For the lives of HRH Prince of Wales son of Geo III, Frederick Bishop of Osnaburgh second son of Geo III, and James Fea son of James Fea of Roughforth, and 31 years from 1st Nov 1770.  Witnessed by John Barrow [sic] of Belfast, writing clerk, and Mathew Walsh of Belfast, yeoman.  Said John Barron [sic] made oath that he was one of the witnesses.



Antrim / Re: Templeton Family (Ballylinney/Carnmoney/Mallusk)
« on: Tuesday 27 November 18 07:50 GMT (UK)  »
I do not know how or if Robert connects to the other Kelso families in Templepatrick.

A member of a Templepatrick research group has this information about a family who may or may not connect to Robert or Kilgreel but does not appear to connect to the other Kelso families:

"There was a query about a Kelso as follows:
Looking for information on David Kelso born 18 Jan 1820 in Muckamore Antrim.  David was a shoemaker and had a shop in the main street in Antrim town.  He was married to Agnes (Nancy).  He had a brother George and a brother Robert and two sisters Eliza and Belle (Isabelle or Isabella).  Their father Andrew was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1798 and Andrew's father was William and his mother Isabella.
I have found a George Kelso born 1823 in Kilgreel which is Muckamore.  The hamlets run Antrim, Muckamore, Dunadry and Templepatrick.  No idea if this is of any use."

So another piece to fit into the Kelso puzzle.

The Muckamore Presbyterian Church may be one of the closer ones to Kilgreel. But I am not a local, quite the opposite! I do not think you can access any Church records online for free, but there are sites where you can pay.


Linda (NZ)

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