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Lancashire / Thirsk Bells married Kirkham, Cartmel & Woodplumpton
« on: Tuesday 22 March 11 01:49 GMT (UK)  »

Hello all,
             I am researching the Wensley Bells of Yorkshire who have members who married out of their area.
It would appear that the Wensley Bells travelled extensively which is making tracking them down quite difficult, perhaps someone has come across these marriages and may have more information.

I have William Bell married at Cartmel 14th July 1573 no wife given,
His son John married Elizabeth Harreson 3rd Nov 1610 at Kirkham, he died at Thirsk.
William's brother Thomas was born at Grimsby and married Agnes Kirkham at Garstang 10th Dec 1574 his son Richard Bell married Alice Hudson at Woodplumpton  13th Aug 1610 she was from Middleham Durham.

Thomas and William may have had a brother Edward who married Agnes Harreson at Sedbergh too, ( yes I know that is Yorkshire )

The parents of Thomas , William and Edward were Thomas Bell and Dorathy Hilroy who married at Wensley 1541 and the first part of their family were born at Wensley.

My earliest ancestor appears to be a John Bell 1580- 90 he and a possible brother were at Sedberg and may have a connection with Cartmel as a Edward was born there about this time.
I have a Thomas Bell from Cartmel who was burried at Sedbergh about 1700 too.
Any help appreciated, Mike

Cumberland / Re: Bells of Sedbergh and Dent 1605 on
« on: Monday 21 March 11 15:40 GMT (UK)  »

            That was my first posting and I have broken a golden rule, sorry, I should have read the rules first!
Yes Sedburgh and Dent are in Yorkshire, but Knott is in Cumbria as far as I know and these Bells also seem to have been in Cartmel for some reason too, the Cartmel Bells and the Wensly Bells are connected and the Thirsk Bells are connected somehow too!
Yea I know Thirsk and Wensley are Yorkshire again, but they are are the same Bells.
The Bells married at Woodplumpton, Kirkham and Garstang too, now have I got you interested?
I have been in contact with decendants of the James Bell here that moved to Rockingham WA in the early 1800s but don't know if these are related yet.

Cumberland / Bells of Sedbergh and Dent 1605 on
« on: Monday 21 March 11 04:26 GMT (UK)  »

Hello all,
             I am looking for information on Bells in the Sedbergh area from the early 1600's the only clue I have is that a brother to my ancestor John Bell married a woman from Knott, this appears to be Knott Point at Morcambe Bay

This Edward Bell married Isabel Fawcett but I have not been able to find where they married or when, but it would be before 1605 when Isabel appears to have died from child birth or something.

No records exist for Sedbergh much before this time.

Hope someone can help?  Mike

Cumberland / Re: John Todd
« on: Monday 21 March 11 04:13 GMT (UK)  »
         re the Todd family, my ancestor Edward Bell married Elizabeth Todd at Sedbergh in 1648 if this is of interest?


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