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New Zealand / Re: "PAPERS PAST" Update Part IV
« on: Tuesday 15 May 18 10:55 BST (UK)  »
Good to see additional titles covering the Waikato.

Very much apprerciated by this researcher.

Keep up your good works.

- Alan.

Hi Janette
Thank you so much for the photo.
It is great to have so many helpful people.

Hi again KK.

Pleased for you that Janette was able to do that for you. She was the lady I had in mind when I suggested someone closer, might be able to help. Had hoped to have had my last few nights opposite the cemetery last weekend, but appointments in the Waikato stopped that. Might get a night this one, as I hope to attend a cattle auction north of Auckland on Monday; 200 km from home.

The NZ board is a good one, with members who believe what goes around; comes around. We all help where we can to return the favour, for help we have recieved from others.

- Alan.

New Zealand / Re: "Auckland Star" personnel
« on: Saturday 05 May 18 00:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi again.

Not my field, but my above look up referred to the 1948 comments in this link:-

There can be a distinction between the publisher and or printer, but I just don't know. However in my wide ranging searches to date, I have found social pages, and social club publications a mine of information if I can get my hands on them. Like wise the Social Photo Pix publications of the 1960's etc.


New Zealand / Re: "Auckland Star" personnel
« on: Friday 04 May 18 09:39 BST (UK)  »

Not my field of interests, but trying to think off the cuff who was the publisher, and what did they also print in the way of Magazines. Were there inhouse social club publications, or posiblities of mentions in the likes of the NZ WOMAN's WEEKLY of the period. It had a huge circulation for it's times.

Christchurch public library appears to have an index of names published therein, which may be worth a look see.

New Zealand Index
A collection of indexed New Zealand-related material with short abstracts. Includes Newzindex, covering business in New Zealand in New Zealand journals and major newspapers from 1985 to 2006; NZ Science, a collection of scientific abstracts covering New Zealand science writing back to 1840; Newspaper Index (NINX) covering New Zealand newspapers from 1993-2003; Index Auckland, a record of information about Auckland; Index New Zealand (INNZ); The New Zealand Woman's Weekly Index of Names mentioned, 1932-1951; The New Zealand Herald's Family + Notices Classifieds since 2003. Index only.

- Alan.

PS: Just checked - was the same publisher.

New Zealand / Re: Henry John Shillinglaw death
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 12:03 BST (UK)  »
Only one Shillinglaw death to be found in New Zealand. Andrew Shillinglaw who died in 1905.

Another Shillinglaw New Zealand connection although not helpful to you, is interesting.......

[Where is the New Zealand registration [1912] of this Andrew Shillinglaw I wonder?]


This reporting got world wide coverage, but two local papers had other ideas. One of which reads


There is this death on NZ BDM............

1996/36923   Otto   Rexford Andrew William   29 May 1909


Thanks Minniehaha.

I did not have the time to investigate. But with that death detail, I was possibly reading too much into this Auckland Hospital index.



On a recent visit to Archives NZ Auckland archive, I was searching through old bound copies of typed index and reference pages. Some entries had red ink, hand written notations, one of which caught my eye as the notation was different to other notations that I had seen. I was left wondering if the notation was in reference to the last given name, as it was spaced appart from the two proceeding names, or to the surname listed.

In case this could be signficant to some ones research the info was;

Typed:-      OTTO,  William Andrew      Rexford
Notation:-   Now Redford

If interested in investigating further, please contact me for details.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Any chance of a photo at Waikumete Cemetery
« on: Tuesday 24 April 18 00:54 BST (UK)  »

Just got home having spent a week on holiday at the big smoke [Auckland], staying opposite this cemetery, but without internet access.

Sorry I did not spot your request.

May be back up that way again soon, and if so will try to look it up for you. It's a very large cemetery and others who live closer, may be able to fulfill the request.

Otherwise I will be passing most weeks in the spring [September]


New Zealand / Re: Possible New Resource re Scottish Immigration to NZ!
« on: Saturday 07 April 18 05:12 BST (UK)  »
Hello all.

As RootsChat has a TECHNICAL HELP board why not use it? [A query linked to this thread]

That's what it's there for, and those with the knowledge can resopnd.

They are in the industry and know the meaning of the prompts put out by the verious watch dogs within the systems we use.

Often it is because some of the linked resource material quoted, were prepared on systems that do not carry the onboard protection precautions of newer prepared papers.

Also the level of security you have your computer set at, could affect the threashold for a warning triger. But I'm no expert.


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