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Pembrokeshire / Re: Penfydyr/Penfedir/LLANDYSILIO/LLANDISSILIO PARISH/Pembrokeshire
« on: Sunday 07 September 14 16:50 BST (UK)  »
Thank you, Gadget.  Yes, that must be it.  I love maps too, so it's good to see another source to search.  It was certainly worth asking.  It looks as if Penfeidr was just perhaps a house or farm but now I know which part of the parish it was in.  Ironically we drove back from holiday in Pembrokeshire last week, probably just a few miles away from the spot.  Many thanks from South Wales!

Pembrokeshire / Penfydyr/Penfedir/LLANDYSILIO/LLANDISSILIO PARISH/Pembrokeshire
« on: Friday 05 September 14 18:23 BST (UK)  »
Is there anyone local to Llandysilio in Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire who has heard of this place-name please?  Asa Davies and his siblings were baptised at "Penfedyr" in the parish of Llandysilio in the early 19th century.  I cannot find the name on any old maps or in an online search.  They later declared the place as their birthplace.  I am just curious to know if it was a farm or perhaps a chapel.  Probably long gone.  Brownie

Oxfordshire Completed Look Up Requests / Re: GREAT TEW baptism lookup please
« on: Friday 11 May 12 13:51 BST (UK)  »
Hello Toby.  Elizabeth Sheldon married Joseph Taylor in 1824 in Swerford, Oxon.  They moved back to his home village of Moreton Valence in Glos and I have everything relating to them from that time till they died, also their descendants.  It is just Elizabeth's ancestors that I know nothing about.  I would assume that they lived in or around Great Tew till they died.  Thanks for your help anyway; at least I know one more generation than I did a few days ago.  Regards, Carl

Oxfordshire Completed Look Up Requests / Re: GREAT TEW baptism lookup please
« on: Thursday 10 May 12 18:03 BST (UK)  »
Toby thank you.  This has been one of my dead ends but this seems to be my Elizabeth.  She appeared on all censuses till 1891.  In 1851 she was aged 47 and in 1871 she was 67 so I am happy.  If you are able to check if there is any other info about the Sheldons in Great Tew, e.g. siblings' baptisms or a marriage between John and Elizabeth, the parents, I would be so grateful.  Will have to try to get to Oxford and look it all up but not likely to happen soon.  Many thanks for your help, Carl.

If a kind soul has access to Great Tew Baptisms could they please search for Elizabeth Shelton or Sheldon or similar, round about 1805.  I have her marriage in 1824 in Swerford but she claimed birth in Great Tew.  Many thanks, fingers crossed.  Carl

Kent Lookup Requests / Biddenden baptisms - TOLHURST
« on: Friday 02 March 12 18:15 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone find any other baptisms probably at Biddenden between 1760 and 1779 besides Thomas 1762, Elizabeth 1765, Robert 1777 and Ann 1779.  Their parents were Thomas Tolhurst and Ann his wife.  Many thanks.

Somerset Lookup Requests / Re: Bedminster Baptisms BROOKS 1800
« on: Tuesday 19 July 11 16:24 BST (UK)  »
Have no marriage for Charles Brooks and his wife Honour (Fanny) but she came from Upton Bishop, Herefords, but have no maiden name for her.  Also have their daughter Hannah Berrow (or Barrow) Brooks reputedly born Gloucester City about 1822, then Ann (1828) Eliza (1830) and Charles junior (1833) all born in Monmouth for whom I have the baptisms.  Don't know if there were any in between, but no-one else on 1841 census.

Have looked in Mon and Hereford marriages but cannot find them.  Also cannot find baptism for this elder daughter Hannah.  In another census it says she was born in Herefordshire, never mind Gloucester! It's all good stuff though, keeps me busy!

Thanks for your help, Ann.  Regards, Brownie.

Somerset Lookup Requests / Re: Bedminster Baptisms BROOKS 1800
« on: Tuesday 19 July 11 15:31 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again, Anne.  All information is gratefully received as I have no access to Bedminster parish records.  Incidentally the Charles Brooks I am researching moved to Monmouth before 1841 and is therefore shown on 3 censuses before he died.  May I ask how you are able to access the Bedminster records? 

Regards from Brownie.

Somerset Lookup Requests / Re: Bedminster Baptisms BROOKS 1800
« on: Monday 18 July 11 17:07 BST (UK)  »
Thanks again, Anne.  Do you happen to have details of any of the Brooks baptisms in Bedminster.  I will look into Henry and Mary but I do not see them on the 1841 census so not sure which way to progress. 

Many thanks, Brownie

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