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Caernarvonshire / Re: Patrick Joseph Perry .Death Llandudno 1904
« on: Sunday 01 April 18 13:59 BST (UK)  »
This might be what you're looking for, in the Llandudno Advertiser and List of Visitors, 17 September 1904, available free of charge through the National Library of Wales site Welsh Newspapers Online:

The details of the funeral are towards the end of the article.


Wales / Re: Obituary Translation Welsh to English please......
« on: Wednesday 21 March 18 12:21 GMT (UK)  »
Difficult to read the clip, easier to read on the NLW site, in Y Tyst 24th May 1899 page 11.  My Welsh is very limited but I can sometimes get the gist with the help of google translate.


The Common Room / Re: What was a pont?
« on: Saturday 17 March 18 14:38 GMT (UK)  »

The Common Room / Re: What was a pont?
« on: Saturday 17 March 18 14:03 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if it is an alternative spelling of the word "pant", which was used for a public water fountain.  This should link to a site about the pants of Alnwick which is fairly near geographically:


London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: John Henry Hill born 1757
« on: Saturday 03 February 18 16:08 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Ted,

Thank you for the offer of information about Henry and Eliza - I'll send you a PM. 

The burial you have for William is a bit of a puzzle, because a death notice was published in the Oxford Journal on Saturday 20 March 1847:  "At Rome, William, son of the late Henry Hill, Esq. of Liverpool, aged 24."  Would they have taken the body back to St Peterburg for burial, I wonder, or is there a mistake in the newspaper notice?

You may be right about Frances travelling for her education, though the Hills travelled so much anyway that I'm surprised if more was thought necessary.  Many of the Hills married into families connected through business interests, but I'm not aware of another Hill/Westmacott connection.  I think I noted who the witnesses at the marriage were, must dig out my notes sometime.

Best wishes,


London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: John Henry Hill born 1757
« on: Wednesday 31 January 18 12:42 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Ted,

Thanks, I thought Alexander must have died in Riga, good to have the date.  What you say about Henry is interesting.  I'd noticed the 1881 Census listing but not been sure it was him because of it saying wife Emma, but I've just found the probate and it says:

"The Will of Henry Hill formerly of Bathurst New South Wales and afterwards of 4 Myrtle-grove but late of 1 Popes-villas Paxton Park both in Sydenham in the County of Kent Gentleman who died 18 January 1886 at 1 Popes-villas was proved at the Principal Registry by Emma Day of 1 Popes-villas Spinster the sole Executrix."

From this it seems to me very likely that this is him.  Might be possible to find out more about his time in Australia . . .

I wonder whether it was him or life in Riga which Eliza Carter found difficult, or whether he left her?  I know a bit about the way of life of British Merchants in St Petersburg - online there is a thesis about them and a little bit about it has come down in the family.  I think for someone not born into that kind of life it might have been hard to cope with. 

Do you know anything about the circumstances of William dying in Rome in 1847?  Frances Hill and James Sherwood Westmacott married in Livorno in 1847:  I believe James was in Italy as part of his training as a sculptor but I've always wondered what took Frances there when the family were living in England at the time.

Best wishes,


London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: John Henry Hill born 1757
« on: Monday 29 January 18 00:20 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Ted,

Yes, my descent is through the Westmacotts and the Todds.  And yes, I too think Henry Hill and Sarah Whishaw had 12 children:

James b 1815 d 1840?
Anne b 1817 d 1892
Emily b 1818 d 1910
Henry b 1820 d?
William b 1822 d 1847
Edward b 1824 d 1878
Alexander b 1826 d?
Frances b 1828 d 1900
Frederick b 1830 d 1875
Nicholas Stanton b 1832 d 1918
Alfred Octavius b 1835 d 1870
Charles James b 1842 d 1815

Not sure that the year of death I have for James is correct:  I found it in a tree online quite a while ago and haven't been able to find a record to confirm it yet.  I have some details for Henry and Alexander eg marriages, child/children, but haven't been able to find their deaths yet despite plenty of searching.

I got distracted from the Bosquets because some South Wales Chartist research I'm involved in got active again after a lull.  What I could see looked very interesting and I will get back to them when I can but it may not be for a while.

Best wishes,


Thanks, Gadget, yes, I've been messaging them and will keep on doing so.  Twice I've been sent links to pages which don't seem to answer my question, today I just got a copy of my own messages sent back to me, whatever that's supposed to mean. 


I am still trying to find out from FindMyPast what has happened to these records.  Over a month ago I was told that I am "correct" and the question was being referred to the website developers.  I'm still hoping . . .


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