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I think I found them in 1901 but I don't want to spoil it. Is it that he is son in law not that his wife is daughter in law?

Edited to add I posted this before the post above was finished.

Best thing is a young man who lost his life in WWI has had his passing marked and noted plus his place in a family has been found and that is all thanks to you Stav01, well done.

If you haven't already ( I didn't look) perhaps you could add him here

Thanks Sinann.
They did travel about a bit.

Duncormick quite possibly just another stop on their wander about so they may not be related to the Mark Redmond family at all.

Donegal / Re: Frances (Fannie) Harron burial.
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Frances Harron on find my past says it comes under Ballyshannon, Donegal, fermanagh, leitrim.

Family search Farnces Harron 1915 Ballyshannon

Cavanagarden is in Ballyshannon

That's where she died but she lived in Rossylongan

So while we were looking for a William in 1894 his birth is in fact 10 years earlier
in 1884

Two other children born to Patrick Redmond and Ann/e Flynn:

William b.4/7/1884 Duncormick, Wexford
Bridget b.18/4/1883 Park, Wexford (informant was mother, address shown 'no residence').

There does not appear to be a death entry for the William b.1884 so would suggest that this is the brother referred to and not the 9yr old with a Michael Redmond with aunt/uncle Neill in 1901 (the 2 'nephews' might not necessarily be brothers).

Narrowing timeframe down, marriage of Patrick and Anne must have been 1877 or before.


Looks good Annette, can you say where you found the William and Bridget births?

I think Stav01 is trying to prove that Mark Redmond, father of John and Patrick Redmond father of John who died 1914 are related, which is why it was the Redmond Flynn marriage that was asked for.

The problem as I see it, apart from not finding the marriage is proving the John Redmond born Jan 1894 is the same man that died in the war, they were born in the same place but is there a record of age for the John who died in the war, plus we can't find his brother William to confirm parents names.

Earlier thread

Mark and Elizabeth Redmond and family explained.

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