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Limerick / Re: leech family
« on: Today at 16:32 »
John also get a mention in the trade directories

Limerick / Re: leech family
« on: Today at 16:21 »
John died aboard ship in 1907 in Cardiff.

It appears he had a death notice in Limerick Chronicle
page 28
There is no death cert for a John Leech in 1907 in Limerick so good chance this is your John.
Gives an address of 16 Newenham St.

There is a Drumanduff townland.

Kerry / Re: "Upper" in townland parlance
« on: Today at 07:14 »
Where are you finding this?
I can only see Tullig Beg (Small) and Tullig More (Big)

Upper and Lower usually mean North and South but sometimes can refer to higher or lower terrain.

Sorry I misunderstood, I can't see what's on the links I don't have an Ancestey sub.

Antrim / Re: Missing Tithe Applotment Books. Antrim:
« on: Yesterday at 23:39 »
Perhaps no one living there had enough land to pay a tithe.

Thanks for letting us know.
Is there an address for James on the will?

That thought has often crossed my mind but I think it was only all the births that were online that time, even if they could just upload each year of births as the new year comes in that would be great.

Shouldn't complain really, it all free, waiting is hard though.

Not looking good for November   :'(  :'(

I've waited all summer for this, I was so looking forward to it. Ahaaaaaaaaa

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