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There is no King St. that I can find, I wonder if it was a misheard Mill St.

What is the 1905 King Street record?

A Hugh Mulligan died 1878 informant Mary Lee

Edited to add it doesn't say she was his daughter

He was a tailor, if his wife's death is given as widow of a tailor you'd have her, could be a lot of death's to look through.

The spelling is slightly different but it's the same place in Griffith's Valuation there are no Lee families in KILLYTOGHER(print date 1857) however there are 3 Mulligan famlies, John, Hugh and Owen so it may be the case that Peter Lee married into the Mulligan farm, ie he is working for his father in law.

Looking at how they named there sons, I would expect Peter's father to be Peter and Mary's father to be Hugh, so it's possible Hugh Mulligan in Griffith's is Mary's father.

all assumption of course.

Were the baptisms in Crosserlough parish?
Marriages records for that parish don't start until 1868

The marriage will likely be in the brides parish if not the same as the grooms parish.

Dublin / Re: Can you help with this
« on: Sunday 15 July 18 06:30 BST (UK)  »
Looks like the Perry family were Trunk manufacturers for generations, John Perry died 1867 Trunk Manufacturer

Looking at a 'box' for sale online the makers label reads.
Geo. Perry & Co. Trunk Makers Limited 11 Grafton Street Dublin. Established 1840.

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