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Galway / Re: Sweeney
« on: Yesterday at 21:25 »
I can't see how you can find him than.
Why are you looking for him?

Galway / Re: Sweeney
« on: Yesterday at 21:03 »
Assuming you know who he married if it was on or before 1941 you can search here for the marriage cert
It's free but you will have to do the Captcha and fill in you name (it isn't kept) and tick the little box.
Marriages usually take place in the brides parish.
You can see the registration districts for Galway here
but they may not have married in Galway.

Galway / Re: Sweeney
« on: Yesterday at 18:09 »
His birth is too late for online births certs although he may be on the index on FamilySearch, did he marry in Ireland?

If I read your post correctly I'd know he did marry in Ireland, his marriage cert might be online if it was on or before 1941, cutting it a bit fine though age wise.

Ireland / Re: John Joseph Doody born approx 1830ish
« on: Yesterday at 16:52 »
Is this the family in 1870
if you haven't used FamilySearch before you will have to register to see the record but it's free.
Son John is 4 years so born about 1865/66
Daughter Mary is 2 years.
It's quite possible they married in America, so it would be best to try and find a birth for the children to confirm Mary's surname and then try to find a marriage.

It's possible they married in Ireland but given that John is from Limerick and Mary from Mayo it seems more likely they met in America.

BallyaltkilliganG posted as I was writing, it's a long post so I haven't looked at it yet.

Ireland / Re: John Joseph Doody born approx 1830ish
« on: Yesterday at 08:00 »
Not a lot to go on, but first I'll ask a moderator to move this off the Cork board.

Ireland / Re: John Joseph Doody born approx 1830ish
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 16:32 BST (UK)  »
Welcome to RootsChat,
You haven't given enough information to work with.
Did John and Mary marry in Ireland or America? A marriage would give his father's name and possible his mother.
How do you know he came from Cork?
You need to find all the records you can for him in America before looking for him in Ireland.
Emigration, Census, marriage and such like.
There are no Civil Records for the 1830s so you will be looking for church records. For that you need his religion, and ideally where in Cork he came from, at least one parent name but preferably both even than not all church records survive from that period and not all that do are online.

Mayo / Re: Frayne siblings, kilmovee
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 11:55 BST (UK)  »
It's quite possible there are more children.
This is the record for Thomas on the left hand page
The only way to know for sure is to go through the register.
Sites like Ancestry, FindMyPast and Family Search have transcriptions they all tend to give slightly different results it very much depends on the transcriber, it's better to go through the register yourself and use those sites as a guide only or don't use them at all.

The Common Room / Re: Why would a DNA test be useful to me?
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 11:36 BST (UK)  »
I've never been interested in doing one either as I don't see that finding out what % you are this or that is of any use.

However have read about "matches" - how does that work?  Does the report give you a list of possible family names to contact or what? 

I can only speak from my own experience, I don't  like quite a lot of people who do the test have a tree on or subscription to Ancestry which people who have both and do DNA tests find annoying.
You get a list of matches with other people who have taken the test with the same company.
So in my case I started with 109 matches, it's gone up to 123 now.
1 was a first cousin
1 was a second cousin
about 10 3rd to 4th cousins
and so on.
I already knew my 1st and 2nd cousin but I sent messages to the 3rd to 4th some responded some didn't.
Yesterday I uploaded my Raw DNA (you can download this, from in this case Ancestry) to MyHeritage, it's still processing  but it should be interesting to see what matches I get there.

I should add, not all features are open to me but I can see Shared Matches, so for example I made a list of all the matches I and my 1st cousin shared that why I know which side of the family they are on and can include that in the message to them.

The Common Room / Re: Why would a DNA test be useful to me?
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 09:30 BST (UK)  »
I had no interest in doing a DNA test but like you I got one for Christmas and I'm having great fun with it.
Nothing groundbreaking but it's fun working out how people match.
Helped solve one unnamed father puzzle for a match, still working on an adoptee puzzle with another match.
It's also made me look again at parts of my tree and I spotted a couple of records I'd missed before so I'm glad I did it.

You have nothing to lose by trying it.

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