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Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: SOLLITT - Huttons Ambo
« on: Tuesday 01 April 14 08:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi Viv,

Thanks for your reply and glad to see someone is still researching the Sollitts. We are connected then, I think but through an earlier line.

My great grandmother was Fanney SOLLITT born in 1857 in Huttons Ambo. Her father was Dodson Sollitt, son of George Sollitt and Ann Dodson. Fanney married John Coulson and they came to Queensland, Australia in 1884 with the first four of their children and two of her brothers, Charles & Richard Sollitt. My grandmother, Alice was the first of the rest of their children born here.



Lanarkshire / Re: Census Look Up Please for HOOD
« on: Friday 03 August 12 06:41 BST (UK)  »
Oh my gosh! Thanks for all that information. I thought there may have been some older girls from the info in Alex Jarvie HOOD's will, A Mrs TASKER & Mrs BRODIE. I don't think they came out to Australia. He was very well off when he died and left a large estate. He was knighted in 1921 and went by Sir Jarvie Hood.

His sister Helen married Alexander STOBO and her son Alexander/Alastair Jarvie Hood STOBO was also a doctor. There were quite a few doctors in the family.

They 1851 census was interesting when I found them, put in William instead of Wm but when I figured that out I clicked on the next household and nextdoor is a Mrs Jane JARVIE a widow aged 53, born South Leith, Midlothian, so she could be mum, maybe. Will have to check into that further.

Thanks again, very much appreciated.


Lanarkshire / Census Look Up Please for HOOD
« on: Thursday 02 August 12 08:11 BST (UK)  »
Would someone be able to do a lookup please for, William & Mary HOOD. I guess they were born about 1820s. They were married in 1847 Glasgow. The children I know of are Katherine J, born 1855, Margaret 1857, Alexander Jarvie 1860, Helen 1863, James Jarvie 1865 and Agnes ? were born at Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Lanarkshire. I think there were nine children all together.

William's wife was, Mary Ireland JARVIE.

I found information that says William was the manager of Robert Wotherspoon & Co Confectioners but I think he had died before 1894 when son James Jarvie passed away.

Alexander Jarvie & James Jarvie both became medical doctors and came to NSW Australia in the early 1880s. Alexander J bought his sisters Katherine & Margaret out later on. Helen and Agnes married and had families out here too.

Thanks for any help

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) Lookup Requests / Re: 1861 census Look-up COULSON
« on: Thursday 28 June 12 01:25 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Mc for that infomation and the picture. Looks nice and green. I live in Australia so have no idea on the area at all. I guess they woud have had cattle. There were a few butchers in the Coulson line. In fact Christopher was one before he moved down to Limefield Farm from Hovingham. They seemed to move down there around the 1830's.

Best wishes

Thanks girls for all your help. Oh well was worth a try and the 1851 census info was very helpful. Would it be too much to ask for a look up of the 1861 as well for Stephen and Maria. I don't know if they will be there though. I just checked the freebmd and there are two Maria's who died 1853 & 1859 and three Stephen's died 1852 and two for 1860 all Devizes.

George came to Queensland in 1857 aged 20 and appears on his own. No other family except he had a note from sombody called Eliza or Elizabeth. Could have been his sister. George couldn't read or write.

much appreciated

Wiltshire Completed Lookup Requests / Re: 1841 & 1851 census lookup please - DRAPER
« on: Thursday 24 April 08 03:42 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Cas and Mum44. That's great  :) I am mainly asking for a friend and she has seen the info on the  IGI and wanted to double check it.

I'm sure she will be pleased with this. Since they can't be found on the 1841, maybe Draper is mis-spelled into something completely different  :)

Thanks so much


Wiltshire Completed Lookup Requests / 1841 & 1851 census lookup please - DRAPER
« on: Thursday 24 April 08 00:02 BST (UK)  »
Looking for George DRAPER born 1837 possibly Market Lavington, father is Stephen and mother could be Maria.

George immigrated to Australia in 1857 but returned to Wiltshire and died there in 1919 and is buried at St Marys Lavington.

Any help much appreciated.


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: 1871 Look-up HAYWARD
« on: Friday 12 January 07 20:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hey Heywood,  :D

Thanks for that and the 1861 as well. Yes I did want his Mum. Looks like Herbert is related to Caroline's side of the family and not the WALLs as she was also born in Northwood, same place as James HAYWARD. Will have to do some more checking.


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / 1871 Look-up HAYWARD
« on: Thursday 11 January 07 23:38 GMT (UK)  »
I would really appreciate a look-up for Herbert J HAYWARD born about 1868 in London, Middlesex. On the 1881 census he is 12 and living with his Uncle and Aunt, Joseph & Caroline WALL in Hampshire so am wondering who his parents are.

Thanks for any help.


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