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The Common Room / Re: Validity of Public Member Trees on Ancestry
« on: Friday 17 November 17 08:20 GMT (UK)  »
My uncle cancelled his ancestry subscription years ago but his tree is still publically visible.

Anyone who messages him will be left hanging a long time.
You can still receive and respond to messages without a paid subscription.

The Common Room / Re: How do you verify if you are connected to nobility?
« on: Tuesday 14 November 17 16:29 GMT (UK)  »
One tree on Ancestry had connected a family line to the Duke of Bedfords and then further upwards to the Tudors. All seemed to be correct until the crucial "gateway ancestor" who was supposedly the daughter of a Duke. A quick Google search told me he had no daughters by that name.

Lanarkshire / Re: When and where did Thomas McCluskey die?
« on: Tuesday 14 November 17 16:07 GMT (UK)  »
A few come up but maybe too young if he was born 1901?  Was he a boy or a man do you know when he worked on a ship (allegedly)

Thos McCluskey death year 1916

T McCluskey 1955 vessel name Laurentia

Thomas McClusky 1915 vessel name Jason

Thos McClusky 1915

No birth years for any of them but someone with full access may be able to give more details if you are interested in any of them.

I don't know how old he was, although my great-grandmother who told the story to my grandfather was herself born in 1916 so that might be a clue into when he died.

Those search results are helpful, and the one in 1955 is interesting as a search for the ship "Laurentia" indicates that it was a ship that travelled between Glasgow and South America. So he could well have worked on that ship.

Lanarkshire / When and where did Thomas McCluskey die?
« on: Tuesday 14 November 17 15:08 GMT (UK)  »
My great-grand uncle Thomas McCluskey was born on September 29, 1901 in Shettleston. His parents were Thomas McCluskey and Elizabeth Russell Knaggs. He appears with his family in the 1911 census living at 21 Burnside Row, Cambusnethan.

I've done a search on ScotlandsPeople for Thomas McCluskey's born between 1899-1902 who have died before 2001 and only four results come up, two of which I ordered and they weren't correct and two which give information that don't match.

When speaking to my grandfather about this, he recalled that his mother, my great-grandmother and Thomas' brother said that Thomas died in an accident while working on a ship.

This is all the detail I have. If the ship was at sea, how would a death at sea be recorded and where would the records be found? There is also the possibility of this happening during one of the wars.

Also, it could be the case that the story didn't actually happen to Thomas at all...

The Common Room / Re: Validity of Public Member Trees on Ancestry
« on: Tuesday 14 November 17 14:50 GMT (UK)  »
There are indeed many poorly researched trees but I don't see the point in getting frustrated. It doesn't affect my research at all. I look at them when it's obvious the tree creator is closely related to the family I'm researching and it is fully sourced. Even then I make sure to double check the facts.

The Common Room / Re: Examples of Exhaustive Irish Family History Research
« on: Tuesday 14 November 17 14:36 GMT (UK)  »
Much of what you are looking for is already online. Before coming to do research someplace like PRONI, Belfast you really do need to know what you are looking for otherwise you'll waste lots of time searching for information which might not exist and missing records that might be helpful.
That is why I am asking to see what others have done, in order to know what records are available and where.

Looking at a few of your 'Irish' threads, I think you need to check what's already there and get a better grasp of locations (and how different records record a place).

For example, on your more recent McElroy thread- under Tyrone rather than Derry for some reason:
It's in Tyrone because my 4x great grandparents and 3x great grandfather were married and born in Tyrone, respectively, with my 3x great grandfather being married in Derry and having children there later. I mentioned the children in Derry just in case any living relatives might come across the thread, and to provide more context for my family.

You've listed baptisms for some of the children but don't mention if you've looked at the online parish registers. They only seem to go back to 1827 and without looking through them I'm not sure if there are any gaps or illegible sections-

Now, your earlier McElroy topic (under Derry) from 2014 gives some incorrect details which mean you may be overlooking further records.
For example, here is Bernard's birth registration (1868) which shows he was born in Ballyrogly (not Magherafelt as you stated). In this case, Magherafelt is the registration district, Moneymore the sub-district and Ballyrogly the townland. If you are searching the vital records on Irish Genealogy they are indexed by registration district (GRONI's database allows selection of district and sub-district to narrow down results).
These websites I weren't aware of, and I didn't realise that images of original birth records were available online, so this is helpful of you to bring them to my attention.

Ballyrogully townland is in Co. Derry (Artrea civil parish) and between Moneymore village and Lough Neagh-
It may be that the Artrea & Desertlin R.C. registers will contain details of the family but they only go back to 1832- (again earliest ones seem to be online)

Griffith's Valuation Books should allow you to find approx. how long the family were in Ballyrogully after you've checked vital records. These are also on PRONI's site (free).
This information is also helpful.

Unless you've lots more information not in your threads then there's much you can look for online (and perhaps not too much other records to find here other than locating the places the family lived, etc.).
I do have some more but as I've said, it's mostly scrapings of what I have already found online.

Thank you for your reply.

The Common Room / Examples of Exhaustive Irish Family History Research
« on: Sunday 12 November 17 10:38 GMT (UK)  »
I'm well aware of how frustrating Irish genealogy can be, and unfortunately for me I have Irish family history on both my mother and father's side (my mother's family in particular).

Right now I'm scraping together whatever I can get using online sources, but I'm planning trips to Ireland to get a better look at original records.

But before I do that, I'd like to see an example of someone who has researched their Irish family to the absolute limit, just to see what is possible. It doesn't have to go back hundreds of years, although that would be interesting too.

Is there anybody here with an Irish family tree that is as good as it's going to get?

The Lighter Side / Re: The last of his generation
« on: Saturday 04 November 17 10:27 GMT (UK)  »
I was surprised to discover when I first asked my grandmother about her family history in 2012 that she still had an uncle and two aunts that were still alive. The uncle has since died but the aunts are alive and well. Unfortunately, my grandmother herself died in 2013.

Elvis Presley's grandmother (or maybe great-grandmother?) had a huge brood of illegitimate children with many fathers, she never did get married I think.

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