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Midlothian / Re: birth record
« on: Wednesday 19 November 14 23:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Archie
Birth date given was August 30,1761 but have not actually seen a copy.


Midlothian / Re: birth record
« on: Wednesday 19 November 14 23:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Templar75
Found a record for a Helen Mackie born  Midlothian-- Source film 1067991 Index 11700 VR born 1761 to John Mackie and Marion Traquair

Isle of Man / Marriage
« on: Thursday 30 May 13 23:03 BST (UK)  »
Catherine Gill born Sept 16,1838 Lezayre,  married and had three daughters  -  Esther 1860, Catherine 1861 and Eleanor 1862. Father/husband Joseph Kelly born on Isle of Man according to 1861 census. Looking for marriage record?
Census information crown copyright from www.national archives.

Isle of Man / marriage record
« on: Thursday 30 May 13 22:38 BST (UK)  »
Catherine Gill born Sept. 16, 1838 Lezayre, married around 1859 and had three daughters - Esther. Catherine and Eleanor. . looking for any record of husband named Joseph Kelly born around 1827 on Isle of Man

Selkirkshire / Re: Elizabeth Hope completed
« on: Thursday 06 September 12 02:40 BST (UK)  »
 :'(Hi terianne - Thanks for the suggestions - have done the search with Scotlands people and with parish records to no avail. Being Hope was used as her maiden name on her marriage record I would have to assume her name was never legally changed to Haig.

Thanks again for your effort.


Selkirkshire / Re: Elizabeth Hope
« on: Tuesday 04 September 12 15:12 BST (UK)  »
terianne - thanks for the info on  the Halliwell Museum in Selkirk and the old courthouse museum. Will check them out.  What do the Initialls SBC stand for?
I understand why her legal name was Hope, but she was so proud of the name Haig that she chose to use it all her life and passed it on to my grandmother, and there were other nieces that were also given this name. 
Thanks again

Selkirkshire / Re: Elizabeth Hope
« on: Tuesday 04 September 12 06:03 BST (UK)  »
Ruskie- The newspaper article is about Betty Haigs relationship with Sir Walter Scott.She was known amongst the townspeople by her maiden name of Elizabeth Haig and while still young became servant or message maid to one of sir Walters Gardeners in Abbotsford. They had many long conversations and an easy friendship and she was one of the last living people at that time to Remember Sir Walter Scott.
An interesting article as it reinforces my belief that her father was a James Haig. :D
Will still hope someone may see this and remember something!

Selkirkshire / Re: Elizabeth Hope
« on: Tuesday 04 September 12 03:04 BST (UK)  »
Ruskie- Thank-you for your help. I have found a few James Haig around Selkirk but I guess I`ll have to see if I can find a birth or baptism record to get a clue as to which one is the right one. I will try parish records to see if there was any support.
Thanks again

Selkirkshire / Re: Elizabeth Hope
« on: Monday 03 September 12 16:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ruskie  -Just figured out that you have to click on the death certificate notice in the first reply! Sorry for taking a while to figure things out as I.m quite new at this.

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