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Excellent, thank you.  I shall update my text with Caumbirston.


Willow, I have also changed the label on the first Snippet #8 to Snippet #7 and added the [ob?].

Me neither, but I found somewhere an online reference to the shrine of St Anthony of Cambirston, which is said to be Camber in Sussex, but now can't find it again.

Thanks - that would give us Caumbirston, which is quite acceptable.

Is that related to Crawley, which was the only shrine to St Anthony in Sussex which I could find?


Sorry, dumb question - miles away.

Snippet #8:

...for to have for his Labo(ur) iijs iiijd Item I will have a

man to go on pilgrymage for me to seint Antony of

Caumbirston in Suxsex and I will that he hath ev(er)y

day for his Labo(ur) and his costes xijd It(e)m I bequeth to

Thom(a)s Sewall drap(er) vjs viijd It(e)m I will have an

other Trentall to be sunge for me and my ffrendes upon

a day in the Blake ffreres of norwich and they to have

x s It(e)m to Iche s(er)v(a)nt and Childe in my Brotheres house

xld It(e)m to Kat(er)ine Collys s(er)vant w(i)t(h) mastre Osbern

vjs viijd It(e)m to Joone [Bro(w)nn?] in the same place xld...

The place associated with seint Antony has 5 minims in the middle.  I'm not sure how to interpret them.

Thanks - I also read it as a ceiling of 5 pounds.

Thanks Bookbox, but my problem wasn't with deryge itself but with the amount to be paid to those poor men women and children who attended.

Looks like ob?

Snippet #7:

...Jd It(e)m to iche p(re)st being at my derige and at my berying

iiijd and to ev(er)y clerk ijd and ev(er)y pore man woman and

Childe that come to my deryge [ob?] to the su(m)me of

It(e)m I will have ev(er)y yer(e) a masse and a deryge to be

sunge for me and my ffrendes by the space of vj yer(es)

It(e)m I will have a man to goo for me to our blessed

Lady of walsyngh(a)m on pilgrymage Barfoot* and he...

The amount in line 3 has me stumped for the moment.

* Barfoot - easy for him to say.

Re. snippet 5. As possibilities:

1  Carhow = Carrow Priory is place of nunnery  (Carrow where the Canaries sing?), and Carrow Road is where the Canaries (Norwich City FC) play their home matches.

2  Lestoft = Lowestoft.  I have seen plenty of spelling variations.  And my friend calls is Lowstof.

3 ***  perhaps this is Yarmouth.  There are plenty of Almans in both Lowestoft and Yarmouth (plus other places) around 1500.

Just thoughts.

I'm pretty sure you are right, francoso.

Therefore, I have removed the uncertainty from Jermuthe in the text.

Snippet #6:

...It(e)m to John Alman the yong(er) vj s viijd It(e)m to Cristofer

Alman his Brodyr vjs viijd It(e)m to margaret Alman

Syster to the said John and Cristofyr vjs It(e)m to Joone

Alman vjs viijd It(e)m to Roberd Alman of Norwich

Goldsmyth xs And to Iche of his children xijd It(e)m to

the wyfe of Richard p(ar)trych of Norwich Grocer xiij s

iiijd It(e)m to James moor of london vj s viijd [It(em)?] his

Brother Robert vj s viijd to Thom(a)s moor of Skottowe

vjs viijd to will(ia)m moor vjs viijd It(e)m I gyf to ev(er)y por

man Bedred and Blynd man and woman in Norwich...


I now think Thom(a)s moor is of Skottowe.  Amended above.

Snippet #5:

...will It(e)m to Iche of the Nu(n)nys of [Carhows?] by nor

wich xiijd It(e)m I bequeth to margaret knyve wydowe

my Cosyn vj s viijd It(e)m I bequeth to Thomas Alman of

leystoft my Cosyn xiij s iiijd And to Edmu(n)d Alman of

leystoft forsaid other xiijs iiij d It(e)m I bequeth to Thom(a)s

Groos my godson xx s whan he co(m)myth to thage of xvj

yer(es) It(em) to Joh Joone Groos sist(er) to the said Thom(a)s Groos

vj s viijd at her maryage or at the age of xvj yer(es) It(e)m

to dame [magaret?] parker of leystoft myn(e) awnte xx s

It(e)m I bequeth to John Alman of Jermuthe xiij s iiij d...


Carhow? - last letter unclear

dame ma?aret parker - middle letter or letters unclear

Jer?the - middle letters unclear

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