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For anyone wishing to see the DVD of when we visited the Wellington at Carreg Goch, May 2007, it can now be viewed on Youtube at the link below.

Many thanks to Peter at Freeway Productions for making the video and allowing it to be posted on the web.


Peter has kindly added a page to his own company Website which has the Wellington story and the DVD can also be viewed.

Has contact been made with the Villeneuve family?  A friend of ours has just been named as Jacques new race engineer for 2008.


Karen, the Villeneuve family have been contacted on his mothers side.  We drew a blank from his fathers side.  His half-brother sent a prayer stone which was placed at the site. 

I used to Google Jules Villeneuve to see if there were updates and would always come across this site since Jacques named his son Jules, its kind of getting in the way and when I think I've found something new, its news on the baby and not the navagator.  

A photograph of Jules can be found here:

I just recieved an email and purely by mistake I opened it (I normally delete all emails from unknown scources),

I don't know who the writer (Bill Grey) is and can't find any mention of him on the thread. However he obviously has some interest in the mystery so her is the short message from him.

"Hi Dennis,

As one who has been  heavily involved over the last two years in giving
details, photos etc to both PhyllisBurns (nee Allison) and Wes Cross of
McGill University, I and others have studied the photograph together
with one or two of the crew photographs and have come to a calculated
guess that the unknown airman is the original navigator of MF 509 - viz
Gaston Carron

There is a photograph of Bill Allison and a sergeant studying a map near
the front of a Wellington, and in spite of the flying helmet, we are
convinced the sergeant is Gaston Carron.

The point is - where is Gaston Carron now, or whatever happened to him ?

I really wonder??


Bill Grey"


Hi Denn,

I've been in contact with Bill Grey, he has visited the memorial site a few times and was also one of many who made the hike last May.  After I contacted McGills they contacted people who had taken photograhs in the area and Bill was contacted via a friend who kept a website so he has been updated etc on the story since finding the McGills connection.  He has been kept up to date of all the findings including updates on this website (sounds confusing!).

Most presume the photograph belongs to Gaston Caron.  JJ, I note your comments about finding him, and I too have presumed if he or a family member had come across the thread they can choose not to get in touch which is totally understood.  We have hit a brick wall with Gaston Caron and it looks likely that we will never know.

An update:
Recently I was contacted by someone who had come across this thread.  He mentioned it to a friend of his who has written a few books, including stories of tracing crew members.

The author is Edward Dolyrsh.  He asked for information on this story but only had a week to get the final edit back to the publisher.  I forwarded a link of this thread as it holds most of the information found to date and all the effort put in by so many people.  I also forwarded the McGills website and the blog which is also in use. 

I have no idea if any of the information will appear in the book but it is goes on sale early December, so I'll keep an eye out and let you know. 

The author is Edward Dolyerush and the book is called Rocks in the Clouds, here is the Amazon link:

long link to

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JJ... thanks for the reminder about the Montreal Gazette, I don't think I had a link listed previously for the article.  I think it's too long to post here but the link is below if anyone wants to take a look.  It has information on the McGills project which could be of interest to others searching.

Hi all

I've not logged in for a while but I've still been on the lookout for further information.  Unfortunately there are no further updates at the moment on finding the Groulx family or any information on Gaston Caron.   

I'm still amazed with the number of hits this page has had and its good to give it a nudge to the front page now and again, new members might come across it and know something.

posted twice in error!

Hi Ann

Many thanks for the information you've supplied, apologies for not replying before, I've concentrated on another thread and hadn't realised that there had been a reply to this as there had not been any updates for ages.

We've found very little information on Gaston Caron, other than my original posting.  I do not know where my Gaston Caron was born, but it's possible it was in the Montreal area as most of his other crew were from that area. 

Also he was training in Wellesbourne, England in 1944 with the 22 OTU. I'm sure others out there will might know more and I'd appreciate further input.  I will also follow up on the information you've kindly supplied.

Many thanks

It's been a while since I posted an update, so hope you are all still interested to hear more.
About three months ago Bill Allison's sister gave an interview with the Montreal Gazette and they published the story on the crew and the events leading to finding the families.

After that CBC contacted McGill's and wanted to do a radio interview for their Sunday morning show, I did my part long distance from Wales.  We were hoping that we may have a response from the two families not yet contacted but unfortunately this was not the case.

Then out of the blue, a few weeks ago I was contacted by the sister of Gerald Dusablon.  Through a friend she had heard of the newspaper report and had contacted me to find out more.   I passed on information received to date together with some photographs.

A local news cameraman came along and made a great DVD documenting the story of the airmen and the climb to Carreg Goch.  He has given permission for it to be posted online, but I have no idea how to do it!  Wes from McGill's visited her and took a copy for her to see.

As with the other families contacted, she was unaware of what had happend and is grateful for what everyone has done to help.

So just one family left to find....


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Robert Cromie (Cromby/Crombie) - Birth
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Hello Janis

Sorry for butting in on your postings but I was interested on the information you had for James Blenkinsop.  I have a few generations of James Blenkinsops in my family tree but have come to a brick wall and the last one I have information on is James Blenkinsop born in Annan, Scotland around 1819.  I've not been able to find any siblings or parents.

If it's not too cheeky of me, would you please let me know if you have any further informtion.  I know that James married Wilhelmina Hope and have detail from there on but it's previous to this that I have hit a wall.

Hoping you may have some information.

Kind regards

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