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Scotland / Re: A grandfather who had no children???
« on: Today at 19:28 »
It does indeed. It is a warning about believing anything you find in online family trees! Hyderabad sounds much more likely than Elgin.

Scotland / Re: A grandfather who had no children???
« on: Today at 18:33 »
There you are - you have now made three posts, and you can use the Personal Message system.

I have seen somewhere online a suggestion that John Sutherland, son of John Alexander Sutherland, was born in Elgin in 1821, but I have not found any reliable information to corroborate that, so I would treat it with extreme caution.

John Alexander Sutherland was baptised in the Episcopal Church, according to LIBINDX, which references his baptism as MF A EL5 - this is the Elgin Episcopal register.

Lanarkshire / Re: Grahams of Shettleston
« on: Today at 18:27 »
Looking on ancestry just now for Margaret Addie...

You are unlikely to get reliable enlightenment there.


There is a death for a Charles Simon Fraser age 80 , 1973 Dumbarton , 505/ 322.
Could he be the son aged 7 on the 1901 Census ?
He could. There is a birth of Charles Simon Fraser in Dundee in 1893.

I have already asked what were the birthplaces of all the family according to the 1901 census? At least two people have looked at that census, and must therefore have that information.

Hmmm. No evidence of a marriage of Frederick Augustus Fraser to Margaret in Scotland, England or Wales. There are two deaths of Frederick Augustus Fraser in Scotland. One aged 0, and one in 1866.

So neither of those can be the father of Charles Simon Fraser, who was aged 25 in 1901. Or was he? If he was 25 in 1901, he would have been about 17 in 1892. That is exceptionally young for a man to marry.

How old does Charles' marriage certificate say he was? What was his occupation?

There's a 2 year old granddaughter in the 1851 census a Janet Brash? Am wondering if she was possibly Mary's daughter?
In the transcription posted earlier by Normamac (Reply #1, yesterday) Janet Brash is listed as aged 9, not aged 2. The SP index also says she was 9. Where did you find her aged 2?

Lanarkshire / Re: Gordon Blair - Mystery? or Not!
« on: Today at 16:19 »
The FreeCEN transcription of Jane's surname in 1851 is HHONILIE !

Jane D Norval or Schawbe, 61, died in Hutchesontown in 1911. (Apologies if someone has already posted this!)

So (a) it looks as if Jane Schawbe never married, yet we know that she did marry Charles Taylor in 1874 and (b) the fact that her death is registered under her mother's surname as well as her father's might imply that she was illegitimate.

In passing, I have wondered about that surname. 'Schawbe' looks wrong, somehow. 'Schwabe' would make more sense, being the German for 'Swabian' and there are several Schwabes in both the 1841 and 1851 censuses.

Lanarkshire / Re: Gordon Blair - Mystery? or Not!
« on: Today at 15:57 »
Looks like I'm wrong - not like me ! :P Although perhaps affluent was the wrong word to use. Maybe I should have said slightly better off than many other Glaswegians ?
Don't forget that in some places where there were tenements, the poorest tenants would be on the top floor, where the rent would be cheapest, and the more affluent ones on the first floor. Just because these Wotherspoons weren't an affluent family doesn't mean that all the occupants of the tenement were in similar circumstances.

Ah. Probably no death records then.

I wonder what happened to Mary Nimmo, who was 9 in 1841?

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