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Scotland / Re: 18th century writing puzzle
« on: Today at 16:16 »
i didn't know about the distinction between 'of,' 'in' and 'at.' in this case, it really does say 'of.'
Just a wee word of caution: it is only significant if it is in an original document.

FamilySearch has in its assorted online indexes a lot of people which it describes as 'Of xxxx'. In most cases their indexer, presumably unaware of the distinction in Scotland, has assumed that because someone lived in a particular place at a particular time, they were 'Of' that place.

Thank you both for your input.  There are no images of the 1901 Census on Ancestry, just the transcriptions.
I am aware of that. It's why one should always get a copy of the original from SP.

I do have a copy from 'Scotlandspeople,gov.', Annotated " 1901 Census  672/ 1/ 36 (page 36), but the writing is faint and difficult to read
Contact SP and tell them you cannot read it. They will send you a re-scanned version.

I do transcribing for Ancestry, and I could not decipher this.
Poor image quality is probably the reason for many of the .... er, let's be polite and call them 'creative spellings' .... among Ancestry's transcriptions. (I found one family named Ballantyne transcribed as Lazzentyre. Having seen the original, the transcriber deserves a compliment for getting 4 letters right out of 10.)

Worcestershire / Alexander Wyper, born about 1821
« on: Today at 14:32 »
Alexander Wyper married Janet Thornton in Bothwell, Lanarkshire, in 1849. He was a railwayman, and he lost an arm in an accident some time before 1855.

I have him in every census from 1851 until his death in 1900, and the census consistently lists his birthplace as England. However the 1881 census says Worcestershire.

His age in the census is consistent and suggests that he was born between 1820 and 1822.

According to his death certificate his parents were William Wyper and Jean Edwards. A couple with these names were married in Glasgow in 1818.

I have failed to find him in the 1841 census.

FamilySearch has a tree which says that he was born in Christchurch, Dorset, on 8 December 1814. This is clearly not consistent with the original documents listed above, so I do not trust it. It also lists four supposed siblings, three of whom were born before 1818.

Can anyone suggest where I might look for a record of Alexander Wyper's baptism in Worcestershire?

Aha! Ancestry strikes again, sowing confusion.

Listerdale, have you viewed the original of the 1901 censu?

it looks like Drumshoreland Street would have been in the area around Drumshoreland Station.
Hmmm. The 1905 valuation rolls lists 4 households at Drumshoreland Station.

Does the original source for the 1901 census listing say 'Street' or just 'St'? In other words, could this listing be Drumshoreland Station Cottages rather than Drumshoreland Street Cottages? If 'Street', could the enumerator have absent-mindedly transcibed 'St' on the householder's schedule as 'Street' instead of 'Station'?

What was your great-uncle's occupation?

Was the cousin born in 1901 born before or after the census? Could Drumshoreland Street Cottages have been in Goshen Place?

Or, noting that what is now called Station Road leads directly from the town centre to Drumshoreland Muir, I wonder if perhaps the cottages could have been in that street?

I see from comparing the old maps that Easter Road and adjacent streets must have been built around 1900 or so. Perhaps your great-uncle was one of the first occupants of a new housing development? See

Aberdeenshire / Re: Burials St Peter's Aberdeen
« on: Today at 10:30 »
What I am trying to achieve is who these people are. They are names that are in my most likely ancestors, but cannot get proof.
Is there any reason why you cannot get the orginals of the information you have found? DeceasedOnline has digital images of all the original burial records - what you have found is just the indexes.

Scotland / Re: 18th century writing puzzle
« on: Yesterday at 17:04 »
It looks like Rummgay and I think the next word is his occupation, i.e. physician i.e. doctor.

Can you post the full extract please, rather than just the middle portion of it?

G F Black's The Surnames of Scotland says that the surname Rumgay is from Rumgay or Rumgally in Fife.

Scotland's Places has a record, in the Land Tax Rolls 1645-1831, Fife, Vol 5, of Rumgay in the parish of Kemback. I think this is the place named as Rumgally on modern maps.

It's shown as Ramgally on the first edition of the six-inch Ordnance Survey map. See - it's just above the gap between the E and M of Kemback.

West Lothian (Linlithgowshire) / Re: Old Churchyard Bathgate look up for Hume Smith
« on: Friday 19 January 18 22:32 GMT (UK)  »
This is the same question asked in a previous thread

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