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Lanarkshire / Re: Curries of Dalserf
« on: Yesterday at 07:29 »
Welcome to RootsChat, lafine.

Frank Galbraith Laird married Jean Waugh B McCulloch in Larkhall in 1933.

This information is available only on Scotland's People. Go to, invest in a few credits at modest cost, and use some of them to download an image of the marriage certificate. This will cost you just 1.50 and it will tell you their ages and occupations, where they lived, and the full names of both sets of parents, including their mother's maiden names.

Using this information you should be able to work back from there.

Happy hunting!

Lanarkshire / Re: James Anderson , born Cambusnethan Glasgow in 1901.
« on: Friday 24 March 17 21:07 GMT (UK)  »
Tree on Ancestry has a birth date for James Craig Anderson 3 September 1901 Wishaw Scotland
There is a matching birth in the index at SP. Looks as if this must be your man.

Lanarkshire / Re: James Anderson , born Cambusnethan Glasgow in 1901.
« on: Friday 24 March 17 18:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Julie, and welcome to RootsChat.

When you say you are looking for him, what exactly are you looking for?

If he was born in about 1901, his birth certificate will be available to view at This is a pay-per-view site, but modestly priced, and there is nowhere else you can get this information. However James Anderson is a very common name, and there were 23 James Andersons born in Lanarkshire in 1901. So we need to try to narrow down the possibilities so that you can get the right certificate.

Cambusnethan isn't in Glasgow. It is a separate parish, and the main town in the parish is Wishaw. If James was born in Cambusnethan, he was not born in Glasgow, and vice versa.

Do you have an exact date of birth for James? Did he have a middle name? Do you know the names of his parents? What was the name of your great-grandmother, and what was her date of birth? In which parish was she born?

Knowing some or all of that information should make it possible to find James in the 1911 census and perhaps, depending on when in the year he was born, the 1901 census.

Lanarkshire / Re: Lindsays of Old Monkland
« on: Friday 24 March 17 08:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Robert, welcome to RootsChat.

I've had a look, but there is no listing of a marriage of James Lindsay Rae in Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland. So it looks as if he must have married somewhere in the east.

There is an obituary for James Lindsay Rae in the Straits Times of Singapore of 17 October 1940: "The death occurred yesterday at the Butterworth Hospital of Mr James Lindsay Rae, a Butterworth planter, after a brief illness. He was 56 years old and leaves two sons."

Obviously this one is too young to be the one born in 1869, but perhaps he is the son?

I also searched for James L Rae, which produced 656 results, and J L Rae, which produced 9022 results. A cursory glance suggests that most of them are spurious, but if you wish you can view them for yourself at

Lanarkshire / Re: William FLEMING &Jessie McDonald
« on: Wednesday 22 March 17 19:41 GMT (UK)  »
William lived in Glasgow (Tinsmith) and they married at St. Nicholas, Aberdeen August 1856.
That will be in the parish of Aberdeen St Nicholas, not necessarily in the actual kirk of St Nicholas. The marriage certificate will tell you the exact place of the marriage.

I would imagine between 1856 / 1868  and 1869 /1874 they would have had other children.
According to the IGI they had
William 25 March 1858 Glasgow Central
Joseph 26 June 1860 Glasgow Tradeston
Jane Gordon 12 August 1863 Glasgow Tradeston
Mary 6 November 1866 Aberdeen St Nicholas
Jessie and George (twins) 27 May 1869 Glasgow Hutchesontown
Joseph 12 April 1874 Glasgow Calton

Lanarkshire / Re: James Gardiner Born 1843 Glasgow Lanarkshire
« on: Wednesday 22 March 17 19:32 GMT (UK)  »
Interesting. If that is oir Andrew who died 1867 then perhaps Margaret gave her Maiden name to register in 1871. I know she is still marked as a Ford in the 1851 census and that was after they got married. Maybe she thought she had to give her maiden name if her husband had passed?

It's not like that. Legally, a married woman in Scotland does not change her surname on marriage. She retains her maiden name and is described in legal documents as aaa bbb or ccc where aaa is her given name, bbb is her maiden surname and ccc is her husband's surname. If she marries more than once, you cam get names listed as aaa bbb or ccc or ddd or eee where ddd and eee are the surnames of her second and third husbands. This is why, if you get the mother's name at all in pre-1855 baptism records, you usually get her full maiden surname, whereas in England, for example, you only get her given name in baptism records.

It was quite common for married women to be listed in the early censuses to be listed by their maiden surnames, even while living in a household with their husband and children all using his surname. Over time it became less common, but it is still not unusual to find widows listed under their maiden surnames. No compulsion was involved.

Aberdeenshire Lookup Requests / Re: James Findlay b.1804, New Machar, Aberdeenshire
« on: Wednesday 22 March 17 17:03 GMT (UK)  »
Why the marriage was also recorded a week later at Newmachar I can't say, but I have seen this more than once in Scotland, i.e. a marriage recorded at both the bride's and the groom's parish, so perhaps it was a custom to in some way celebrate the marriage a second time at the groom's parish.
No. There was only one celebration, most commonly in the bride's parish.

What is actually recorded in the OPRs is not always the actual wedding, but the proclamation of the banns. If the couple lived in different parishes, the banns had to be called in both, and this resulted in two records of the proclamations, one in each parish. The different dates would be because one clerk wrote it down before the banns were proclaimed, and the other wrote it down afterwards.

Lanarkshire / Re: James Gardiner Born 1843 Glasgow Lanarkshire
« on: Wednesday 22 March 17 14:30 GMT (UK)  »
I discovered that my mother's third cousin lived next door to my father's fifth cousin (on his father's side) in Belleville, Ontario, and that the grandson of that third cousin of my mother's married the great-great-nephew of the husband of my father's 4th cousin twice removed (on his mother's side). 

Also that my 2nd cousin twice removed on my father's side (who was also 4th cousin once removed to the fifth cousin mentioned above) married my 2nd cousin 3 times removed on my mother's side.


Lanarkshire / Re: James Gardiner Born 1843 Glasgow Lanarkshire
« on: Wednesday 22 March 17 11:26 GMT (UK)  »
The one whose mother was Margaret Ford does look right, but there's always a risk that there was another one whose baptism record has not survived. I'd probably go with the Margaret Ford one meantime, but with a small reservation in my mind.

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