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Cornwall / Re: James W Ladner Ruan Minor
« on: Wednesday 03 October 18 23:48 BST (UK)  »
If you have the 1939 Register original in front of you, plus/minus a couple of pages, you should be able to see something there that gives you a clue as to where the cottage was, on the basis that the written Register was "in house/road order".  e.g. maybe he's listed 6 doors down from a pub, or between an address that's identifiable and another fixed point.

If you have all the addresses written down in front of you (the Register) ... something might make sense.

The Lighter Side / Re: WDYTYA - Johnnie Peacock
« on: Tuesday 21 August 18 16:33 BST (UK)  »
I was waiting for somebody on Rootschat to start it - as it's "her family", who she's been researching years; they got in contact with her to ask what she had.  Gillg is the username I expected to start a thread.

The Lighter Side / Re: WDYTYA - tiny gripe
« on: Tuesday 21 August 18 16:31 BST (UK)  »

Could it have been last night's episode, since there was mention of a Feary from Huntingdonshire?
It was.
Gillg was after Thomasina of Warboys - Thomasina was the first-born illegitimate child of Elizabeth, who was the mother of the Louise Voss in last night's episode.  Elizabeth had her child, then married Richard.  Elizabeth & Richard had a few children, one of whom was the Louise, the main focus of last night's episode.

The Common Room / Re: Concealing the birth of a child
« on: Tuesday 21 August 18 08:59 BST (UK)  »
Abortion is a different offence, so the fact she's been convicted of concealment would indicate it wasn't an abortion, imho.

The Lighter Side / Re: Did our ancestors know their ancestry?
« on: Monday 20 August 18 01:55 BST (UK)  »
Over the years my mum'd often say to me "we're related to him" when I mentioned names of people.... e.g. I had a temp job at the Hospital and said I'd gone to "XYZs shop" and she said "we're related to him"... whenever I asked "how?" she'd always say "dunno".

She also called everybody her "cousin".

There were also other snippets/stories without names. e.g. when somebody in her family died by just dropping dead as a kid while fishing alone at a riverbank, she said "funny that, my cousin did that years ago and died too"....

All these "dunno" "cousin" and nameless stories.... I've eventually managed to piece them all together and know who everybody was and how they were related. 

She never mentioned the beauty queen though .... knowing my mum she'd have probably said "I didn't like her...." :)  so wasn't worthy of a mention.

Cambridgeshire / Re: Annie Amelia Scarr
« on: Monday 06 August 18 18:32 BST (UK)  »
There's one born in 1864

Annie Amelia Scarr,
GRO has it missing, so must be a typo in their index somewhere.
Camdex tells me it was in St Andrew the Less Cambridge.

I'd fiddle around a bit more with the GRO to try to force information out of it as it's clearly registered and present both on FS and Camdex.

The Common Room / Re: Findmypast - no more 1 month subs?
« on: Wednesday 01 August 18 19:26 BST (UK)  »
You'll have to wait for a free weekend, buy some matches to keep your eyes open and hammer it to death methodically :)

The Lighter Side / Re: Unpleasant Deaths
« on: Sunday 29 July 18 19:33 BST (UK)  »

I would love to know who the poor man was to marry

It was a lady called Mrs Denne, who lived at Bournemouth.
He was due to take up a new job at the station there once he'd married.

Clackmannanshire / Re: How can I trace a suspicious death in 1830s?
« on: Sunday 29 July 18 18:09 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your replies.

Thank you StanleysChesterton.
Spot on, you have the correct person. Thank you.
May I ask what newspapers you found please?
Two events were covered.  Reports of the body found, then a week later reports of his injuries.  Newspapers include:

Edinburgh Evening Courant. 26 May
Morning Post, London. 29 May
Fife Herald. 31 May
Cheltenham Chronicle. 31 May
Warwick and Warwickshire Advertiser. 2 June
Newcastle Chronicle. 2 June
Bell's Weekly Messenger. 3 June & 4 June
Hampshire Telegraph. 4 June
Gore's Liverpool General Advertiser. 7 June

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