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Derry (Londonderry) / Re: Steen family
« on: Thursday 01 February 18 00:31 GMT (UK)  »
I don't know if he is a relation, but David Harvey Steen married Agnes (Nancy) Acheson in Auckland, New Zealand. Nancy Steen was an artist and considered a world authority on roses. She published a book, as well as had a book published about her, and there is a memorial rose garden in the city.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: MAY TINEY/TINNEY
« on: Tuesday 28 November 17 23:29 GMT (UK)  »
The WWI medals of May's husband, Isaac Thomas Whitham, are currently for sale.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Crew List "Waikato" Plymouth - NZ 1877
« on: Sunday 09 April 17 04:57 BST (UK)  »
This Alexander Gollan is in my tree. He is quoted as marrying Beatrice Jessie Maud Hill in 1891. There is a marriage in govt records for this union. However a daughter of Beatrice named Agnes Annie was registered as surname Gollan, father not registered, which is curious. However that is how I am connected to the tree, as Annie married into my Young family of the Westport, New Zealand area. Alexander and Beatrice do not appear to have had any more children. So I guess that's your answer, they are the same Alexander Gollan.

With the help of you Rootschat people I have now verified all the data I had previously, given verbally by a Gollan descendant.  I also have thanks to you all a lot of good provenance for the records.

4.  Was it the same Alexander Gollan (father William mother Euphemia (Gunn) Gollan) who married Beatrice Jessie Maud Hill in 1891?

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Camerons
« on: Thursday 30 March 17 03:36 BST (UK)  »
Yeah, it is difficult. Many children had the same roster of popular names, such as Christina, Donald, Jessie, Hugh, James, Alexander etc...and many people arrived at a similar time... then had children at the same time, with the same names...
There was a long thread on here previously a couple of years back trying to nut out Cameron families in that area but it came to a dead end and I figured my Camerons were likely based in Dunedin and Jessie Cameron was likely residing in Seacliff whilst she worked. She married a policemen from a local family called Aitcheson and then they moved to Wellington.
This was the old thread that was focussed on Waikouaiti/Palmerston.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Camerons
« on: Wednesday 29 March 17 01:40 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for children of Thomas and Mary Cameron nee Campbell, who married before they arrived in New Zealand. Their one child definitely known to me was Jessie (b circa 1867). Looking in BMDS the only other recorded births for a Thomas/Mary Cameron are Hugh (b 1865) and James (b 1866). Does this sound like they'd be the same people? The Camerons were known to have been around the Palmerston/Waikouiti area at some point. Jessie worked at Seacliff as a nurse prior to marriage.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: CAMERON to New Zealand - more info added
« on: Friday 21 June 13 00:56 BST (UK)  »

Check your Spam mail to see if hiding in there, I've had it happen, possibly being sensitive to first part of site name.

Oh, the whole interweb is sensitive to my name. Apparently I sound like spam.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: CAMERON to New Zealand - more info added
« on: Thursday 20 June 13 09:55 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I don't know why I am not getting notifications on this thread. Anyway, no problem. I hope it is helpful in some way to your research. I am no closer to finding the answer to my Cameron issue.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: CAMERON to New Zealand - more info added
« on: Wednesday 10 April 13 10:39 BST (UK)  »
I'm also going to rule out Kenneth Forbes Cameron.
Children with Margaret Reid:

Malcolm Cameron 1895 -
Margaret Annie Cameron 1897 -
Kenneth Donald Cameron 1900 -
Finlay Alexander Cameron 1901 -
Catherine Jessie Cameron 1902 -
Florence Lilian Cameron 1904-1996
Collin Alan Cameron 1907 -
Forbes Ewen Cameron 1910 -
Jean Cecily Cameron 1911
Heather Grace Cameron 1917-2008, married William Basel Hagan (1911 - 1983), one known daughter.

That leaves Roderick. Whom I get a feeling didn't marry or have any children, so...generationally Jessie Cameron Aitcheson does not fit in anywhere in this family (she was likely born between the mid 1960s and mid 1870s) unless "Jessie" was a nickname and her government name was something else - all too common in those days and even used a lot for record-keeping. Looks like I will be starting from square one looking at other Cameron families in the area.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: CAMERON to New Zealand - more info added
« on: Wednesday 10 April 13 09:38 BST (UK)  »

I would be grateful for an info/ advice which enables me to find the following relatives

Kenneth CAMERON b 1811 Kenneth married (unknown) and had children Alick, Rory, Kenneth and a daughter

Can anyone tell me anything about how they got to New Zealand (and/or Adelaide) and what became of them?

I've been combing through stuff on this topic still trying to find how Jessie Cameron fits in. There's a lot of missing stuff so it's hard to tell if she descended from any of the Cameron kids that arrived 1858 (if at all). Obviously not from Margaret Cameron Campbell's branch, or, as it l turns out - from Alick's (Alexander's) branch. So that leaves Rory (Roderick) and Kenneth.

It looked like Alexander (Alick) was Alexander Cameron, married to Alexandrina (nee unknown). There is no marriage record in NZ indicating that they were married before they arrived. Since she does not appear in the manifest for the Strathallan in 1858 there is either no record of their marriage (not so unusual for NZ BDM for things to be misspelled or missing altogether) - or the other possibility is that Alexandrina came separately ly to NZ possibly on The Pirate with Rory (Roderick) in 1858. It is a bit curious  as to why Rory came separately as an 11 year old on a separate ship and it makes sense he would be chaperoned by  an adult. I'm getting born 1840 from other sources so I am more likely to go with that and assume the person that wrote it on the thread earlier accidentally hit a 9 instead of a 0. That would have made him around 18 when he emigrated. I'll just put it down to a missing marriage record in that case. 

Anyway this is what I have found: Alexander Cameron, 1834-1913. Native of Ross-Shire, Scotland. Retired Farmer, last address Goodwood. Wife Alexandrina Cameron 1834-1876.
First born was
Roderick  Cameron 1862-1947.
 Married Johan/Johanna Hellen Miller (Elsie) in 1898 and had a daughter Johanna Hellen in 1900, and a son Roderick Magnus Grant Cameron in 1907 (d 1971).

John 1866-
Kenneth 1865-
Alexander Jr. 1869-1888.
Margaret (Maggie) 1871-1887
George Donald (Donald)  1873-1892

All Lived in Flag Swamp, Palmerston,  Flag Swamp/Hawksbury was sort of halfway between Waikouaiti and Palmerston. Obviously that is where the farm was. Alexander Sr, Jr, Alexandrina and Maggie all  buried in the same plot at Waikouaiiti Cemetery. Alick lived in Goodwood after 1910 with Roderick and his wife on their property named "Lochinver" and that's where he died.

You weren't specific about which one of the siblings supposedly had the cafe/left for Adelaide. If you know, please tell as that will cut out at least one line of inquiry (for me, anyway).

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