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The Common Room / Re: Marble busts
« on: Yesterday at 15:46 »
I agree with what has been said already and add that looking up the sculptor and another piece of his work, that subject had died before the date of the first exhibition. There is an explanation that the date given is the date when the work was first exhibited rather than completed.
Could that have happened with your ancestor?

Lancashire / Re: Catherine Power
« on: Wednesday 22 November 17 13:43 GMT (UK)  »
sincere apologies - thought I had found the marriage ...silly old custard aren't I

I thought you had as well  :) but never mind.

It is so frustrating.

Lancashire / Re: Catherine Power
« on: Wednesday 22 November 17 12:00 GMT (UK)  »
Hi garstonite,

Liverpool Catholic records show she married the other groom, John Murray.


They donít seem to be in Hull in 1851  :-\

Bridget and James Callaghan also have a son Luke -forgot to say.

I have now found Bridget Prendergast who died in 1879 , birth year 1853. About same year as Bridget from my tree, so not sure if Bridget Prendergast marrying James Callaghan is right one. She gives 1857 as birth year.. its all confusing . I suppose only way forward is buying bmd certificates

I was hoping you would have followed her but she lives in the right area and has the right birth details (well more or less re year of birth  ;))

Yes I noticed that and she still gives Hull as her birthplace after marriage. :-\
I canít see a birth though.

Kilkenny / Re: KENNEDY
« on: Tuesday 21 November 17 10:19 GMT (UK)  »

You donít say where they moved to in Yorkshire so this is just speculation.
1901 census shows Patrick Kennedy b 1857 Kilkenny in Leeds with wife, Annie.
 Is this your man?

There are several children, the older ones show as born in Kilkenny.

The various children show mother as Dunphy and all fit with a marriage in 1874 - Patrick Kennedy and Anne Dunphy and births in Kilkenny plus Patrickís occupation of Tailor.

This would perhaps not fit with the birth which Maggsie has sent by pm and even if it were 1857, it is still young for a marriage in 1874.

You may already have all that information and I wonít post any links yet for that reason or that I may have the wrong family.


The ages of the older children vary somewhat between 1861; 1871 and 1881 censuses.

1871 shows Mary Pendergist aged 7 years.
1881 Mary is 18 yrs.
She is shown as a daughter to Mary snr and presumably is illegitimate.
GRO index shows Mary Prendergest b 1864 with motherís maiden name Machon.

This would also discount the Mayo baptism I linked.

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