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Ireland / Re: Tracing Callaghans
« on: Today at 09:20 »
Welcome to rootschat
Mary Anne Callaghan is more likely his sister or other relative. Her age is too close.
James is 12 years her senior and Catherine is only 3 years older
Be aware that the surname Callaghan may begin with O' in some Irish records.

Mary Anne is 8yrs old in 1841 - born about 1833. Fenb0y made a mistake in post 1.

1881 268/16/25
14 Brand Street Islington
Ellen wade 70 yrs widow born Ireland

There are lots of mentions but no detail (in the ones I looked at) of an  Ellen Wade and Islington workhouse.

Hi David,

Itís a bit confusing.

Here is Ellen, I think.

1871 303/22/35
W, Rutland Place Islington
Ellen Wade widow 66 yrs Nurse b Ireland


I am hoping Shane will pull it together  :)

You will have to look at this Shane and try to sort out with your notes
Adam Mitchell married to Harriet
Marriage of Adam Mitchell - Father Adam, a Solicitor, to Harriet Scott Mitchell

Adam G Mitchell married to Bessie -already noted earlier but just noticed he is born Limerick  :-\

Marriage to Bessie Manifold -  Adam Garrett with father Adam, Gentleman.

Now, Mary Mitchell, death not found, died 1904 according to the will and Adam Garrett Mitchell died 1901 so she must be connected to the Adam who is married to Harriett - or Harriett as she was also a Mitchell-  phew!

However, as you have  Adam Gís autograph and Manifold notes, Adam G is connected somehow.

Hmmmm..... not sure itís the same tune, Hallmark  ;)


We have given you some free sites to search yourself - Irish Genealogyn wills and census for example.

Here is a will for Mary Mitchell

She is a spinster and admin has been granted to Adam Mitchell M D so presumably he is the doctor.

I canít find her death though in Irish Genealogy.

To complicate matters there are two Adam Mitchells who are doctors - Adam and Adam G in 1901  :-\

You have an autograph of A G Mitchell so presumably yours.

Travelling People / Re: Possible Irish Travellers?
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 20:12 BST (UK)  »
1851 2089/334/23
25 Abbey Street

Michael Flannagan 48 yrs Hawker of Clothes b Ireland
Catherine Flannagan   36 yrs b Ireland
David Callagan   16 yrs -do- b Ireland
Selina Callagan   12 yrs b Loughborough

Travelling People / Re: Possible Irish Travellers?
« on: Wednesday 25 April 18 19:53 BST (UK)  »
The birth of Celia shows motherís name as ĎHillmartiní which is perhaps a mistranscription of Kilmartin.


Name is Calahan

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