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I was thinking of Clonmel, Tipperary but Cobh is in the civil parish of Clonmel, Cork so it looks promising.
Also thanks Bookbox for ‘union’ and ‘widow’  :)

Do you think it could be Cove - Cork as in Cobh present day.

H.M.S. Spencer is the name of his ship.

Of course it is  :)

I thought that too, Gadget but I can’t work much of it out.

Where did the baptism of Michael Riordan take place?

I wonder if you could find Thomas Hamstreet, the Curate. If that is his name, of course  :)

It’s very difficult  :o

I certify that John Marlow of  ??? s Spencer Marine and Honora  Ri...dan  of Cone ?  in the  ??? Of Clonmell Moor? Were married in the Parish Church of St  ??? by banns this 9th day of   ??? by me Thomas Hamstreet Curate of St  ???
Henry?  ???
Wm Br...

I couldn’t guarantee that any of this was correct  ::)

Derbyshire / Re: Caroline Davis possibly Emery c 1874
« on: Yesterday at 21:09 »
Information re the two different name given here

Derbyshire / Re: Caroline Davis possibly Emery c 1874
« on: Yesterday at 19:24 »
Is yours a civil copy of  the certificate? If so, does it show the corrections?

I am wondering if the vicar meant for the first names to be corrected as written, but omitted that the surname should be corrected. The instruction states that the father be corrected to Joseph Emery, Bootmaker.

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