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there is this but I can't find anything else just yet  :-\

James Edwin Traynor 29th January 1854 ; Fylingdales,Yorkshire

Father:James Traynor   Mother:Mary Jane 


The Common Room / Re: Brider/McDoawll marriage
« on: Yesterday at 15:54 »
I understand because it is a difficult scenario.

I would add though that mothers' maiden names are not entirely coincidental in the GRO indexes. The two children from 1881 census are entered on those with Emma's surnames and the children from the north are too so it seems most odd that the 1891 census shows more children who do not seem to have any entry on the indexes at all.
It very clearly says London S Hackney - although as you say Thomas' birthplace is Lincoln!

I came across the other thread today and can see that the OP there hasn't made much progress with a definite confirmation of Thomas and Emma in 1891. I wondered if he just found another partner called Emma who brought her own pre 1881 children with her.

I know you are not persuaded but I would not dismiss it just yet if I were you - just perhaps keep it in mind. ;)

good luck

Thanks Rosie.

As I mentioned on the other thread, something seems to happens as some family become residents in the workhouse.

I didn't carry on with this because when I asked for confirmation Teresa continues to write about the Newcastle family.  I am not sure she has read back over this thread and checked any of the posts.
It seems a bit pointless to carry on searching if it is not agreed that it is the right family. We have both done that with the Newcastle group.  :)

I will wait to see what Teresa posts. I wonder what the address is on the marriage certificate and the witness names.


The family were living at Samlesbury Mill in 1841 - I mentioned the burial in reply 5.

Wales / Re: Thomas Edwin Evans 1869 Abergele Wales
« on: Yesterday at 10:36 »
And that was 2 days ago Rosie  ;)

I was trying to look for Patrick and family as all born Ireland but Teresa needs to decide.
It would seem that something happened as the workhouse becomes the residence for some of the family.
There are other indications of place of birth but we seem to be going round in circles.

It is difficult when threads cross over.

Wales / Re: Thomas Edwin Evans 1869 Abergele Wales
« on: Yesterday at 10:26 »
I would say so - but I have given the details on the Patrick Wallace thread only to find that the same suggestions are on this Thomas Edwin Evans thread  ???
And ... none have been commented on by Teresa  ;)

Wales / Re: Thomas Edwin Evans 1869 Abergele Wales
« on: Yesterday at 10:16 »
It looks to me that Julia Wallace Evans' father is Patrick from the marriage certificate.

Teresa has looked for a Julia of the right age with a father, Patrick.

There are at least 2 - both with parents Patrick and Mary.

Did Julia from Newcastle/Gateshead move to Plymouth or is the one who married Thomas Evans the one who was already there?

Wales / Re: Thomas Edwin Evans 1869 Abergele Wales
« on: Yesterday at 10:11 »

I may be totally on the wrong track but here is all my work re Patrick Wallace, Plymouth


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