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Trish's answer raises some intriguing points and could explain things but why a name change?


I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you sure that the George Henry BROWN married to Elizabeth PRIMMER is the George son of John and Sarah? I ask because I found the following,


John BROWN    Dec Q 1838    Southampton    7    264

23 Dec 1838
All Saints, Southampton

1841  HO/416/4  f.7  p.8  All Saints, Southampton
Cheapside, Canal Terrace

John      25    Butcher   Y
Sarah   25                    Y

30 April 1843
All Saints, Southampton
Parents: John & Sarah BROWN

No middle name of Henry.

24 Jan 1849
All Saints, Southampton
Annie Maria
Parents: John & Sarah BROWN

Unfortunately I can't see the image for the baptism or marriage to see if their address or occuption is mentioned, can anyone else help with this?

Sarah BROWN    Sep Q 1849    Southampton    7  270
Age:  33

1851  HO107/1669  f.948  p.21  All Saints, Southampton
Town Ditches

John       Head  Wid  36    Butcher    Southampton
George    Son             8                          "    "                Deaf and Dumb
Maria      Daur            2                          "    "
Mary Ann BROWN    Serv    Widow    36    Servant    Hants Lymington
Mary HEDGES          Serv    Un         16    Servant    Southampton

It's this census that makes me wonder if John and Sarah are definitely 'your' George's parents. George is deaf and dumb and it looks like he can be followed on the following censuses,

1861     The image shows that all the pupils are "deaf from birth"

1871     The image shows he was "Deaf & Dumb from birth"

1881    The image shows he was "Deaf & Dumb from birth"

Possible Marriage
George BROWN    Jun Q 1882    Kensington    1a  374

1891    The image shows he was "Deaf and Dumb"

1901    The image shows that he is married, but Maria isn't there, and Deaf & Dumb

I lose him after this because there are so many George BROWN deaths that could be him.

Is the 1871 census found by avm228 the earliest census you have that is definitely 'your' George Henry?


I'm by no means sure that my George was the son of John & Sarah, with the inability to identify George and Elizabeth's marriage the problem.  The post-1881 census show the family in Battersea with George's age consistent with being born 1842/3 and the 1911 shows him as George Henry.

Thanks all. I'd missed those census snippets. The advantages of viewing films rather than transcripts

George Henry Brown (1842-1934), son of John,and Sarah baptised 30 Apr 1843 in Southampton. Married to Elizabeth by 1866 when the first of their 13 children was born. They moved to Battersea in the 1870s.

Elizabeth was born in Southampton ca 1848 and died in 1905 or 1910. All the childrens' birth records on the GRO site show their mother's name as Primmer or Primer.

But no relevant marriage is evident in the GRO indexes.  The closest match is for a George Henry Brown married Elizabeth Church at Winchester in 1868

Kent / Re: Adam Dennis 1737-1817
« on: Monday 12 November 18 19:46 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Colin

I had noted Adam as dying in 1803 because that was the date of his will, and hadn't expected him to be 46 when he married Elizabeth Cornelius

Kent / Adam Dennis 1737-1817
« on: Monday 12 November 18 09:58 GMT (UK)  »
This Adam was buried at Woodchurch near Stone. Was he related to Adam Dennis, Yeoman of Stone, who died in 1803?

Bedfordshire / Re: John Smith of Westoning
« on: Wednesday 09 May 18 19:32 BST (UK)  »
Thanks John. Probably not James's father then. But not the best name to identify a specific person.

Bedfordshire / John Smith of Westoning
« on: Tuesday 08 May 18 08:19 BST (UK)  »
The recent threads by Terri Jackson on our mutual ancestor James Smith prompted me to revisit his possible ancestry.

James Smith & Ann Charlton's first few children were among the early baptisms at Westoning Baptist Chapel of which Bedford Archives states
"In June 1814 [WE1737-1738] John Smith of Westoning, yeoman, conveyed a barn "lately converted into a chapel by a society of the people called Methodists residing in or near the parish of Westoning" to Thomas Millard of Flitton, yeoman, for 80."

James Smith's parents may well have been John & Elizabeth Smith with Bedford Non-conformist records showing James born 29 April 1785.

Does anyone know more of John Smith of Westoning?

Kent / Re: John WAGHORNE born 1760 lived Shipbourne
« on: Monday 02 April 18 22:15 BST (UK)  »
Agreed, that is the one I suspect to be the right John

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