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Clare / Re: Dromoland / Kilnasoolagh REYNOLDS
« on: Monday 11 December 17 20:04 GMT (UK)  »
It has been sometime since last postings and I come and go from this line of the family.

I have been looking into the lease information for the area and as two owners are most prevelent, Obrien  and Inchiquin; I was wondering on the fact that Stephen names his origin as Dromoland that one could assume that land records under Obrien would be more likely as Obrien was the owner of Dromoland, where Inchiquin was surrounding areas?

Has anyone had success with locating more information from the leases - I know that often the leases list number of 'lives' to the lease, but do they give clearer information i,e whether those lives are listed by name and relationship?

Many thanks in advance.

Merionethshire Lookup Requests / Re: Maentwrog Burials/ St Twrogs Church GRIFFITH/S
« on: Wednesday 30 March 16 20:45 BST (UK)  »
Hello Emyr,

Apologies for the lack of information but thankyou for taking the time to reply.  All I have is a photograph and in 1911 census the number of children with one deceased, being the 'unknown' child.  Going by the photograph we are able to guestimate the years of birth and since he wasnt in the following census with the family guestimate his death prior to 1901.

Having no name does make it so much more difficult, I also searched the burial records for the period and the one I mentioned (Robert John Griffith 1891-1898) is the main contender but does not confirm 100% hense the reason for my request if anyone had transcripts of headstones which may list parents etc.

I too have searched the newspapers end to end without success, so herein lies my final search, a headstone for my missing 'unknown' child.

Again, many thanks for taking the time to search and reply.

Warmest regards.

Merionethshire Lookup Requests / Maentwrog Burials/ St Twrogs Church GRIFFITH/S
« on: Tuesday 29 March 16 08:33 BST (UK)  »
Hoping someone can assist.  I  require assistance with locating a 'unknown' child of Richard and Mary Griffiths.  Richard died 1906 and Mary 1937 and are buried together in the churchyard.

Their son was possibly born/died between 1876 and 1901 as he did not appear in any census.

One possibility I have is a child named Robert John Griffith 1891-1898, there are no family members listed for his burial and I was hoping is a headstone existed, it could rule him in/out.

Does anyone know if a list of all headstone transcriptions exist?

Many thanks in advance

Clare / Re: Reynolds of Dromoland
« on: Wednesday 29 July 15 09:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi Marie,
Apologies for the long delay in replying to your post.  I see that Edward was the father of your Patrick, I was wondering whether you had managed to find any more information on your Reynolds' family of Dromoland?

I found another family with very similar names in Mouhane and Aldecotty which is very close to Dromoland and then of course one at Rathfolan.  With the close proximity and very similar names it is very hard to pinpoint who is who. 

I look forward to hearing of any progress.

Warm regards.

Caernarvonshire / Re: Help please
« on: Saturday 30 November 13 20:59 GMT (UK)  »
Im waiting on a certificate for WGW born 1846 so once received and confirmed will post information and fingers crossed that will clear up the earlier query ;)

Caernarvonshire / Re: Help please
« on: Saturday 30 November 13 03:55 GMT (UK)  »
1851 H0107 2512 442 15 - Civil Parish Llanfihangel Y Pennant - Address Prenteg
William Griffiths Head mar 31 Penmorfa Caernarfonshire - Agri Lab
Sarah wife 30 Penmorfa
William Williams son 5 Llanfihangel Y Pt
John Williams son 4 Penmorfa
Robert Williams son 2 Penmorfa
Sarah Griffiths daugh 1mth Llanfihangel Y Pt

I am following this family to attempt to make a connection and wondering if anyone can assist with Sarah's previous husband.

There was some discussion earlier in the post re possiblities of her maiden name & marriage but I was unsure of them as I was following the line that if her children were born between 1846-1849 as Williams,  that her husband perhaps didnt die until at least 1848 and therefore her re-marriage to Griffiths was after that point.

I am very confident that her husband was in fact William Griffith Williams c1820, the father of William G Williams who from 1871-1911 resided at Pant Llwyd with his wife Jane but just need the clarification.

I have come across a number of trees online of Sara's son John Williams (used Griffiths) who married Sarah Griffiths - the information shows John passing away at Tyny Gro Prenteg but there is no information of John's parents (except what is listed above).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance.

Armagh / Re: Tandragee Cemetry Lookup
« on: Thursday 21 November 13 07:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Joanna,
Re your Robert Bennett - he is on a different family (yet to be connected) than most of our Robert Bennett b1827- to William and Ann - but as always - great to have more info for when we do make that connection ;)

Clare / Re: Reynolds of Dromoland
« on: Sunday 27 October 13 06:53 GMT (UK)  »
Sonnyo - I too am researching Reynolds of Dromoland.

My Stephen was born c 1805 to Patrick Reynolds.  Stephen married Ann Carmody c1834 before immigrating to Australia 1856 with his children, Bridget, John Thomas, Thomas and Anne.  He died in 1878 and is buried in Burramine Cemetery in Victoria.

Im an unsure if our families are related but would love to liaise further to confirm etc.

Many thanks

Glamorganshire Lookup Requests / Re: Trealaw Photo/Transcript request
« on: Saturday 27 October 12 00:09 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks Dawn, no I dont have a fax but will see if I can work a way around it :)

Thankyou for the links etc.


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