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The Common Room / Re: Gggrandfather Found after 15years
« on: Sunday 15 April 18 08:11 BST (UK)  »
Wonderful news - congratulations!

I recently made a huge breakthrough.  The key was a tiny obit in an obscure OZ country newspaper that had just been indexed.

My greatgrandfather and his family migrated to Brisbane, OZ, during the 1880s.  All we knew about him was that he was born in Cork, with a very common surname.  We believe any surviving family papers had been burnt on the orders of the coroner on the sudden death in the 1930s of his eldest daughter.  Family story said that he had a brother, name unknown, who was a scripture reader in Liverpool.  Using the censuses of Liverpool, I built up a profile of a likely brother, called William.

My g great grand father also died suddenly while talking to his landlord and this was reported in several newspapers, saying he was originally from Cork.  Then an obscure country newspaper reported he was born in Glanmire, Co Cork.  There he was with the baptism of three sisters and that led to the baptism of another brother, Thomas, in Tipperary.  This Thomas must have been the witness on G grandfather's second marriage in Kent.  (He moved around alot )  I still have not found the bapt of William, the likely brother living in Liverpool.

But then I found a detailed newspaper report of a wedding in Kent of a son of Thomas, where the cousins from Liverpool attended and they were from the family of said William, the scripture reader.  So all these little pieces of the jigsaw are falling into place.  I have been in touch with relatives, There are descendants in Perth, WA and Canada.

So please, never give up. Gazania

The Lighter Side / Re: Happy 'Plan Your Epitaph Day!'
« on: Saturday 07 April 18 01:26 BST (UK)  »
OH's nephew was a knockabout and popular sort of bloke.  His funeral was a dignified, warm with lots of affectionate humour.  At the conclusion there was a feeling of sadness with the last sad but affectionate words.  But as we started to file out of the service, the loudspeakers roared out Monty Python's "Always look on the Bright Side of Life".  Nephew had the last laugh.  We were soon skipping our way to the car park.

The Lighter Side / Re: Unusual First Names
« on: Tuesday 03 April 18 02:10 BST (UK)  »
I  have come across "Original".  Just now I saw a will for "Thankfull Sturdee" who gave his occupation as an assistant to the Master Shipwright in HM Yards at Portsmouth.  I wonder if his workmates called him "Ta" (Tar).

Thank you again for more information.  I shall now concentrate on Wm the baker of Bedford.  His last apprentice of 1770 was a Robert Skevington.  There was a baker in Bedford, named Robert Skevington dying about 1833 leaving a PCC will.  Thank you, Gazania

 I too have mixed feelings about DNA tests.  What bothers me most is that people new to family research (both young and not so young) feel that they have to take a test to start their research, mainly from the extensive advertising.

However, from my own nearly 1600 matches, I have had some success.  One match had placed her tree online for me to see where I was able to tell her where we connected.  She was descended from the sister of my great great grandfather and where the parish register in question was unreadable.  So the match had lots of brick walls broken down for her.

Another match contacted me as we shared a very rare surname.  Now I know what happened to my great grandfather's half sister, who was the sole survivor after her mother and siblings died within a very short time of one another.

Two other matches were already known to me and we have expanded our connections.

I have explored other potential matches specially as they came from the same small village. While I could not match up on paper despite one even sharing the same occupation, (was there some hanky panky?) I found the exercise rewarding despite the shared frustrations as aired on this thread. 

Thank you for that worthwhile suggestion.  Shall do.

In the meantime, I have just found from a newspaper dated 9 Apr 1803, a notice to creditors/debtors for Sarah Skevington, widow, late of Clophill.  So, if this is my family, I have the time frame for Wm and Sarah's deaths.  Also, Bedfordshire Archives indicates a Mrs Skevington held the a pub licrnce for 1798 at Clophill.

Thank you, Gazania

I think I have broken down a brick wall, which in turn has thrown up more questions.

I have found from FreeReg and Familysearch the following could be my ancestors:

William Skevington, widower of St Mary, Bedford, married Sarah Richardson, spinster, by licence at Clophill, St Mary, on 10 Aug 1767.

As far as I can be sure, they had at least two daughters, baptised at St Mary. Bedford. namely

Mary bapt 31 May 1769  (my ancestor and who married Joseph Rock at Clophill on 10 Apr 1803)
Martha bapt 5 Feb 1772.

I would appreciate any information on Wm Skevington, his previous marriage, any other children.  I have not found a PCC will for him or anything that would connect him to the Skevington families of Bedford or Turvey.  Similarly, I have drawn a blank on Sarah Richardson.

Thank you, Gazania

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for your interest and for alerting me again to a long forgotten post.  Yes, we have gleaned a lot more information about the family since then.  The next generation has taken over the research including DNA tests with a number of family members.  Not that we have found the identity of the father(s) in question (which we may never do), but we have established that for OH's line, anyway, the ancestral father's name was not Armstrong.

Thank you again for your interest, and for inspiring us to revisit our notes.  Gazania

Other Countries / Re: Ran away to South America?
« on: Thursday 01 March 18 00:10 GMT (UK)  »

Familysearch has  Wiki information on how to access BDM records from Argentina and what the records may or not contain.  Sorry, I am unable to provide the link.  But I just Googled "Argentina bdm".  I think there may be local geni agents who could search for you.  Best wishes, Gazania

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