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Shropshire / Re: George Richard Burgess
« on: Monday 04 December 17 08:57 GMT (UK)  »
George Richard Burgess is in many public (and private) trees on Ancestry.

Suggest you try and contact some of the tree owners for further discussions to share information.

Most of these trees are painfully inccurate and all seem to have the same information, my tree has about the most accurate information out of any i've seen thus far. No one has any details prior, about his birth or parentage.

Quite happy to contact anyone with any real info, but considering research on this family has been underway for decades by the looks of things one would have thought if anyone did know it would have trickled its way into the public domain by now.

There is a birth of a Henry Burgess in Sheffield in 1845 on the GRO Birth Index which confirms the mothers maiden name as Peacock so the marriage looks good

HENRY   BURGESS     Mothers Maiden Name PEACOCK   
GRO Ref: 1845  June Qrtr in SHEFFIELD  Vol 22  Page 610


This is where I got the maiden name from, but proving this is the right marriage when they both have common names and seemed to have wanderlust is difficult, there is no further connection to any of the places involve in that marriage for one. Too many presumptions and I really dont like the illiteracy factor.

Joseph Burgess. baptised 13 Aug 1854, St Botolph, Boston, Lincs. father George, mother Ann.

Edwin Burgess.  baptised 13 Aug 1854, St Botolph, Boston, Lincs. father George, mother Ann.
Register note    Joseph and Edwin Burgess both baptized the same day.

Really Appreciate this, presume this is from a transcription? Occupation would be interesting.

Shropshire / George Richard Burgess
« on: Monday 04 December 17 01:29 GMT (UK)  »
I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me inregards to the identity of my ancestor, George Richard Burgess. I'll outline below what I know.

He was purportedly born in Whitchurch, Shropshire around 1819, he gives this as his birthplace on the 1851,61 and 71 censuses.

He married Ann Peacock some time prior to 1838, probably in the Stockport region. There is a marriage in Manchester of a George Burgess and an Ann Peacock in 1837, this marriage gives his occupation as a labourer of Didsbury though, and his father as George Burgess a surgeon. He also makes his mark, which seems very odd for a surgeons son, and his later occupations (if this is the correct marriage).

First daughter Sarah Ann is born in Stockport in 1838, followed by a son George in Newcastle, Staffordshire in 1841. The family are resident in Stockport in 1841, but the page is badly damaged

Another child Henry, is born in Sheffield in 1845, he seems to have died young, followed by a son John in Norwich in 1850. The family are lodging in Melton Mowbray on the 1851 census, mistranscribed as "Barges". Georges occupation is now Rope Maker.

The family settle, finally, in Boston Lincs after this, and the remainder of their children, Edwin born 1852, Joseph born 1853, Rosetta born 1857, Alfred born 1858 and Ellen born 1860 were all born here. However Sarah Ann marries in Stepney in 1857, to William Pinder Foster, giving her fathers occupation as Compositor. The two do settle in Boston though by the following year

1861 census gives Georges occupation as Grocer, presumably in partnership with his son in law William. However by 1871 the family has moved to Bethnal Green where George is employed as a Factory Manager. my understanding is that this was probably a Laundry Blue factory.

The following year George, Ann and the younger children all emigrate to New Zealand, Auckland specifically. I have the New Zealand lives of George and Ann reasonably well mapped, and the lives of their children who did emigrate as well (all bar George jr who disappears subsequent to the 1861 census). Both George and Ann died in 1892, neither left a will that went to probate.

The identities of George and his wife remain enigmas though, there is a family of Burgess's in Whitchurch but from a perusal of their wills there are no stray George's.

Also the constant change of occupations, and the incredibly varied locations for the birth of their children have caused confusion.

One thing to note is that I have been unable to find a single baptism for any of the children, possibly they were dissenters?

If this would be more suitable on another board feel free to move it, but the only constant in his life is his birthplace so I thought Shropshire would be the best place for it.

Thanks in advance and apologies for any errors, im typing this from memory on an ipad which is far from ideal.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Robert Munro and Sarah McNee, Little River.
« on: Saturday 06 May 17 08:32 BST (UK)  »
Is this your MUNRO family?

No its not, its the family of Robert Munro and Sarah McLuaters who married in 1872. That Robert was a carpenter and died in 1876, his will is available on FamilySearch.

It gets really confusing with all these Robert Munros, I tell you  :o

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Robert Munro and Sarah McNee, Little River.
« on: Saturday 06 May 17 04:08 BST (UK)  »

The resource I have used for former police officers is:

Police Staff Register with Nominal Index. Book 1. 1859-1927. (Microfilm 3348)

However I can't find this file on Archway. I recall from the last time I tried to access it that a restriction was placed on the file.

I believe that you now have to specify the individual you want to research in your request and that is all the information they will provide, rather than allowing you to scroll through the microfilm.

I (think) I've had experience with this file before on another branch of the tree, I think I just provided the name and details and they transcribed all the information for me, free of charge. I think that was indexed though, not sure with this one, I might be confusing two different files though, the names all sound the same!

I might go down to the Archives in a couple of weeks time regardless, so I can do that, I appreciate the offer though.

I may have found where he was (possibly) stationed though! Putting Constable Munro into PapersPast I found an 1864 reference to a Constable Munro of Campbelltown, since there was only the one reference, and the fact that I know they were in the Akaroa region by 1866 I think this promising.

ADDENDUM: Access denied - authorized users only.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Robert Munro and Sarah McNee, Little River.
« on: Saturday 06 May 17 00:11 BST (UK)  »
Really appreciate your taking a look at it Lu, and its good to see a couple of newish avenues to explore  :D

The fact that her surname is given as both Macall and M(a)cNee on the NZSG marriages  is fascinating (I presume that's just an index?) I worked under the impression the Macall was a mis-transcription, as I knew her maiden name was McNee prior to my search, but obviously not.  ::)

I did though search under Macull, McCall etc, just in case she went under a stepfathers name or something akin to that. I couldn't find anything but it wasn't a deep search, so I'll try again.

I think, since you agree the Invercargill death is promising, that I'll purchase the death printout for her. I'll email the funeral directors as well, but I think the only way to gain concrete proof of her identity, since she married so early, is on the off chance the informant knew something.

Yes, the early death certs are (comparatively) terrible, I've fallen victim to them once already. Robert may have to remain an enigma then, I was hoping, as he was a "constable" there would be some sort of record of service, but I can't find anything enticing on Archway.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Robert Munro and Sarah McNee, Little River.
« on: Tuesday 02 May 17 05:05 BST (UK)  »
After tracing my family tree for the past couple of years I have succeeded in finding almost all of my 4x GGrandparents. The only outstanding ones are the parents of Robert Munro and Sarah McNee, I've been unable to find anything on this pair prior to their marriage, and little (aside from the births of their children) afterwards. What I have found follows:

Robert Munro married Sarah McNee in Invercargill in July 1864.
I have a copy of their intention to marry, which states Roberts age as 28, his occupation as "Constable" (presumably of Police) and time of residence in Invercargill as 4 days ( ::) )
Sarah is 27, occupation "Servant" and has resided in Invercargill for 6 months.

The couple went on to have 7 children:

Catherine, born 1865, (I've been unable to trace her.)

Robert born 1866, died 1867 in Akaroa. First burial at Governors Bay Cemetary

His twin, John Alexander, born 14 Sep 1866, in Akaroa (per Foresters application.) Married twice, to Mary Emily Madden nee Burling and Maud Ransome. Died 1939 in Masterton. My GG Grandfather.

(All subsequent births in the Akaroa/Little River region)

William Daniel, born 1868. Married Christina Mckay and died in 1957

Hugh Charles, born 1870. Also came to the Wairarapa, married Eliza Melton and died in 1945.

Robert Henry Thomas, born 1871, died in 1873

Sarah Jane , born 1873, married Henry Thomas Houghton, died 1962.

After the birth of Sarah Jane, Robert Sr disappears. I am of the opinion he is the Robert Munro who dies in Christchurch in 1873, but I have no proof.

Sarah remains in Little River after this, I have found newspaper reports of her being paid to clean the Schoolhouse etc. She is still there in 1905, living in the Okute Valley. However she vanishes after this as well. The only death that matches in one of a Sarah Munro in Invercargill in 1916. This Sarah is buried in an unmarked grave. I have not bought the death cert as her burial record provides no details about her, presumably the informant was the same on both. She only ever appears on one electoral record which has made tracing her difficult (unless she took up with another man I suppose).

Now the part that intrigues me most. At some point in time John Alexander and Hugh migrate to the Wairarapa. They are, in 1896, in Tinui, working as labourers. Why and how did they wind up here? Where there family members there already? Its a tiny isolated settlement today, let alone in the 1890's. If it was due to the death of Robert, why would you send the eldest and the third sons, not the second? If anyone can shed some light on this I would be ecstatic.

A couple things that I missed earlier:

Robert was described as a shepherd on William Daniels marriage certificate, and Sarah's birthplace was given as the Shetland Islands. I've been unable to find any records of a Sarah McNee from the Shetlands.

To summarise what I'm hoping you guys can help me with

Find Robert and Sarah prior to immigration,

Find what happened to them, regarding their deaths.

Any tidbits about their lives would help, I've found few newspaper reports about them, plenty about the "other" Robert Munro (of Pigeon Bay)

Find why Jack and Hugh alone went to the Wairarapa.

Anything else I haven't listed here about their lives would be great though, those are just the main points.

Thanks a lot in advance.



New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Charles John Rolls - Southland area 1911 - 1928
« on: Tuesday 23 August 16 12:03 BST (UK)  »
I think (tentatively) I may have found him. There is a Charles John Rolls, retired, living in Parramatta from 1930-35, dying in the latter year. Now this Charles J Rolls parents are listed as Thomas and Mary on his death, and from that I can see he was born 1856 in Goulburn NSW. Now from family trees on Ancestry (I know)  I've looked at this Charles J Rolls and it appears his mother took (some of) the kids off to Naseby, (the right area of the world) with another man! Two of this Charles' sisters most definitely married in Naseby and I've managed to trace their lives through the papers, and that of his rather scandalous mother, despite how ridiculous the family trees (i recommend looking at them) look it appears as though they're actually correct. Now the fact that the last electoral roll for Charles in NZ in 1928 and the first for a Charles in Australia is 1930, to me, definitely also helps the case. Now why he wasn't on any earlier rolls is beyond me, as is why he returned to Australia, but to me this sounds plausible.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: McLeod - Waikumete Cemetery Headstone Lookup
« on: Thursday 14 July 16 09:39 BST (UK)  »

Interesting about the electoral roll, RK, I haven't got a worldwide sub to Ancestry this year, so can't look at them (are you able to email me copies, pretty please?),

Sure, just a minute.

 I hadn't heard about an estrangement; Angus' daughter, Annie, tried very hard to get my grandmother to call my Dad Angus, so she must have got on with him.  ;D

I've looked through the marriage write ups for the daughters in the Woodville Examiner, and it really does appear like he was out of the picture (it is always just daughter of Mrs Mcleod, never any mention of Angus which is very odd, even if he were dead it would be daughter of the late Angus Mcleod etc). Maybe she liked him regardless  ;D

(If you haven't got the reports I can send those as well)  :))

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: McLeod - Waikumete Cemetery Headstone Lookup
« on: Thursday 14 July 16 06:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi, looking on Ancestry it appears there is no Headstone for his grave, so it's no wonder you failed to see it! From the electoral rolls it appears he was living at Matawai, away from his wife so it's possible they were estranged? Might help to explain why he was buried the was he was. And the reason he died (and is buried) in Auckland, I would guess, is because he died in the hospital (I have an ancestor with a similar case).


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