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Super quality for a beach pic. Just tweaked it a bit.

I wonder if your cousin would be kind enough to re-scan the original and provide an image that is a more direct true copy. The image above already has a lot of digital artifacts that make a decent restoration difficult. Either the scanner has some "improvement" settings or someone has already done some work on it. A straight scan at 300dpi may get some better results.

The lower the compression the better.

The Common Room / Re: Future-proofing the tagging of digital photographs.
« on: Wednesday 06 December 17 19:22 GMT (UK)  »
Trying to get people to actually save photos properly at all, is a bit of a hobby horse for me. Like almost everything else, they appear to have become almost disposable, undervalued because of the sheer volume. I imagine that these days, more photos are taken on any single day than in the first hundred or so years. How many will survive though?

If anyone fancies a crack at the two J.H. Timms pics, the OP has emailed the full size files to me. I have uploaded them to my 'Dropbox' so you can download them here: Timms Link

One from me...

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