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Thrudnut I am sorry to read that you had nine of your own friends in remembrance who were killed in more recent times .. this must have been especially hard for you in this circumstance.

Although I did tell others about the opportunity to obtain tickets on here I was not able to apply myself unfortunately, as my work shifts would not have made it possible for me to go.  On the day itself I had just finished a row of nightshifts.  I was determined to make the most of that day though and I decided to attend the Newcastle events as I knew I would reach the centre of Newcastle at around 10.30 am.  I didn't want dash home and sleep through that day of all days - after all none of us will be around to commemorate the Bi-centenary.  I also wanted to be in a remembrance frame of mind regarding my own ancestors who were killed and the many I have researched in a voluntary capacity.

That must have been a very moving experience that you got to participate in the march as you did.

Maiden Stone, what an amazing turn out there was on your beach - I think this is wonderful that so many have got involved this year especially.

Thanks avm .. I will try to do this .. so possibly back to the drawing board on this one then. 

Simon's brother James went to America with his wife Rose and I have even wondered if they may have adopted him at one point but I can't find him with that family either.  Although why they would adopt that one child when they had a dozen of their own eventually is beyond me anyway.

I have never been able to find Elizabeth, (Simon's Mother's end story) or his brothers Michael or John's end stories so perhaps wherever they disappeared to Thomas may be tied in somewhere.  I guess I will have to keep on searching and hopefully Thomas will reappear one day.  ??? I will chase up these leads - so thanks to all for your comments.

ADDED Thanks josey for your post too.  I think the first thing I must do now is to see if the Curry baby might be in the St Joseph death register - if he is my Grandfather's brother this seems to be the most logical place where I ought to be able to find him.

Probably in no way relevant to the Battista story, Sophie but when I was at the archives on Friday I did come across the baptism for baby 'Franciscus' Rando born 6 September and baptised 9 October (1912) at St Cuthbert North Shields.  Godparents were Antonio De Carlo and (....tita?) De Carlo.  Address 82 Clive Street.  Parents married at St Andrew RC Newcastle on 11 September 1907.  His address 82 Clive Street North Shields and hers 5 Erick Street.  Witnesses were B ...? Nicolo & Matilda? Cavazzi.

I found these so thought I might as well post these on the off chance they may be of some relevance at some point in the future somewhere.

Thank you both for these replies.  These responses have given me new ideas for things to consider.

Rosie, I wonder if that could be it!! I wonder if his death name could have been misheard or name transcribed incorrectly?

In the next few weeks fitting in with work I will return to the archives and look again at the St Joseph death registers and see if there is a Thomas Curry.  I think this sounds plausible.  I have only looked for Conroy.  Mother Bridget is also in the death register in 1892 so I believe the family stayed in the area up to that time.  It has been puzzling for quite a while now wondering what may have happened to him.  I will certainly check this out Rosie, and will post on here if I do find a promising Thomas Curry.

Also, if I do find him I will contact the GRO  to find out if there might be any possibility that his death registration may have been mis-transcribed.

Many thanks for this possible new lead :)

My Great Grandparents Simon Peter and Bridget Conroy nee McCabe had 10 children.  I have been able to discover these in the baptism records at the Churches they attended.  Not all their children survived to adulthood - I have also been able to find their death entries in Church records.

However, I have not been able to find a death entry or registration for their son Thomas and I have not been able to find him on a census either.  I presume he must have died young - but when and where?

What I would like to know is if anyone has any ideas about what may have become of baby Thomas.  After birth and baptism he seemingly disappears. He was the 6th child.

This is the birth and baptism placement of each child in the family below.  I have included the death of each one who died as a child:

Joseph Conroy
Born 9 July 1874
Bapt. 12 July 1874 Our Lady & St  Joseph, Brooms
Died 3 December 1882
Burial entry 5 December 1882 St Joseph, Birtley

Margaret Conroy
Born 5 September 1875
Bapt.  3 October 1875 Our Lady & St Joseph, Brooms

Mary Catherine Conroy
Born 29 July 1877
Bapt. 19 August 1877 Our Lady & St Joseph, Brooms

James Michael Conroy
Born 14 September 1879
Bapt. 28 September 1879 St Joseph, Birtley

Bernard Conroy
Born 10 February 1882
Bapt. 12 February 1882 St Joseph, Birtley
Died 24 June 1882
Burial entry 26 June 1882 St Joseph, Birtley

Thomas Conroy
Born 7 May 1883
Bapt. 20 May 1883 St Joseph, Birtley
Death: ???

Simon Joseph Conroy
Born 29 September 1884
Bapt. 5 October 1884 St Joseph, Birtley

Elizabeth Ann Conroy
Born 22 November 1886
Bapt. 28 November 1886 St Joseph Birtley
Died  13 September 1887
Burial entry 16 September St Joseph, Birtley

John Conroy
Born 23 August 1888
Bapt. 26 August 1888, St Joseph, Birtley

Bernard Conroy (My Grandfather)
Born 20 August 1890
Bapt. 31 August 1890 St Joseph, Birtley

Any ideas about what may have become of Thomas will be greatly appreciated.  I have had no success with finding out myself and so have now reached the point of thinking that there is nothing for it but to ask for help in solving this puzzle.

Are those lines in the sand showing profiles of other people's war ancestors Maiden Stone?

Thrudnut were you one of the successful ones who had applied to be one of the thousand who walked past?

Durham / Re: Lookup Please - Parish Registers for Bishopwearmouth 1567 - 1901
« on: Friday 16 November 18 12:16 GMT (UK)  »
Wolfie now that you have written this I have checked again .. I can now see that you are correct and the entry does indeed record 'Crown' before Glafs or Glass. :)

Durham / Re: Lookup Please - Parish Registers for Bishopwearmouth 1567 - 1901
« on: Friday 16 November 18 12:03 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Stan for clarification.  I only type what I see and it does look like Glafs .. each time. Very strange way of writing an 'S'.  However, I am sure you will be right so most likely Father and Son were both Glass Makers. :)

C word before this looks like 'Coo ..'? I wonder what this might be?

Durham / Re: Lookup Please - Parish Registers for Bishopwearmouth 1567 - 1901
« on: Friday 16 November 18 11:14 GMT (UK)  »
Here is the 1854 marriage .. will look for the 1852 one next ..

St Michael, Bishopwearmouth
Entry 396, Page 198
18th January 1854
William Cunningham & Eleanor Kirk
His age: 24
Her age: 20
Widower & Spinster
Profession:  looks like 'Glafsmaker'
His residence: 33 Trimdon Street
Her residence: may be either 33? or 35? Trimdon Street
John Cunningham - Glafsmaker
Matthew Kirk - Labourer
Witnesses: Francis Cunningham & (?) (Harper?)
All signed except Eleanor who put her mark X

St Mary, Gateshead

Entry 229, Page 115
William Cunningham & Jane Richardson
October 3rd 1852
His age: 22 
Her age: 21
Bachelor & Spinster
(C ..?) GlafsMaker
Residence for both: East Street
John Cunningham - (C ..?) GlafsMaker
John Richardson - Keelsman
Witnesses: Christopher Richardson & Margaret Richardson
All signed with their marks X - apart from Christopher who signed his name.
By Banns

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