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South Africa / Re: South Africa 1925 to 1945
« on: Thursday 18 October 18 02:12 BST (UK)  »
fantastic! thanks!

South Africa / Re: South Africa 1925 to 1945
« on: Wednesday 17 October 18 12:42 BST (UK)  »
thanks. that may explain things.  I was able to get records the first time I requested, but never received a reply for the second set of inquires I sent  :(

Renfrewshire / Re: Neilson family in Paisley
« on: Tuesday 25 September 18 18:28 BST (UK)  »
Hi Gillian, Jen

I think you are right - definitely not the same couple - I had a chat with my Aunt - (on my mum's side) who has a better memory for this than I have.

John Reid Neilson (my grandfather) was born in Renfrew 1901 and married Margaret MacPherson some time between the wars. My dad (another John Reid Neilson) was born just before the second world war. Grandfather was one of three Robert, Jean and John - I don't know their parents names unfortunately and Grandmother was from Irish stock.

so I was definitely barking up the wrong tree - but just how many Johns and Margarets could be couples?

thanks to both of you

Hi John,

thanks for that info!  Both Gill and I are researching the extended family tree of the Neilson family.  If it turns out that we're connected more remotely, I'll definitely let you know!


Renfrewshire / Re: Neilson family in Paisley
« on: Tuesday 25 September 18 00:12 BST (UK)  »
I was also wondering if anyone has been able to trace the birth of Duncan Sr (b. abt. 1833) and/or has any information on his parents Thomas Neilson and Christina McMillan?  I can't find anything on this Duncan prior to his marriage record to Ann Baillie in 1857 (the address there looks like 13 Canal street, but it could be 15).

However...I did find something interesting on Ancestry today, Thomas Neilson who was a weaver, living in Paisley in 1851.  His wife was listed as Mary (not Christina). This record was indexed on ancestry (the SP record that I've downloaded is unreadable) with the following children:  Dullen (age 20), Lyall (18), Mary (15) and Elisabeth (12).  Their address is: 15 CANAL STREET.  So, I think this could be them!

I don't think ? this is the family as the index on SP has them listed as;

Thomas 43
Margaret 40
Hellen 20
Lyall 18
Margaret 15
Elizabeth 12


Hi Annie,
I've purchased that census record from SP and the indexing is definitely incorrect.  It was barely legible so I requested a clearer copy.  It is Mary not Margaret, and it is clearly a name starting with a "D" not "H" and that entry is listed as a son, so it is not Helen.  I have found marriage between Thomas and Mary Stewart (1844), and traced Mary backward to 1841 census where she is listed as a winder, living on Canal Street with 3 daughters.

Mary Stewart
Isbell Rae
Maryan Rae
Elisabeth Rae

I then tried to trace the daughters' marriages, finding Isabella Rae marrying in 1855 to John Hathorn/Hawthorne.  Mother is Mary Rae (M.S. Stewart), living at 15 Canal street, witnessed by Duncan Neilson & Mary Neilson (her step-brother and sister in law). 

Happy to share these records with you if you'd like.  Interested in your connection to the family :)


Renfrewshire / Re: Neilson family in Paisley
« on: Monday 24 September 18 23:53 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jen,

John said that John Neilson and Margaret Spence were his grandparents on his dads side, and that they lived between Paisley and Renfrew up until his grandfathers death in 1972.

That's not possible. John and Margaret lived all their married life in Port Glasgow. Margaret Spence died in 1946, and her husband, John Neilson died in 1957. They were my hubbys grandparents.
Their son John died in infancy in 1933. Their only other son, Billy, has one son himself, not called John though.

Hi Gill...hope you are well too!  I agree.  definitely not the same couple!  I do find some John Reid Neilson's, but none married to a Spence, though there is a John Neilson married to a Annabella Spence in 1924 in St. Andrew (Edinburgh) --(this is the only other Neilson/Spence marriage between 1900 and 2007!).  so...there must be some mix-up with names.  would love to pin down John's grandparents and see if they are part of the extended tree somehow though

Hope you are keeping well Jen.

Renfrewshire / Re: Neilson family in Paisley
« on: Monday 24 September 18 19:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi John,
wonderful to hear from you!  I don't have a middle name for the John Neilson in my tree.  Though that  doesn't always mean anything.  I have his birth and marriage certificates with no middle name listed.  However, I could  find only 1 marriage between a John Neilson and a Margaret Spence in Scotland from 1915 to 1940.  So I think there's a good chance its the same couple.  the John in my tree was born 13 July 1896.  His parents were Duncan Neilson & Mary McPhee.  regardless would love to exchange more details :)
will PM you my email addres


Angus (Forfarshire) / Re: Pattersons of Forfar and Kinnell
« on: Monday 20 August 18 13:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jack...Yes, still lots to confirm in my tree as well! I'll let you know if I come across anything that matches your tree :)

Angus (Forfarshire) / Re: Pattersons of Forfar and Kinnell
« on: Sunday 19 August 18 21:02 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jack,

Wow!  You've been able to get quite far back in your tree!  I'm impressed and a bit jealous!  My earliest Patterson/Paterson is James Paterson b. approximately 1767.  I'm uncertain of his place of birth.  some people have him born in Latheron, Caithness, Scotland to Alexander Paterson & Elizabeth Sutherland although I've not been able to confirm that.  My James Paterson married Jean Cothill/Cuthill on 12 Dec 1796 in Kinnell,Angus/Forfarshire. 

I too have a Andrew Anderson, but he was born in Marykirk Kincardineshire in 1769 to James Anderson & Helen Piper.  He married twice, to Anne Millar and then to Anne Reid.

Think our lines may cross at some point but not apparent yet!

Angus (Forfarshire) / Re: Pattersons of Forfar and Kinnell
« on: Thursday 12 July 18 12:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ellen...I replied to your PM message as well :).  This is the correct family and looks like we're distant cousins!  Have quite a bit on this line but not so much on Thomas Patterson's children so would appreciate any information you have!

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