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Caernarvonshire / Llandudno fish and chip shop
« on: Monday 28 August 17 12:32 BST (UK)  »
I'm wondering if anyone can help me find out more about my ancestor who operated a fish and chip shop in Llandudno in the 1940s. I don't have much info to start with, unfortunately, only her first names - Elizabeth Mary. Her maiden name was Jones. I believe she had four daughters. I know she and her husband operated the shop in 1947-1948, but I don't know how long they had been there. I don't know the name of the shop. Not a lot to go on, I know.

Anglesey / Re: Henry Jones and family menai anglesey
« on: Tuesday 04 July 17 04:02 BST (UK)  »
Hello again, have you any news on the birth certificate ?
I'm having no luck whatever locating birth records for Thomas John Jones. I've just received the third incorrect birth certificate, and I'm mystified about why I can't find the right one, given that I have his exact birth details - Menai Bridge on 13.3.1874. I think I've tracked a death registration in 1961 (Vol 8A page 38) and I'm wondering if this is worth acquiring. I'm not sure what information it will give me. I couldn't find a burial record, but I assume he'll have been buried at Holyhead where he lived. I'll keep searching, but I'd love any assistance anyone could give me.

Daisy, have you discovered any more about your Henry?

Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests / Re: Parents of Robert Jones b. 1865-67 Bangor
« on: Tuesday 06 June 17 04:10 BST (UK)  »
This family is a possibility

1871 -

If you scroll to item 'j' on link it includes block maker with joiner and carpenter, I would say this includes all of UK.


Hi Cas,

Thank you for all this information. I didn't realise about the trade of blockmaker. This could very well be my family. It certainly ticks a lot of boxes. It would be nice to find a few ancestors with less common names - if this is the right family that gives me three generations of Robert and Anne Jones marriages in a row! Your help is much appreciated.


Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests / Re: Parents of Robert Jones b. 1865-67 Bangor
« on: Tuesday 06 June 17 04:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi Glyn,

On his marriage certificate he is a 'mariner', and on the 1911 and 1901 censuses he is a 'seaman'. The 1911 census has 'Merchant Service' added. The citation refs for the censuses are 1911 - Class: RG14; Piece: 22258; and 1901 - Class: RG13; Piece: 3426; Folio: 91; Page: 32. These are both refs. I've looked for some merchant navy documentation too, and have found a few Robert Joneses from Caernarvon. I wondered if he was one of these. It's handy having his signature on the 1911 census, but I didn't feel confident enough about any that I found to assign it to my Robert Jones. Thank you so much for replying and helping - much appreciated.


Caernarvonshire Lookup Requests / Parents of Robert Jones b. 1865-67 Bangor
« on: Monday 05 June 17 06:28 BST (UK)  »
I've come to a dead end in my search for the parents of my great grandfather, Robert Jones, mariner in the Merchant Service. I know from his marriage certificate (to Elizabeth Anne Willis, 25.04.1894 - West Derby) that his father's name was Robert Jones, carpenter, deceased. His birthplace is given as Bangor on the censuses I've found, but beyond that I'm going round in circles with so many Robert Joneses and no middle name to differentiate them. I'm thinking I need to access birth / baptism information, although as I'm relatively inexperienced at this, I'd love any hints as to where else I might look. I live in Australia so can't visit the area in person. Can anyone help me?

Anglesey / Re: Henry Jones and family menai anglesey
« on: Sunday 30 April 17 01:55 BST (UK)  »
Hello. Sorry to take so long to reply. I've been busy moving house and haven't been able to do much else. I waited weeks for Thomas John's birth certificate and when it arrived it was incorrect. I was so disappointed. I'll keep trying when life settles down a little. I decided to try to find information about some of the other siblings to try to shed some light on who the various fathers were, and I found a baptism record for the oldest, William, in 1862, with mother Elizabeth Jones and father John Peters, sailor, of Menai Bridge. It sounds like the right one, so far as names, date and location go. I did find a John Peters in Menai Bridge in the 1851, 61 and 71 censuses, although he's a joiner, not a sailor. He's unmarried until then. So many fathers! I'd love to find out more about this family. I intend to keep trying to obtain Thomas's birth certificate, or baptism details, when life gets a little less hectic.

Anglesey / Re: Henry Jones and family menai anglesey
« on: Tuesday 07 March 17 05:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hi. Iím very new to family research - just a few weeks in. I was delighted to stumble on this thread today because I think I can contribute, and Iíve certainly got a heap of great leads from the conversation about Henry Jones. Hereís what I have:

I am the great granddaughter of Thomas John Jones, born 3/3/1874 to Elizabeth Jones and ĎHenry Jones, deceased, Marinerí. Heís the younger brother of the Henry Jones youíre focusing on. He was the fifth child of Elizabeth, followed by Ellen and then Morris. Like you, Iíve been wondering about the mysterious Henry Jones senior, invisible father of so many. Like younger Henry, Thomas John names Henry Jones, Mariner, as his father on his marriage certificate, and on his naval service record, both of which I have.

I have also found Elizabeth (their mother) in each census record from 1851 to 1881, including the 1871 one where sheís listed as the wife of Hugh, and has three of her four children with her, the missing one being Henry, who, as youíve discovered, is with his grandparents Hugh and Ellen.  Did you notice on the original record that the three children are listed as Ďrelativesí, which is then crossed through and replaced by Ďsoní and Ďdaughterí? The mystery deepens.

I have considered a few possibilities, involving a sailor husband gone missing and a brief liaison with Hugh, but the information in this conversation which shows that the children, including the youngest two, seem to be registered as illegitimate, leaves me wondering again. And there is the fact that both Henry junior and my Great Grandpa Thomas John claim Henry as their dad. In fact, on Thomas Johnís naval record, heís recorded as ĎHenry Mí. Another mystery. Could Henry senior have been a fictitious father to keep the children happy?

Iím about to order Thomas Johnís birth certificate, and I still wonder about the possibility of a later marriage for Elizabeth - Iíve found two likely ones - Carnarvon Mar 1866 - 11b 673, and
Carnarvon Dec 1874 - 11b 813. However Iím now wondering why the last two children, Morris and Ellen, appear as illegitimate.

On a related note, Thomas John married Martha Roberts at Colwyn Bay in 1897, was still there for the birth of their first child, and then moved to Holyhead. Heís at 22 Porth y Fellin Rd in 1901, 3 Armenia Terrace in 1911 and 1 Fairview on the 1939 Register. He was at that address until at least 1948 and beyond. So heís not the Thomas living at Tylywyn in Well St during that time.

I hope all this is of some use. Iím very glad to have found this conversation.

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