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Hmm, thank you - i'm clearly not well informed on matters relating to military ranks!

Sadly not, my MiL died a year later. Shall get my husband to do it!

Thank you!

Hello, i'm hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. I am looking for my late father-in-law's RAF service record from WWII. Alexander Cameron Monteith, Flight Engineer w a rank of Staff Sergeant (i think). I'm guessing he joined in 1943 when he was 18 (he was born in 1925; he died on 20th June 2010). The only information that i have (photographs) are that he was based in Egypt in 1945/6, probably at Deversoir Air Base (photo of inter squadron football team but i can't identify which squadron). I have done a lot of basic searching and have found no record of him at all on any database - weird. Do i need a service number? (I don't have it). I'm kicking myself for not asking all these questions when he was still alive - i got lots of other info but like so many others, he was reluctant to talk about the war.
Thank you!

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