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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: 1861 Census Occupation
« on: Friday 27 July 18 17:17 BST (UK)  »
It looks like Innkeeper and proprietor of [something}

What is the full census reference please so we can look at the whole page.

From the original: Innkeeper and proprietor of Houses and Land.

It runs into the birthplace (“Birmingham, Warwicksh”).

Thank you!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: 1861 Census Occupation
« on: Friday 27 July 18 17:10 BST (UK)  »
It looks like Innkeeper and proprietor of [something}

What is the full census reference please so we can look at the whole page.

Are you able to find the page using this information? I was viewing the census on ancestry.

Registration district:   Bromsgrove
Sub-registration district:   Belbroughton
ED, institution, or vessel:   5
Household schedule number:   96
Piece:   2116
Folio:   63
Page Number:   16

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1861 Census Occupation
« on: Friday 27 July 18 16:58 BST (UK)  »
Hi, was just wondering if anyone could identify what the occupation is listed as from this screenshot of the 1861 census. I'm referring to the top one in the photo.  :)

Hope the image has attached ok!

Shropshire / Re: Shropshire Mytton Family
« on: Wednesday 13 June 18 19:44 BST (UK)  »
Just found another bit about John's offspring.

Mytton left a number of children. Harriet Emma Charlotte was born on 23 April 1819 to his first wife. His second wife, Caroline, had a daughter and four sons: Barbara Augusta (b. 9 August 1822), John Fox Fitz-Giffard (b. 20 November 1823), Charles Orville January (9 January 1825), Euphrates Henry (b. 10 April 1826) and William Harper (b. 30 April 1827). Euphrates and Charles both died within months after their father and were also buried at Halston, as was Caroline upon her death in 1841. His two other sons and both daughters survived him. Barbara Augusta in 1847 married Colonel Poulett George Henry Somerset, son of Lord Charles Henry Somerset, a younger brother of the 6th Duke of Beaufort.

So there are descendants that will take some time to follow down.

Ahh great, thank you! I'll do a bit of digging.  :)

Shropshire / Re: Mytton Family of Shropshire
« on: Wednesday 13 June 18 16:30 BST (UK)  »
First rule: Don't duplicate requests.

Check "surname interests" at the page bottom to see who if anyone has done any research on the surname.

My bad, my intention on the Beginners Board was just to ask for advice on how's best to start researching, whereas here I was asking if anyone had already done research on the Mytton family. Thank you for your advice.

Shropshire / Mytton Family of Shropshire
« on: Wednesday 13 June 18 16:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi, trying to solve a family mystery!

There's a rumour that my Great Great Grandmother's family are somehow related to the Mytton's of Shropshire. The rumours usually centre around John 'Mad Jack' Mytton, but there's nothing more specific.
My Great Great Grandmother was May Tisdale, born in Meole Brace, Shropshire about 1891. She died in Shropshire in 1961. If there was any connection, it would be from her family.
Her mother's name I believe was Jane Sheffield (born abt. 1851), so the connection would be with the Sheffield or Tisdale's and the Mytton's.
Alternatively, the connection could be further back - with Jane's mother, but I'm unsure of her maiden name, but I think she was named Harriet and possibly born about 1828 in Shropshire.

If anyone has done any research on the Mytton family I'd greatly appreciate some help if any of the names mentioned appear familiar! Or just advice on how best to tackle this mystery would also be brilliant.


Shropshire / Shropshire Mytton Family
« on: Wednesday 13 June 18 16:00 BST (UK)  »
I've been doing family history research on and off for a couple of years now, but there's one line I just can't seem to make any progress with.

There's been a 'rumour' on my maternal grandmother's side that we are somehow related to the Mytton family of Shropshire, and John 'Mad Jack' Mytton is the focus of these rumours.
My Great Great Grandmother May Tisdale (who married Arthur William Castings) was born in Meole Brace in Shropshire about 1891, and died 1961 in Shropshire. This is where the connection, if any, would be. From my research her parents were John Tisdale and Jane Sheffield, also both of Shropshire.

Long story short, I don't know how best to proceed. Do I start with John Mytton and work down trying to confirm a connection that way? So far I have found no link with the Sheffield or Tisdale families and the Mytton's.

Herefordshire / Re: Elizabeth Parry
« on: Friday 14 July 17 19:52 BST (UK)  »
Elizabeth Parry is my great grandmother, so I have some information on her from the research I've done.
She remained somewhat of a mystery until recently as she was never spoken about, so much so that I didn't even know her name until last year!

Elizabeth Parry married Arthur Powell in 1915, and lived in Putley from then onwards. They had five sons and no daughters as far as I'm aware; twins Ronald and Frederick born 1916, William born 1922, Albert born 1927 and Launcelot born 1929.
Elizabeth died three months after the birth of Launcelot, aged 43, on 31st January 1930.
Launcelot was adopted by Elizabeth's sister Henrietta, married to Arthur Pryce, who I believe had recently lost a child. They lived at Bulmer Avenue in Hereford. The other sons remained in Putley.
Elizabeth is buried at Putley Church. Not sure how to attach a photo but I have a photograph of her gravestone if you're interested.

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