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Im still on the hunt for origins of the Bent arms and Ive noticed that the Stamp/Seal of the Will of Francis Bent, Gent of Cosby 1623-1686 has a Coat of Arms on it, Not the Bent arms as seen on visitation mind you.
Could anybody make out what the Arms are and attributed to? They may not even be Francis's and could be just used as that was close at hand.

I will attach images below

Ive also attached the Bent arms which are present on the Will of William Bent Esq of Cosby Hall 1677. He is using the Arms which are present on Visitation Pedigree.

Was that on Thomas's or William's? I hadn't noticed that, I went through the pages but must have missed it or didn't realise it was totals.

Thank you very much for that. I was wondering why William had a bigger inventory wealth than Thomas until the total was corrected.
Considering the research on the Bent family of Cosby put William as a Small Landowner. Where as When Thomas died in 1555 he was in the possession Cosby Manor and had a 1,221 acre Estate across Cosby and Littlethorpe along with other Messuages/Houses/Orchards etc

Inventory Totals of Thomas Bent 1555

This is the Full Inventory of William Bent 1539

Yes, Ill try and snip the amounts of Williams inventory.

An example of a backwards c from 1594.

Perhaps the OP needs to roughly add up the inventory, just to get a 'ballpark' result?

I would gladly add up the inventory but I unfortunately cannot read this number script.

Didn't mean to post 2 Copies.

This is the line  :)

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