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A big thank you to Dr Dude, Peter & John for your help with this project. Much appreciated.

Two brilliant improvements - thank you so much Peter.
The one of the engine driver with his train is spot on.
The other photograph shows up the waggons really clearly together with the steam which is just what was needed.
Is there any possibility of getting the water colour a little more realistic. I attach a modern day picture of the reservoir which I hope will be of help.   

Wow! That looks super - Thank you again - Andy

Looking good - Many thanks - Andy

It would be great if the steam could be restored to the image.  I just gave the third image to give a full view of the engine.  However, if it can be enhanced, an enhanced image would be appreciated.  Many thanks - Andy

Thank you for getting back Harry. All the information that I have is in the attached file. I have not got definite information as to colour I am afraid.


Here is little more info about the engine:

The 0-4-0ST engine shown (Peckett 1961 of 1939) was delivered new to Butterley in 1939 and numbered No BC53, it was allocated to Butterley Works at Ripley where it appears to have remained until it was transferred to Codnor Park Forge in 1952. However it was sold in 1954 to W Bush & Son Ltd (Plant & Scrap Dealer), at Somercotes. It was resold from there to the Skinningrove Iron Company for further use. Therefore the picture at the top must have been taken pre sale to Bush in 1954.

I hope that this helps.  Attached to this message is photograph after it was moved on from the local ironworks.

Thank you Japeflakes for helping to clarify things. The red arrow shows the steam coming directly from the engine and then as you move to the left you can just make out the steam dissipating into the trees.

Thank you also to DrDude45 & Peter for you enhancements to the photographs. Much appreciated.

As the newsletter is in colour if anyone can add some colour to the photographs it would be also appreciated.

I have a picture of the entire locomotive, taken just after it was sold on to another ironworks if it is of any help.

The plate just above the engine driver gives the name of the manufacturer it says “Peckett and Sons” at the top and “Bristol” below.


I have been asked to research the history behind a locomotive driven by a relative of a local lady.  The locomotive travelled between two local ironworks both one of which closed in 1965, the line travelling alongside a local road also now also long disappeared.
I am going to use this story as article in the next local newsletter which I edit. (The lady is in the process of writing the story behind the engine driver). The first is of the engine driver with his engine. It would be nice if someone could enhance it and add some colour as the newsletter is in colour.  I have also found a photograph of a train travelling down the line but it is very poor quality.  You can actually see the goods wagons. They are painted M.R. (Midland Railway) so this probably predates 1923 when the M.R was absorbed into the newly formed L.M.S. However, the MR on the wagons does not guarantee the photo to be pre 1923. The repainting of the railway stock, 1000's of locos, station signs, carriages and humble mineral wagons would have taken many years. You can also just make out the steam from the engine towards the right of the photograph. If someone could enhance this photograph, perhaps add some colour in order that the wagons and the steam from the locomotive can be seen more clearly it would be really appreciated, (along with other features).
Many thanks,

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