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Roscommon / Re: Help with Rev. William Henry Beeche 1799-1848 Kilgeffin Rector?
« on: Sunday 04 March 18 08:21 GMT (UK)  »
Yes, I did wonder too when I saw them? The local one (Freemans Journal) with more info you'd think would be more accurate, however age 23 seems young to have been given a Parish appointment (in 1839)

Maybe not if there are only 16 parishioners. :-)

Roscommon / Re: Help with Rev. William Henry Beeche 1799-1848 Kilgeffin Rector?
« on: Sunday 04 March 18 00:00 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder which one of these sources is most accurate in regards to age?

- L

Death notice:

"Sept 12, at Kilgeffin Glebe, Roscommon, the Rev W.H. Beeche, Vicar of that parish, aged 40"

John Bull, Saturday, September 23, 1848, Vol. XXVIII, Issue 1,450, p.610

Modified again:
Another death notice:
"On the 12th instant, at Kilgeffin glebe, county Roscommon, aged 32 years, the Rev William Henry Beech, vicar of that parish, leaving a widow and six young children."

Freeman's Journal, Monday, September 18, 1848

Roscommon / Re: Help with Rev. William Henry Beeche 1799-1848 Kilgeffin Rector?
« on: Saturday 03 March 18 23:42 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you all, this has been very helpful.

Roscommon / Help with Rev. William Henry Beeche 1799-1848 Kilgeffin Rector?
« on: Saturday 03 March 18 06:01 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find more clarifying info on

Rev. William Henry Beeche 1799–1848
BIRTH 1799 • Carlow County, Ireland?
DEATH OCT 1848 • Kilgeffin, Roscommon, Ireland

He seems to have two wives, which is what I am looking for more info about.
When did he marry both? How many children and any pertinent data on the wives.
Could there also be a son who was also a reverend?

Wife 1) Margaret McCutchan 1815–? who had at least two children with the Rev.

1a) James McCutchan Beeche 1846–1916
Birth: 1846? • Roscommon, Roscommon, Ireland
DEATH 17 MAY 1916 • Bondi, New South Wales, Australia


1b) Annie Beeche 1848–1931
Birth: 1848? • Roscommon, Roscommon, Ireland
DEATH 30 SEP 1931 • Remuera, Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand

Both 1a and 1b list Margaret McCutchan/Rev. William Henry Beeche as mother/father in their obituaries.


Wife 2) Margaret Blennerhassett who also had at least two children with the Rev.

2a) Mary Jane Beeche 1845–?
Birth: 1845? • Roscommon, Roscommon, Ireland
DEATH Unknown Date, New Zealand


2b) John Blennerhaset Beeche 1840–1895
Birth: 16 April 1840 • Roscommon, Roscommon, Ireland
Death: 3 April 1895 • Coolgardie, Western Australia, Australia

Other possible siblings are: Thomas Joseph Beeche and William Henry Beeche

A PDF about New Zealand mining found at the Historical Research Unit
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences The University of Waikato, New Zealand
by Philip Hart includes the following text with sources:

John Blennerhassett Beeche,103 another prominent miner, who had married Eliza Adams’ sister Elizabeth Ann,104 was joint owner of some claims with both him and his brother,105 James McCutcheon Beeche.106

Thanks for any help.
- Leslie


Longford / Re: Family of Philip and Thomas McCutchan of Torboy House.
« on: Sunday 11 February 18 22:27 GMT (UK)  »

I just took those photos while passing one day, they just went online in January.

Thank you for both the photos and the links to the records.

Longford / Re: Family of Philip and Thomas McCutchan of Torboy House.
« on: Saturday 10 February 18 00:11 GMT (UK)  »
You can get the Marriage Settlement between

MCCUTCHEON   Philip   of   Torbury, LOG   Gent   
MCCUTCHEON   Catherine   of   Torbury, LOG   niece


HILLYARD   William   of   Dublin City

Date registered   26 Aug 1830

on LDS Film  Vol   862  Page     326  Memorial  574826

Hi Hallmark (or anyone else)

I am wondering how the "Date registered 26 Aug 1830" works, is that the actual marriage date?
Could this be much later than the event?

The reason I ask is in the IGP grave marker I posted it says on Philip McCutchan's marker "CATHERINE HILLIARD his beloved Niece on the 2nd day of July 1853 in the 18 year of her age" which must be wrong if the marriage registration happened in 1830.

In the family search link it also mentions Andrew McCutchan, Mathew Shaw and Robert McCutchan?

So Philip McCutchan's niece Catherine married William Hillyard in 26 Aug 1830 and Died according to the grave marker on the 2nd day of July 1853 (but not at the age of 18? as listed in IGP text)

Connected to this agreement are:
Second Part - Mathew Shaw  (connected ? as my 2nd grand father is James Shaw McCutchan)
Third Part -  Andrew McCutchan (alive 1830), maybe (1796-1877) son of Thomas (1763-1838)
and witnessed by Robert McCutchan (alive 1830) maybe (1800-1873) son of Thomas.

I wonder which of Philip's brothers is Catherine's father, the grave marker lists Andrew and John but not connected to wives and Robert was only 15 when he passed.

I have
John McCutchan & Catherine Mosien sons according to grave marker and Hallmark's LDS film links as:
Philip (1753-1849)
Andrew (1758-1792)
John (1762-1786)
Thomas (1763-1838)
Robert (1764-1779)

Longford / Re: Family of Philip and Thomas McCutchan of Torboy House.
« on: Friday 09 February 18 22:47 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you hallmark for the info, that info is very helpful especially since I just found these grave markers that correspond/corroborate to those details.

IGP link to St James Graveyard

Text File Link

Relevant text associated with picture numbers:

No. 57
Them also which sleep in Jesus | Will God bring with him | ... 4 chapter
14 verse | Beneath this stone are depose... | the remains of MARGARET |
McCUTCHAN | alias FAIRBROTHER the ... | of PHILIP McCUTCHAN (?) [see No.
58 for better view]

No. 58
[cont'd from No. 57, continued from MARGARET McCUTCHAN alias
FAIRBROTHER] ... in the 77 year of her age. | Also the said PHILIP
McCUTCHAN | January 28th 1849 (?) in the 96th year of his | age | and
CATHERINE HILLIARD his beloved | Niece on the 2nd day of July 1853 in |
the 18 year of her age | Also ANDREW McCUTCHAN | Nephew to said PHILIP
McCUTCHAN | Died 19th August 1877 (?) | Aged 81 (?) years

No. 59
Underneath are deposited the Remains | of GILBERT McCUTCHAN of Tinode |
Farmer a man Equally Remarkable for | honesty & industry he died on the
1st | Sept. 1804 in the 70 year of his Age | This stone was Erectd. to
his | Fathers Memory by his only | Surviving Son ANDREW McCUTCHAN

No. 60
Here Lyeth the body of JOHN | McCUTCHAN who depd. this Life | May 6th
1798. Agd 70 yrs. Also | of his wife CATHARINE McCUTCHAN Alias | MOSIEN
(?) who depd. this Life June 8th 1782 | Agd 55 yrs. Also their three
Sons viz | ROBERT deprd. July 13th 1779 Agd 15 yrs | JOHN depd. Apr.
15th 1786 Aged 24 yrs | ANDREW depd. Septr. 27th 1792 Agd 34 yrs | In
Memory of whom this Monument was | Erectd. by the Surviving Sons |

No. 61
Sacred | to | the memory of | ROBERT McCUTCHAN | Who died at Mullingar |
on the 18th day of June 1866 (?) | aged 83 years | Also his beloved wife
| ELIZABETH who died 19th | November 1889 aged 91 years

No. 62
... God will redeem my soul | from the power of the grave | For he shall
receive me. | 49 Psalm 15 verse. | Here lieth the mortal remains | of
THOMAS McCUTCHAN who | departed this life June 20th 1838 | in the 75
year of his age. | deservedly regretted by all | who knew him. also his
son JAMES McCUTCHAN | who dpd. this life Septr. 20th | 1841 in the 35
(?) year of his age | And MARY McCUTCHAN wife of | the said THOMAS
McCUTCHAN | on the 16th day of August 1857 | Aged 82.

No. 63
Erected | to the memory of | JAMES McCUTCHAN of Longford | who departed
this life the 29th day of | April 1849 (?) aged 63 years | also his Wife
JANE McCUTCHAN on | the 8th (?) day of August 1850 (?) | aged 62 years |
and their Son WILLIAM ARTHUR | McCUTCHAN on the 29th (?) day of March |
1851 (?) aged 49 (?) years | Also in memory of | ANNA MARIA McCUTCHAN |
who died at Lisa... | 12th April ...

Longford / Family of Philip and Thomas McCutchan of Torboy House.
« on: Saturday 02 December 17 03:31 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for direct documentation for the connection between James McCutchan, Philip McCutchan, Thomas McCutchan and James Shaw McCutchan and/or Philip's other children, siblings and parents.
(M'Cutchan and sometimes McCutcheon)

Is James McCutchan Esq., 1787–1849
BIRTH ABT 1787 • Torboy?, Longford, Ireland
DEATH 24 APRIL 1849 • Longford, Ireland
(Married Jane Ingham)

the father of (or how is he related to)

Philip McCutchan Esq., 1809–1880
BIRTH ABT 1809 • Torboy, Longford, Ireland
DEATH 9 JUN 1880 • Cartrontroy, Westmeath, Ireland
(Married Anne Charters)(Anne's Parents?/Marriage Register?)


Is Philip the father of

(My 2nd great-grandfather)
James Shaw McCutchan, Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel, 1844–1911
BIRTH 8 OCT 1844 • Torboy, Longford, Ireland
DEATH APRIL 18, 1911 • 5, Middleton [Road] Grove, Camden Road, London, United Kingdom
(Married "Deno" Susan Harriette Head)

and also the father of

Thomas Philip McCutchan Esq., 1843–1898
BIRTH ABT 1843 • Torboy?, Longford, Ireland
DEATH 2 MAR 1898 • Torboy?, Longford, Ireland
(Married ?)

I have been exhaustively over the many like these:
(Anne Charters)
but have not conclusively connected Philip (1809) to James (1787) or (James Shaw 1844)

Kind Regards
Leslie Smith

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