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I was told these are the same person, Laura O'Sullivan of Georgia, who's family migrated from Ireland. I think this is wrong because I see their noses are different. Am I wrong or right? Thanks for the help!

Thank you for helping me.

No, not the same person. My first post was regarding the petite girl in the center. This post is in regards to the lady on the left on the original pic. So not to confuse people, I made two separate posts and sectioned off the lady on the left.

I need help dating these unknown photos, please. No restore needed. Thanks! I think they may be O'Sullivan, Sullivan, or McManus of Georgia and Texas.

Do you think these pics are of the same lady? I do not have a larger photo of the small photo so it is hard to tell if same person. Also, can someone please cleanup the large photograph if possible? Thanks in advance for you help and time.

Thank you all very much for your wonderful help. Very kind! Thanks!

I this is a larger scan. It is hard to tell but I think it is the same background?

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