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I have the following info on James: James berisford baptised 28th Dec 1783, archive ref D1343/1/3 parents John & Hannah. His wife was a Mary Edge b.1789 married 18 Feb 1802 in Alstonefield. They were both illiterate (x mark for both) ref: D922/8. I have him on the 1841 census living in Mill Dale Alstonefield aged 60 with his wife Mary and his sons Isaac 1821 and Charles 1831. ref 1003 Book number 1 Folio number 13 Page number 19.  In the 1851 census it is as follows: He is 73 living still at Mill Dale with Mary 67, sons Henry 27 1824 (my 4th gt grandfather) and Charles 20. District Ashbourne, Archive reference HO107, Piece number 2146 Folio 500 Page 28. Thanks again for helping me :-)     

Hello and again thank you for your help, here are the links: is the official looking link and the wiki link is:

3of the names you gave seem to almost fit with the list of births you gave Joseph,Sarah and Mary. 

Hello Rosie99,  From searching in google leading to pages : wiki tree and wc rootsweb. I have find my past however the results don't come up with anything for john and Hannah apart from the Ritcliff one :-/

I have a problem i hope you could help me with. I traced my roots well up to ancestor James Berisford abt 1781. His baptism was on 28th Dec 1783 (Alton Stafford) and parents John and Hannah.

The only John and Hannah i find for that area was a john Berisford 1753 and his wife Hannah (Ratclif/Ritcliff)..

Now here is the puzzle... Hannah and john was deported to Australia on the prince of wales ship in 1787 they had many children (some sources says 6 some says 8) and but only 5 children with them (one source said the 5 children was born in Australia the first after deportation was Joseph born 1798)) so i believe... but no James on record anywhere.

Is this the right John and Hannah? or am i barking at the wrong tree even forest?   thanks for any tips or help in advance:-) BR Charles     

It is a huge mystery :-D i know William Henry sister Sarah Ann Seprina Malcolm died as a child of fever and was buried at Rusholme road cemetery (no longer there) so that is a dead end (pardon the pun). William Henry`s brother George Frederick has been a well documented chap and everything is good with him, William H son George was on the 1871 census as George Malcolm (Readett) stepson. I just can find any more on William and William Henry they seem to appear for a while then vanish :-/ Thank you great wise owls of for helping me. My brother and i have been ripping out our hair with these two :-D 

It has been a nightmare with these Malcolms :-/ the paper trail is messed up Also with William Malcoms son William Henry, he married a Sarah Hankinson in Manchester in 1860 but then she married another man called James Reddett in 1871 but then the William Henry trail also goes cold, i don't know where he went or when he died.

Hi i am descended from William by the following route : My mother Maureen> James Edward Malcolm  Malcolm 1916-1969 > Albert Malcolm 1890-1975> George Henry Malcolm 1862-1896> William Henry Malcolm 1837 (baptized at 3 but no death records found)> William Malcolm 1801? (according to William Henry, George Frederick and Sarah Ann baptism records Mother Seprina Malcolm and other records Seprina -)

Here is a picture of the 1851 Census my brother found if it is a help BR Charlie

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I have a bit of a update, From 1837-1843 i found William Malcolm as the Manchester rate book holder for 49 Hardman street. 1844-1853 his "wife" Seprina takes the book over. where did he go in 1843? as no deaths reported back then at that time , Thanx for help BR Charlie

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