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Thanks very much for your contribution

I really appreciate your excellent work


Thanks to all the great effort displayed

What a great improvement from a very old photograph

I appreciated everyone’s kind help


Great addition , thanks for
Your time and effort

Much appreciated


Thanks for the kind efforts
I appreciate it wasnt an easy one

Great work folks

Thanks , Ryan

This man is my grandfathers great uncle Alexander , he was the manager of cordiner fish curing company , mentioned in one of my recent restore requests - Cordiner bros , he is at the far Right standing with cigar or cigarette in his hand

Wondered if anyone can improve the old newspaper cutting from around 1928

Any help is appreciated


Thanks very much for everyone’s help I think I can be pretty sure it’s the father of Mary

Thanks for all the comments


Thanks would be good to get more opinions to compare


I’m currently researching a great great grandfather Alexander Scott killed In world war 1 1916

I have for a long time thought he was someone else until I finally found that Alexander Scott died due to war

After browsing through many photos something clicked and I am convinced the reason why he is in my albums is because he is from the Scott side and Mcintosh and Scott are mixed in same album

My great grandmother was a daughter of who I think is in. The photo

I see a very good resemblance in my great grandmothers sister Mary to who I think is their father and that would add up as the only photo I have he is in uniform

Can anyone help me decide if there is enough likeness in these 2 people

Alexander died age 32 in 1916 and the photo of his daughter was born 1913 not sure how she is in her photo but quite young

Attached are the Who I think is Alexander and Mary Scott ,

Any help given would be appreciated


Brilliant work , another great addition to the collection

Thank you so much

I appreciate your time and effort


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