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It's going fine at the moment  :D

No sign of your William on my sources so far though  :-\


Sorry, David. I'm in the middle of setting up a new laptop and haven't got all the sites up yet. It will probably take all dat, given the software and  number of sites, etc, I need to install
If now one has helped before I get everything set up again, I'll look  :)


Hello David

22 Jan 1660 Hinxton
parents - John and Elizabeth


You can run Windows on a Mac, Kerry:

I know of lots of people who do and are quite happy. 

I prefer to keep them separate - I keep my Mac mainly for photos and art works but do tend to drift into other things  :)


Wondering whether it's more 1950s than 1940s.  I remember people wearing clothes like that  :D


My attempt. As Carol says, a better scan would help  :-\

I use a Mac for most things but use a pc for Family Historian and some other things. The one that failed was one I used when watchng tv!
Have just got a replacement for that  so will be setting up tomorrow. On my phone at the moment as on the move ;D
My  Mac is in my workroom - ready and waiting. So I'm back to 3 .

Mac screens are what I go for though I don't like the bossy way it runs!!

Denbighshire / Re: Walter Leslie Jones-Any Info?
« on: Yesterday at 10:10 »
In 1901, they’re at RG13/5213/48/20

Thomas still with them.

Denbighshire / Re: Walter Leslie Jones-Any Info?
« on: Yesterday at 10:06 »
Can't find a suitable marriage but it might be just a civil/non-c one . If you find any possibles on the NW BMD, give a shout  :)

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